How to Travel with Hemp Flower & Vapes

Published November 20, 2023
How to Travel with Hemp Flower & Vapes - Secret Nature

Those of us who have been around long enough to remember the way things used to be might be surprised by how easy it is to travel with hemp products these days — even hemp flower. Whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile, there aren’t any significant impediments to traveling with hemp anymore with the worst you can expect being mere confiscation.

Even though traveling with hemp products is unlikely to get you in legal hot water, there are still better ways to do it than others. In this guide, learn everything you need to know to travel with hemp flower and vape products regardless of which cannabinoid they might contain.

Traveling with hemp flower and vapes 101

- The TSA has stopped checking for cannabis of any kind
If they come across it while searching for other contraband, though, TSA agents -may ask you to throw cannabis products away
TSA does not distinguish between THC and CBD products
Train and bus lines generally do not care about cannabis
Driving over state lines with cannabis or hemp products is not a crime
Overall, you are very unlikely to get into any kind of trouble for traveling with hemp

    Can you take hemp flower and vapes on the plane?

    Yes, it is now considered safe to carry hemp products, including flower and vapes, on a plane. Airport security personnel no longer screen specifically for cannabis products. This means that even if they detect what they think might be cannabis in your luggage, that alone is not enough grounds to search you or your belongings.

    The only time taking hemp flower or vapes on the plane could be problematic in any way is if hemp products are detected in the course of screening for items the TSA does care about, such as weapons or explosives. In this case, however, TSA agents will likely just politely ask you to dispose of the cannabis or hemp products.

    Only rarely does the situation escalate to the point where local law enforcement gets involved. Even then, issues of cannabis possession remain local affairs with TSA being clear that it does not intend to make taking cannabis or hemp on the plane a federal issue.

    Can you drive with hemp flower and vapes across state lines?

    There should be no issue with taking personal-use quantities of cannabis across state lines when traveling by car. State laws on cannabis vary, but there is nothing in federal law that prohibits you from carrying cannabis from one state to another.

    Before driving across state lines with hemp or cannabis products, properly research the laws in each state you’ll pass through. Keep cannabis use discreet, and make sure that your driver license, registration, and license plate are all in proper order.

    Can you take hemp flower or vapes on a bus or train?

    Most bus, train, and other public transportation operators do not have policies specifically preventing passengers from carrying quantities of cannabis intended for personal use. They may, however, have policies against using cannabis products while using their services. Since buses and trains do not have the type of security used at airports, it is very likely that any relevant authorities will even notice that you are traveling with cannabis unless you fail to be discreet.

    How to travel with vapes and flower step-by-step

    Ready to learn how to travel with cannabis vapes and flower regardless of the circumstances? Just follow these simple steps to ensure that your travel experience is a breeze:

    Prepare for your particular type of travel

    The only type of travel with cannabis that requires any preparation is flying on a plane. This is the sole situation in which it might make sense to pack your cannabis products discreetly by removing them from their original packaging and placing them with other items. No other forms of transit involve X-ray screening, so there’s nothing you need to do to get ready when traveling with cannabis by car or mass transit.

    Learn all the relevant regulations

    Carrying cannabis may not be a point of concern when traveling anymore, but it’s still important to stay within the letter of the law. It’s almost never acceptable to use cannabis while traveling, for instance, and certain areas of the country have very different views on hemp and cannabis than others.

    Pack your hemp inconspicuously

    It’s never a great idea to draw attention to yourself when traveling with cannabis. Leave all the 420-inspired attire at home, pack your cannabis in a simple ziplock bag, and make sure that there isn’t any noticeable aroma. Don’t act suspicious and shady — just proceed normally, knowing that there’s nothing wrong with carrying hemp products with you when you travel.

    Put it in your carry on bag

    There’s probably no difference, but it might be a better idea to put cannabis products in your carry-on versus checking them in your bag. There’s hardly any circumstance in which the TSA will want to look in your bag at a security checkpoint anymore, but random searches of checked bags are somewhat more common. You have a slightly higher chance of losing your weed or getting into local legal trouble if you don’t carry cannabis products in your carry-on.

    Don’t use it in public

    Even though you probably wouldn’t do this anyway, remember not to use cannabis products conspicuously when traveling via any method of conveyance. Whether you’re in a car, on a plane, or riding the bus, regulations and common sense prohibit you from flagrantly using cannabis products. Keep your use discreet, and strongly consider waiting to use cannabis until you get to your destination.

    If confronted, comply cheerfully

    In most cases, law enforcement and TSA agents have no grounds for pressing charges against you when traveling with hemp or cannabis products. If officials dictate you to surrender or destroy your cannabis products, do not resist, and be as friendly as possible. 

    These days, authorities are exhausted by the cannabis issue and generally don’t want to make a big deal out of possession. Just don’t ruffle any feathers, and you’re very likely to get out of the situation scott-free.

    Traveling with hemp flower and vapes FAQ

    Learn more about traveling with cannabis and hemp products in the informative FAQ section below:

    Does the TSA stop you for vapes?

    No, the TSA will not stop you if they notice that you have a vape in your carry-on bag. They will stop you if you try to walk through an X-ray machine with a vape, though, simply because the TSA doesn’t want you to go through the X-ray with anything in your pocket at all. Then, noticing that the object in your possession is a vape, a TSA agent might ask you to throw it away.

    Will the TSA confiscate delta 8?

    TSA agents may ask you to go back through security and throw your delta 8 product away. They have been instructed not to handle cannabis products personally, so TSA agents will not actually confiscate your delta 8 product but also not allow you through security with it.

    Does the TSA test vape cartridges?

    No, the TSA does not test vape cartridges to determine what they contain. This agency does not have either the manpower to do so or any reason to take this action. As a result, TSA agents have no way of knowing which substances your vape contains, contributing to their lack of interest in finding out. 

    Can you fly with delta 9 flower?

    Yes, TSA has no way of knowing which cannabinoids your cannabis flower contains. As a result, flying with delta 9 flower carries the same risks as flying with any other type of cannabis. Our advice is to invest in a fully smell-proof container to avoid drawing any undue attention.

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