How to Buy THCA Online

Published January 31, 2024
How to Buy THCA Online - Secret Nature

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the cannabinoid THCA is now one of the most talked-about substances in the country. Only moments ago, it seems, cannabis products providing the conventional high of weed were only available in certain states, and even then under considerable restriction.

With THCA flower and vapes now being shipped to every state in the nation on a daily basis, though, there’s no denying that the era of real online weed has officially begun. Is it true that you can buy products containing high levels of THCA online, though? If so, how?

What is THCA?

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is the direct chemical precursor to THCA, and it is the highest-concentrated cannabinoid in conventional THC cannabis flower. That’s because THCA does not convert into THC until exposed to significant stressors, usually the heat applied during vaping or smoking.

So, it would be safe to say that all THC cannabis flower is actually THCA cannabis flower until the point that it is ignited. The only difference between normal weed and the type of THCA flower you can buy online is that, in the case of THCA flower, levels of converted THC have been very carefully kept below 0.3%, the federal cutoff for THC levels in industrial hemp products.

Logistical perspectives aside, THCA is, undeniably, a different chemical compound from THC. THCA is most accurately referred to as a carboxylic acid, which means that it has an overall acidic form provided by a carboxyl group on its tail. This carboxyl group is shed when THCA converts into THC.

If it remains unconverted, THCA does not have significant psychoactive properties. It has, however, been researched for potential neurological benefits, and THCA may even be useful against seizures.

Does THCA get you high?

Yes, THCA will get you high if you use it with a method that involves the application of heat, such as vaping or smoking. Ingested using a method that does not involve heat, THCA will not convert into THC, so it will retain its original properties. THCA will not get you high unless it is converted into THC, but it might have other effects you find desirable.

Is THCA legal?

The legal and regulatory situation regarding THCA is quite complex, which is why we had the prestigious cannabis law firm Kight Law issue an official letter regarding THCA present in Secret Nature products. In essence, the reason that THCA products can be sold online is:

1. The 2018 Farm Bill separated delta-9 THC from other cannabinoids
2. Despite being a precursor to delta-9 THC, THCA is technically hemp
3. The DEA’s statements on the matter inadvertently indicate a similar position

So, essentially due to a lack of a “third category” and an inability to classify THCA as “marijuana,” the US federal government is forced to treat THCA as “hemp” despite the fact that it converts into THC in most normal use cases. The advent of THCA hemp online spells the effective end of cannabis prohibition in the United States even if the federal government has not yet officially agreed.

One important stipulation must be made: To be considered industrial hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill, THCA products must adhere to the same standards put in place for all hemp products: containing less than 0.3% THC.

So, the primary difference between THC products bought at a dispensary and THCA products bought online is that, in the latter case, great care must be taken to keep converted THC levels under 0.3%. If only this minor stipulation separates the adult-use cannabis and online hemp markets, there’s no denying that federal cannabis prohibition has lost its effective reach.

Are THCA products available online?

Due to the general perception that THCA is viewed as hemp on the federal level, THCA products have recently proliferated across the internet. It is certainly now possible to buy THCA products online, and it’s even possible your favorite brand already offers opportunities to buy THCA vapes or flower. The process of buying THCA flower is generally the same as buying any other type of online hemp product, which we’ll cover in detail as we continue.

Does THCA ship to all 50 states?

Yes, THCA products are shipped to all 50 states. Local jurisdictions may make regulations regarding THCA flower or other products, but these positions are only relevant to businesses operating within those jurisdictions.

And, as far as our knowledge extends, no state or local governments have placed any bans on THCA commerce. In any case, enforcing such a ban would entail monitoring all private and public shipping fulfillment services, a task no local government entity can handle.

How to buy THCA online: Full guide

Now that you understand what THCA is and why you can buy it online, let’s cover the process of buying THCA flower from your favorite website in a bit more detail:

Choose a brand

Before you even get to the point of picking a particular product, it’s important to decide which lucky company will have the honor of supplying your THCA needs. That’s because there’s nothing near equality between THCA brands at this stage in the evolution of the industry.

A similar situation occurred at the beginning of the CBD industry. That particular segment of the hemp market may have evolved to consolidate into the hands of qualified operators, but the same cannot yet be said of the THCA industry.

You’ll need to pick a brand you can trust, so look for third-party reviews, especially on Reddit and other forums. Right off the bat, make sure any THCA company you’re considering buying from posts their third-party lab reports in an easy-to-find location.

Choose a product

Now that you know which company you’ll be working with, take a moment to look through their THCA catalog. Reputable THCA vendors will have prominent buttons on their homepages reading “THCA” or “shop.” Navigate to the correct section of the site, and select through what’s available. These three types of THCA products are the most popular:

1. THCA flower: Just like normal weed, THCA flower gets you high by filling your lungs with THC
2. THCA vapes: More potent than flower, THCA vapes are offered in cartridges and disposable vape pens
3. THCA pre-rolls: Taking away the mess of rolling your own, THCA pre-rolls are joints you can buy online that come ready to smoke

Complete checkout

Once you’ve selected a product (or a number of products) to suit your needs, visit your cart to check out. Unlike at a dispensary, there’s no need to offer your ID, and you don't have to pay in cash either. Simply buy your THCA products in the same way you’d complete any other online transaction, and then sit back and bask in how simple the whole process was.

Receive tracking info

Most online THCA stores will process your order within 1 business day, at which point you’ll receive a notification that your THCA has shipped. This notification will be accompanied by a unique tracking code, which you can use to find out exactly how far your package has traveled on its way to your door.

Package arrival

Keep checking your tracking information to find out exactly when your order will arrive. There’s nothing special you need to do when your THCA package gets there, though — reputable companies make their THCA packages fully smell-proof and discreet.

With the arrival of your package, the process of buying THCA online will be complete. Tear open your box, and start enjoying the dispensary-grade goodies you find inside.

Summary: What’s with all the hype around THCA?

People are saying that THCA is real weed you can buy online. After many fits and starts, though, is the hype around THCA truly justified, however, or will those on the hunt for weed you can buy online be disappointed once again?

First, there was CBD flower, which is absolutely excellent for its own purposes but isn’t weed. Then, delta 8 flower came along, which simply consisted of CBD flower sprayed with delta 8.

THCA flower isn’t sprayed with anything, though, but it still gets you high. In this sense, THCA flower isn’t like delta 8 or CBD flower, and this natural nature carries over to other product types as well.

THCA vapes, for instance, only consist of natural cannabis extract. Nothing has been added or removed. The same goes for THCA pre-rolls — no sprayed flower.

Let’s not forget that THCA converts into THC when smoked or vaped. All combined, these pieces of evidence lead to one conclusion: THCA flower is real weed you can buy online, so you should definitely get hyped up.

Buying THCA online FAQs

Learn more about the evolving art of buying THCA online below:

What is the best THCA product?

The best THCA products available online are those offered by Secret Nature. Containing less than 0.3% THC, certain specially crafted Secret Nature strains boast more than 25% THCA, making them just as potent as dispensary-bought weed.

Choose between familiar indoor-grown quality and discounted greenhouse-grown THCA strains. Secret Nature is the internet’s most trusted and most popular THCA dispensary.

In which states is THCA legal?

Since it has not been banned by either federal or state laws, THCA should generally be considered legal in all 50 states. This means that no matter where you live the country, you can have THCA shipped to your door, and the likelihood of legal repercussions is very low.

Can you buy THCA in Texas?

Yes, Texas has not specifically restricted the sale or use of THCA products, so it should generally be considered that THCA is legal in this state. Shoppers are advised to buy online, however, due to the potential of undesired focus on any “gray area” THCA brick-and-mortar shops that may be operating within Texas communities.

Can you buy THCA in Idaho?

Idaho is known for its strict anti-THC laws, but these laws do not apply to THCA. As long as THCA products do not contain any THC whatsoever, they are legal for purchase or use in Idaho. However, most THCA products do contain up to 0.3%, making them illegal in the state.

Is 25% THCA considered high?

Yes, 25% should be considered a very high concentration of THCA. In fact, most strains on the market do not contain any more than 25% total cannabinoids, so for THCA to take up 25% of the cannabinoid concentration most likely means that the strain contains at least 30% total cannabinoids, a nearly unsurpassable number.

Is THCA flower natural or synthetic?

Anyone who wasn’t a fan of delta 8 flower because it was sprayed will love THCA flower — it’s entirely natural and unsprayed, consisting solely of conventional THC cannabis flower that has been bred specifically to contain high amounts of THCA and less than 0.3% THC. It’s the real deal, and it’s all-natural — try THCA flower today.

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