How to Use Cannabis for Productivity

Published January 31, 2024
How to Use Cannabis for Productivity - Secret Nature

How can a stoner be more productive? Stigma has taught us to laugh at this statement, but there are actually plenty of ways that using cannabis might improve your productivity. You’ll need to be well-versed in all the intricacies of the cannabis plant, however, to select a product that will give you energy without making you space out or lose focus.

In this guide, learn our top tips for using cannabis as a productivity aid. By the end, you’ll know which cannabis products to choose for productivity and exactly how they’ll affect you.

Does cannabis make you more productive?

Cannabis has the potential to make you either more or less productive depending on how you use it and which cannabis products you use. If you go with the flow of a lazy group or use exclusively indica cannabis, you might suffer from productivity issues. There’s nothing inherently about cannabis that makes you less productive, however, and it might give you exactly what you need to tackle the day with newfound energy

How can a cannabis user be more productive?

What do you need to do to be more productive as a cannabis user? Start by following these three simple steps:

Choose the right strain

As a general rule, sativa strains of cannabis will provide more energy than indica strains. It all depends on the strain, however — cannabis strains with high concentrations of limonene, for instance, may be better for boosting productivity than others due to the specific benefits of this terpene. You may need to do a deep dive into each strain you’re considering using to find out which one will boost your productivity the best.

Indica vs. sativa for productivity

Some sativas may be more uplifting than others, but if a strain is labeled as “indica,” the chances that it will boost your productivity are far lower than if it was labeled “sativa.” That’s because sativa strains generally have a greater tendency to contain energy-boosting terpenes and flavonoids. Indicas, on the other hand, are heavier on compounds that promote sleepiness like linalool.

Understand dosing

Depending on the person, smaller doses of cannabis might be more energizing than others. You may even want to consider the benefits of microdosing, which involves ingesting cannabinoids at levels that wouldn’t generally be considered effective. Taking smaller doses of cannabinoids will ensure your neurochemical system does not become overwhelmed, leading to laziness or sleepiness with both indica and sativa strains.

Being more productive with cannabis: 3 scenarios

What are some real-life ways that you can be more productive as a cannabis user? Below, we’ll explore tips for using cannabis at work (both in the office and at home) and in the gym:

1. What is the best cannabis for the workplace?

If you want to use cannabis at work, the first step is to make sure it’s okay with your employer. Then, use cannabis in small doses to help you relax and focus throughout the day. It’s generally best to choose sativa strains, and you might want to share your cannabis with coworkers to spread the vibe.

Is it OK to smoke CBD at work?

Smoking CBD flower at work is an alternative to smoking normal weed that won’t get you high at all. The beloved relaxing attributes of cannabis are there, but notably absent is any feeling of intoxication that might get in the way of your ability to concentrate. 

2. What is the best cannabis for working from home?

If you’re working from home, your options are less limited, but you still want to stay on-task. As a result, a THCA or CBD vape might be just the thing for getting a little boost of cannabinoids whenever the situation calls for it. You can keep your vape upright on your desk and take a hit from time to time throughout the day.

Do employers look for CBD in a drug test?

Most employers don’t even test for cannabis at all anymore, and there aren’t any drug tests in common use that are calibrated to detect CBD. Whether you’re working at home or in the office, however, keep in mind that some CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, which could cause you to fail a drug test even if THC wasn’t the main cannabinoid in the products you used.

3. What is the best cannabis for working out?

Many users report that using cannabis before working out improves their performance. Since exercise does not require mental acuity, indica strains may be useful in gym environments due to their greater ability to relax the musculoskeletal system. Just choose whichever strain fits your vibe, and consider sharing your smoke sesh with fellow gym-goers.

Why do I work out better when I’m high?

It’s common to feel like your workout was more enjoyable or productive when under the influence of cannabis, but scientists still don’t know exactly why. The endorphin rush cannabinoids like THC can cause partially explains the phenomenon, but it also appears there’s simply something about cannabis that makes physically oriented experiences of all kinds considerably more pleasurable — or even more productive.

Smoking weed to be more productive: The bottom line

A couple of decades, even floating the idea that smoking cannabis could make you more productive would immediately turn you into the focal point of ridicule. Nowadays, though, such an idea doesn’t seem so foreign — with magic mushrooms performing medical miracles and everything we know about modern medicine being upended, it’s easy to reimagine cannabis as a substance capable of doing much more good than we once thought.

As a final tip, keep in mind that the categories of “indica” and “sativa” are gradually losing their significance. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the overall interplay of individual terpenes is what’s really responsible for the observably different effects of separate cannabis strains. Learn more about the terpenes present in each strain of cannabis you try to find out whether the weed you’ve chosen will increase your productivity or not.

Cannabis for productivity FAQs

Below, learn more about the lost art of using cannabis to become more productive:

What is the most effective way to use cannabis?

To use cannabis the most effectively, start with a low dose, and avoid developing a tolerance. This approach will ensure you get the most out of using cannabis for the longest. If you feel like your tolerance to cannabis is rising, take a “T break,” or simply reduce your dose.

What are the benefits of using cannabis and working out?

Using cannabis before hitting the gym appears to help many people meet their goals for peak fitness. We aren’t exactly sure why from a scientific perspective, but it’s a fact that cannabis makes people feel better, perhaps giving them the motivation to exert more effort when exercising.

Should I go to the gym stoned?

There’s no particular reason not to go to the gym under the influence of cannabis. Simply take stock of your comfort level both with cannabis and in a gym environment, and also be aware of how cannabis might change your social behavior. Otherwise, just make sure the gym doesn’t have an anti-cannabis policy before proceeding.

What is a “gym high?”

The term “gym high” usually refers to the feeling of euphoric rush that people experience when exercising at the gym. It can also, much more rarely, refer to the actual experience of being high during a gym workout.

Will a CBD vape make me fail a drug test?

CBD vapes generally will not make you fail a drug test. They often contain up to 0.3% THC, however, which is technically enough to cause a false positive on a drug test if you vape enough CBD for productivity or any other reason.

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