How to Choose the Best Cannabis Brand

Published January 31, 2024
How to Choose the Best Cannabis Brand - Secret Nature

Just like with any other product, the brand of cannabis you buy will have a huge impact on the quality of your experience. Some cannabis products are simply better than others, and you’ll need to tell the difference to be satisfied with your purchase. In this guide, learn how to choose the best cannabis brand, including how to buy cannabis the easy way online.

Do brands matter in cannabis?

Yes, cannabis brands matter just as much as brands matter for any other type of product. Given the comparatively wide gap in quality that exists between cannabis brands, as a matter of fact, choosing the right company to buy cannabis from may be considerably more important than choosing a brand from which to buy other products.

At the state level, regulations and quality vary between state cannabis programs. Online, some cannabis brands can be trusted, but you’ll need to know how to identify them.

What’s the difference between good and bad quality cannabis?

With a craft product like cannabis, quality is often visible to the naked eye. Cannabis buds should feature robust and colorful pistil hairs along with thick coatings of cannabinoid-containing trichomes. It’s important for buds to be reasonably dense but not too stemmy, properties that aren’t as easy to assess visually.

You’ll also want to take a look under the hood. Public lab tests are mandated in some states, and online cannabis brands should always provide up-to-date and independent lab reports for each batch of their products. You can use these reports to confirm for yourself that any cannabis product a brand offers contains high levels of cannabinoids and no contaminants.

What makes a good cannabis brand?

In cannabis, a good brand is a brand you can trust. This means it must be a big-enough company to have been scrutinized by the internet, replete with third-party reviews on cannabis websites and forum platforms like Reddit. Trustworthy cannabis brands have lots of verified customer reviews and make their lab reports easy to find.

You can also judge the trustworthiness of a cannabis company by the quality of their cannabis. Brands seeking to offload low-quality buds at the highest price should be shunned, but companies that offer premium cannabis tend to be more trustworthy even if they charge a higher price for their higher-quality goods.

How to choose the best cannabis dispensary

Finding a good cannabis dispensary in your area can be tough. Some dispensaries might look great, but they may only take medical patients or be hundreds of miles away. That’s why many cannabis users are starting to buy their weed online. It’s an easier approach that provides access to more high-quality options than are available in your area.

Are there online cannabis dispensaries?

Yes, some of the best cannabis dispensaries operate entirely online. This approach gives cannabis brands the freedom to reach a wider scope of customers, leading to an influx of capital that serves as the foundation for ever-improving products. The highest-quality cannabis products are only available online, and they’re also more affordable and easier to buy.

Online vs. in-person dispensaries

Making your cannabis purchases in-person at a dispensary can be frustrating for a number of reasons. First, it may take a long time to drive to the dispensary that has the product you want. Next, you might also wait in line for a considerable time even if you order online. When you purchase cannabis products online, they take a few days to arrive, but there is no hassle whatsoever and you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you wanted.

Online dispensaries vs. cannabis delivery

In some states, cannabis products may be available for delivery. These services are often quite complicated, however, in the following ways:

1. Cash payment may be required
2. You must be present for delivery
3. Identification must be provided
4. Tips are sometimes expected

That’s a lot to go through just to get your cannabis delivered. Why not just buy it online and have your weed arrive at your house just like any other product you buy on the internet?

What is the best cannabis brand online?

Based on popular assessment and objective fact, Secret Nature is the best cannabis brand on the internet. With more than 15,000 reviews and a sterling reputation, Secret Nature has stood as the foremost online cannabis retailer since 2017. Trust Secret Nature to deliver on our artisan promise of the best weed in the world, straight to your door.

Summary: Trust the internet for excellent cannabis

The eCommerce revolution has changed cannabis forever. Starting with CBD being sold online, the industry has quickly evolved to offer delta 8 and even THCA products, which are chemically indistinguishable from normal THC cannabis when smoked or vaped.

These days, you can buy THCA products online that are better than any THC products you can buy at a local dispensary. It’s more convenient to buy weed online, and you get more value for your purchase. Embrace the future of cannabis by choosing an online dispensary today.

Best cannabis brand FAQs

Learn more about what it takes to be the best cannabis brand below:

What does “premium cannabis” mean?

Premium cannabis products are usually higher-quality than the average. They might have been grown using organic methods, or perhaps their strain lineage is more prestigious. Whatever the case may be, you can usually tell a premium cannabis product by its appearance. Lush with trichomes and sparkling with vibrance, premium cannabis speaks for itself with a panoply of perceptions that leave the gazer (or sniffer) stunned.

What is artisan cannabis?

Artisan cannabis is cannabis that has been produced with more care than is usually used in a factory-production setting. Generally, artisan products are those which are hand-crafted, and the same goes for artisan cannabis. Trimmed with care and selected with the most meticulous pheno-hunting, artisan cannabis looks better, tastes better, and hits harder than your average fare.

What kinds of cannabis are sold online?

The three main kinds of cannabis you’ll find sold online are:

1. CBD cannabis
2. CBG cannabis
3. THCA cannabis

CBD weed has been sold online for almost a decade with CBG flower following quickly after. THCA weed is a newer addition to the internet, but as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, it’s admissible for online sale. When smoked or vaped, THCA flower has the exact same effects as conventional THC weed.

What is the most in-demand cannabis product?

Right now, cannabis gummies are trending nationwide. Shoppers increasingly demand high-quality live resin gummies, which taste the best and offer improved effects. It’s also a plus if cannabis gummies are made with tapioca starch or a similar natural ingredient.

What are the best cannabis products to buy at a dispensary?

As a new buyer, you should purchase at least an eighth-ounce of flower, and you may also want to try a disposable vape. Those who don’t want to inhale their cannabis will prefer edibles like gummies. There are lots of different cannabis strains to choose from, so you might want to put together a selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid options.

Why do dispensaries sell small buds?

Small buds or “smalls” are a great way for cannabis brands to use buds that would otherwise be discarded, and they’re also great for shoppers who want to save money. Offered at a lower price than normal-sized cannabis, smalls nonetheless offer the same effects as larger weed nugs.

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