Intro to Gushers Strain

Published August 08, 2022
Intro to Gushers Strain - Secret Nature

Anyone who was once a kid with too much candy remembers how it felt to bite into a juice-filled fruit gusher. Be the envy of everyone around you once again by indulging in the cannabis strain named after this nostalgic candy — Gushers. The strain Gushers is an indica-leaning hybrid that has an impressively sweet-and-sour, limonene-dominant terpene profile. Learn everything you need to know about this excellent everyday indica in this guide.

What is the strain Gushers?

Gushers is a strain named after the iconic hexagonal-shaped candy, and the name isn’t taken in vain. Gushers tastes quite a bit like fruit gushers, and the THC it contains hits the spot better than any sugary candy. With roughly balanced hybrid effects, Gushers is a pain-fighting strain that’s a delight to enjoy any time of day.

What is the THC percentage of Gushers?

Exact potency varies from crop to crop, but most of the time, Gushers comes in higher than 24% THC. That makes this strain extremely high-potency, which could be part of the reason people consider it to be so excellent for pain. Gushers also contains CBD and CBG in concentrations of around 1% each.

Does the strain Gushers have any other names?

Yes, Gushers is also sometimes known as “White Gushers.” We assume that the “White” part of the name refers to the whitish layer of crystalline trichomes that lays thick on the buds of this high-potency strain. Usually, however, users just refer to this strain as “Gushers.”

Is Gushers indica or sativa?

Gushers is definitely more on the indica side of the spectrum, but it’s so close to the middle that we might as well just call it a hybrid. While Gushers is definitely relaxing, it’s not so soothing that it will make you fall asleep right in the middle of the day. At the same time, this strain’s light cerebral head high is held down by its indica genetics, preventing you from getting paranoid or too hyped up.

What is the best time of day to smoke Gushers?

If you’re having issues with chronic pain that you usually turn to indicas for, Gushers is a perfectly acceptable strain of cannabis to smoke both at night and during the day. This strain’s high limonene content cuts its otherwise indica-leaning properties, providing a steady sense of energy amidst the powerful body high that descends and dissolves pain.

What are Gushers’ genetics?

Gushers is a cross of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. This strain, much like many other Gelato crosses we’ve seen recently, was bred by Cookies, which prides itself on producing strains with unique culinary attributes. Not only did Cookies hit it out of the park with Gushers’ flavor, though, but its effects are also sublime.

What is the terpene profile in Gushers?

The primary terpenes in the strain Gushers are pinene, myrcene, ocimene, humulene, and limonene. A dominant piney taste combines with limonene to recreate the sourness of fruit gushers, and the particular mix of terpenes in Gushers provides this strain with entirely unique effects.

How does the strain Gushers make you feel?

Gushers satiates your body while also keeping your head busy with happy thoughts. This strain provides a powerful feeling of bliss that almost borders on the dissociative. It’s no wonder people love this strain so much for chronic pain.

What is the strain Gushers good for?

Smoking Gushers is a great way to achieve relief or escape from reality anywhere and at any  time of the day. While some would caution you against using indica-leaning hybrids in the morning or during the daytime, some exceptions do occur, and Gushers is one of them. True, this strain could be a bad choice if you need to get cerebral work done, but it provides impressive relief from pain without making you feel sluggish or tired.

Is the strain Gushers good for anxiety?

Gushers is a reasonably good strain to try when you need relief from anxiety since it only offers a light head high and won’t make you feel paranoid. Picking a strain that’s more strongly indica-leaning might be a better choice, though.

Is the strain Gushers good for depression?

Gushers blisses you out and takes you away to another world. As a result, it’s great for a temporary relief from depression, but it lacks the profoundly uplifting qualities you can find in a good sativa-leaning strain.

Is the strain Gushers good for stress?

Gushers might keep you from getting stressed out throughout the day, but this strain isn’t necessarily an ideal choice for an after-work de-stressing tool. If you want weed that will get you deeply stoned and make it hard to get off the couch, choose a more indica-leaning strain.

Is the strain Gushers good for pain?

Where Gushers truly shines is in this strain’s potential utility for people who suffer from daily chronic pain. Gushers’ balanced high doesn’t distract you unduly from daily tasks, but its high THC potency ensures you’ll stay properly medicated throughout the day.

At the same time, Gushers takes your mind away to an entirely separate plane where pain seems far away. All in all, few cannabis strains are as ideal for pain as Gushers.

Does the strain Gushers have any negative effects?

Some people might experience slight dizziness or nausea after smoking Gushers. Generally, though, this strain isn’t known to have any specific side effects.

What does the strain Gushers smell like?

Taking a whiff of Gushers makes you feel like you just tore open a pouch of fruit gushers. This strain smells powerfully fruity without smelling like any particular fruit, and there’s a sourness there right at the edge of your olfactory perception.

What does the strain Gushers taste like?

When you smoke Gushers, its piney, sour notes will come out stronger than any fruitiness. On the exhale, though, you’ll be able to once again note that pleasant medley of aroma-flavor notes that’s so reminiscent of gushers candies.

Are there different Gushers strains?

No, there are no alternative versions of the strain Gushers. This strain is sometimes, however, known as White Gushers.

What strains are similar to Gushers?

Two of the strains that are most similar to gushers are Triangle Kush and Gelato #41 with most strains in the Gelato family also bearing some similarity. In terms of overall similarity, strains like Runtz and Zkittlez are also quite close since they too are modeled after famous candies.

Who is the strain Gushers best for?

Gushers is hands-down best for people dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis. Otherwise, it’s an awesome smoke for daily users who don’t want anything out-of-the-ordinary but want to get pleasantly stoned whenever they feel like it. Gushers is one of those daily go-to strains that you eventually get tired of — but it takes an awful while.

The bottom line: Should I try the strain Gushers?

Gushers is definitely worth a shot if you ever ate fruit gushers as a kid. The specific sensation of sugary jelly squirting out when you chomp down is absent, but Cookies did a great job of mimicking the flavor and aroma of this favorite childhood candy. Gushers’ excellent flavor helps users who rely on cannabis for pain look forward to smoking this strain every day.

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