Intro to Biscotti Strain

Published August 08, 2022
Intro to Biscotti Strain - Secret Nature

Every strain has a story, and there’s a lot to learn about the tasty indica known as Biscotti. Named after Italy’s most iconic chocolate-drizzled almond biscuits, Biscotti lives up to the culinary standards of its namesake while delivering potent effects that you’ll love for letting go of stress and getting to sleep at night. Learn everything you need to know about the cannabis strain Biscotti in this guide.

What is the strain Biscotti?

The strain known as “Biscotti” is a sweet, delicious cultivar that users commonly turn to for help with stress, anxiety, and depression. Biscotti is a relatively potent cannabis strain, and it makes you feel both relaxed and creative.

Biscotti strain overview

Let’s start out right with a detailed overview of what Biscotti is, what it looks like, the effects it offers, and its potency:

Appearance & Aroma

Biscotti has a relatively nondescript appearance with darkish-green buds and abundant orange hairs when cultivated properly. In terms of aroma, this strain mostly smells like strains with Girl Scout Cookies heritage, but it has a peculiar tang that comes from its Florida OG side.


At over 20% average THC potency, Biscotti is considered to be a highly potent strain.


This indica-dominant strain usually has powerfully relaxing effects. Biscotti is known as a slow-acting cultivar, so be prepared to not feel its effects for a few minutes after smoking.


As far as indicas go, Biscotti is a bit faster on the flowering side, often reaching maturity in as little as eight weeks. Like most indicas, Biscotti grows short and stocky with little chance of stretching.

What is the THC percentage of Biscotti?

Biscotti usually contains more than 22% THC, which places it relatively high on the cannabis potency scale. This strain is also quite high in CBG, often containing as much as 2% of this rare minor cannabinoid.

Does the strain Biscotti have any other names?

No, unlike many other popular strains, Biscotti does not go by any different or augmented names. That’s possibly partially due to the fact that Biscotti is a relatively new strain that was only bred a few years ago by the popular cannabis brand Cookies.

Is Biscotti indica or sativa?

Biscotti is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that offers relatively typical indica effects. This strain will make you feel more relaxed than it will make you feel energized, but Biscotti also has an undeniable creative side that you’ll get to know as you smoke this strain in a joint or a pipe.

What is the best time of day to smoke Biscotti?

Most cannabis users would restrict Biscotti to nighttime smoking, but if you don’t have anything to do for the rest of the day, smoking Biscotti is a great way to pass the time. Its potent indica effects will make you feel highly relaxed, but Biscotti is just creativity-inducing enough to keep you from falling asleep.

What are Biscotti’s genetics?

Biscotti is a cross of Gelato 25 and Sour Florida OG. As a result, it is a highly hybridized strain that is many degrees of separation away from unaltered “landrace” strains.

What is the terpene profile in Biscotti?

The main terpenes contained in Biscotti are caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, and humulene. As a result, this strain has peppery, spicy overtones accompanied by fruity sweetness, potent dankness, and hoppy goodness.

How does the strain Biscotti make you feel?

Smoking Biscotti will make you feel highly relaxed. It won’t make you feel like you’re glued to the couch, however, like some full-blooded indica strains. Biscotti has just enough sativa in its heritage to keep your mind blissfully occupied with creative thoughts as you meander through a euphoric indica daydream.

What is the strain Biscotti good for?

Users report that Biscotti is an excellent strain to try for general relaxation or help with anxiety and depression. It doesn’t usually have considerable pain-relieving properties, but it’s an ideal strain to smoke at night when you’re winding down and getting ready for sleep.

Is the strain Biscotti good for anxiety?

Yes, users report that Biscotti is an excellent strain to turn to for help with anxiety. While strongly sativa-leaning strains can sometimes exacerbate anxiety even further with their highly energizing, cerebral effects, indicas like Biscotti soothe your body and mind without making you feel freaked out and paranoid. Biscotti has some sativa-leaning attributes, though, so it might not be the best possible strain out there for anxiety.

Is the strain Biscotti good for depression?

Users report that Biscotti is a reasonably good strain to use for depression. Highly relaxing indicas lack the energizing properties that can make cannabis such an excellent depression aid, so in this context, Biscotti’s slightly hybrid-leaning genetics are quite ideal. This strain will energize you enough to help with depression while keeping you too relaxed to experience anxiety.

Is the strain Biscotti good for stress?

Biscotti is a strain people commonly use to help with stress. Whether you want to shed stress enough to get to sleep at night or you’d rather use Biscotti as an early-morning shield to keep stress from getting to you throughout your workday, this strain is perfect to smoke any time you aren’t actually working on a project.

Is the strain Biscotti good for pain?

Biscotti isn’t generally considered to be an ideal strain for chronic pain. While its indica-leaning properties help relax your body to some degree, Biscotti isn’t quite as analgesic as full indicas. Biscotti might help you with chronic pain, but you’d probably be better off with a more strongly indica-leaning strain.

Does the strain Biscotti have any negative effects?

The strain Biscotti should not cause any negative effects whatsoever. If you do experience any adverse effects after smoking this strain, though, they will likely be limited to a mild headache or slight dizziness.

What does the strain Biscotti smell like?

Biscotti is mainly named for its aroma, which smells approximately like fresh-baked cookies when all the different aromatic notes are pulled together. Connoisseurs will be able to detect a faint diesel undertone beneath Biscotti’s main scent.

What does the strain Biscotti taste like?

The sweet, cookie-like smell of Biscotti continues on into its taste to some degree, but this strain’s spiciness comes out more strongly in its flavor than its aroma. The smoke produced when you burn some Biscotti cannabis also tastes strongly like diesel.

Are there different Biscotti strains?

Some strains (including one of Biscotti’s parents, Gelato) have a variety of versions or “phenotypes,” each with their own name. While there are doubtless at least a few phenotypes of this strain, they are all simply called “Biscotti.”

What strains are similar to Biscotti?

Biscotti is genetically similar to both Gelato and Sour Florida OG, its two parents. In terms of effects, users rate the strains SinMint Cookies, Snowball, Pink Cookies, and Gorilla Glue as being similar. Pick any indica-leaning hybrid, and you’re likely to enjoy effects that are at least quite similar to those offered by Biscotti.

Who is the strain Biscotti best for?

Biscotti is ideal for people who are using cannabis before bed or during free time to help with stress, depression, or anxiety. As a potent strain, it might not be ideal for new users, but Biscotti’s slightly indica-leaning effects make it perfect for relaxing anytime even if it’s not quite as strong as some other indicas.

The bottom line: Should I try the strain Biscotti?

If you generally like strains that stimulate your culinary senses and taste like baked goods, Biscotti is definitely worth a shot. These days, there are so many dozens of new hybrids that it can be hard to keep them all straight, but Biscotti stands out as a novelty strain that has the potential to become your go-to daily smoke if you fall in love with the flavor.

The only reason you might not want to try Biscotti is if you’re a die-hard sativa lover. Otherwise, you’ll be pleasantly soothed by Biscotti’s creativity-inducing, relaxing indica effects whether you decide to carve out a permanent spot in your stash for this strain or not. This is a great strain for indica lovers to use when they’re looking for cannabis that’s just the slightest bit sativa-leaning.

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