Intro to Lava Cake Strain

Published August 23, 2022
Intro to Lava Cake Strain - Secret Nature

The cannabis strain Lava Cake draws ​​its inspiration from the molten chocolate cake, a double-chocolate dessert consisting of a normal chocolate cake with molten chocolate inside. As a descendant of Girl Scout Cookies, Lava Cake has strongly indica-leaning tendencies that make it a favorite for relaxing after work or dealing with pain throughout the day. In this guide, learn where Lava Cake came from, what it does, and who this potently indica-dominant strain is best for.

What is the strain Lava Cake?

Lava Cake is an indica-leaning hybrid strain derived from crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Grape Pie. As a result, it features a rare mix of GSC and “purple” genetics, and sure enough, it’s possible to spot the occasional purplish hue when you inspect a Lava Cake bud.

Unlike some indicas, Lava Cake has a definite head high that will leave you feeling euphoric and strongly intoxicated. Nonetheless, this strain certainly isn’t a sativa and won’t make you feel energetic or particularly creative.

What is the THC percentage of Lava Cake?

Like any strain, the potency of Lava Cake varies depending on how you grow it and the phenotype you cultivate, but this cultivar usually comes in higher than 20% THC. As a result, it’s reasonable to consider Lava Cake a high-potency strain even if there are definitely more potent indicas out there.

Does the strain Lava Cake have any other names?

No, Lava Cake is not generally known by any alternative names. This strain does have a genetic “child” cultivar, though, known as Lion’s Cake.

Is Lava Cake indica or sativa?

Lava Cake is a strongly indica-leaning strain. It will make you feel relaxed and sedated, and it has a strong body high. At the same time, Lava Cake also has definite euphoric attributes, further helping you sail away into bliss.

What is the best time of day to smoke Lava Cake?

Lava Cake is a strain that’s only appropriate to smoke in the evening or when you don’t have anything else to do. For people who use cannabis for chronic pain, Lava Cake’s cerebral effects might be too potent to indulge in on a daily basis, but this is a great strain for anyone to hang onto for evenings that are destined to be especially chill.

What are Lava Cake’s genetics?

Lava Cake is a cross of Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie. Thin Mint is one of many phenotypes of the legendary strain Girl Scout Cookies, which is believed to have resulted from repeated crosses of OG Kush and Durban Poison. Grape Pie, on the other hand, is a cross of Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper, which is itself a derivative of Purple Urkle via Purple Elephant.

While each of Lava Cake’s parents have complicated genetics, they both fall strongly on the indica side of the spectrum. This strain’s lineage is so complicated, though, that many sativa attributes have also made their way through.

What is the terpene profile in Lava Cake?

Lava Cake has very high concentrations of both myrcene and eucalyptol, followed closely by caryophyllene, limonene, and carene. As a result, the usual dank and peppery notes you expect to be present in all weed are front and center, but this strain also tastes surprisingly fruity, minty, and piney.

How does the strain Lava Cake make you feel?

Lava Cake powerfully sedates your body while leaving your mind free to roam the boundless depths of your imagination. At first, this strain might only make you feel relaxed or reduce pain. After a few minutes, though, you’ll feel your thoughts start floating away as Lava Cake’s full psychoactivity comes to bear. This definitely isn’t a “body high indica” — it has powerful mental effects as well.

What is the strain Lava Cake good for?

Lava Cake is great for getting extremely stoned when you have nothing else to do. This strain will probably interfere with practically every type of normal task you might want to accomplish from working on the computer to driving to the store. If you smoke Lava Cake during the day, expect your productivity to slide, but if you smoke it at night, you’ll free your mind to fully relax before sleep.

Is the strain Lava Cake good for anxiety?

For an indica, Lava Cake is pretty good for anxiety. It has a way of soothing both the mind and the body, which is ideal when you’re having a panic attack. This strain is so potent that it might make new users feel overwhelmingly high, though.

Is the strain Lava Cake good for depression?

Lava Cake is a reasonably good strain to pick for depression. It won’t quite uplift you or give you energy like a good sativa, but it makes enjoyable things much more enjoyable and has a definite cognitive side that is missing in many indicas.

Is the strain Lava Cake good for stress?

Lava Cake is one of the best strains in the world for stress. After taking a few hits of Lava Cake, you’ll feel like your troubles never even existed.

Is the strain Lava Cake good for pain?

Lava Cake is definitely effective against pain. If you use cannabis throughout the day to manage chronic pain, though, you might find Lava Cake’s notable head high to be annoying or even overwhelming.

Does the strain Lava Cake have any negative effects?

Lava Cake isn’t generally known to have any considerable negative effects. In some users, though, this strain’s potent combination of bodily sedation and mental activity can result in paranoia.

What does the strain Lava Cake smell like?

Lava Cake smells primarily dank, fruity, and minty with strong peppery undertones. Put together, these seemingly separate notes make Lava Cake smell oddly like baked goods.

What does the strain Lava Cake taste like?

Users report that Lava Cake’s spicy and minty notes come out more strongly when you smoke it. To the disappointment of some, this strain doesn’t taste particularly chocolatey.

Are there different Lava Cake strains?

There is only one form of Lava Cake that we’re aware of. This strain does have two descendent cultivars, however, known as Lion’s Cake and Landslide.

What strains are similar to Lava Cake?

Lava Cake is roughly similar to any strains with either Girl Scout Cookies or purple lineage. It’s genetically closest to derivatives of Thin Mint GSC like the many phenotypes of Gelato. Based on effects and flavor, users suggest that Lava Cake is similar to Blueberry Pancakes and Strawberry Shortcake.

Who is the strain Lava Cake best for?

Lava Cake is great as an after-work smoke on days when you have nothing left to do in the evening except make dinner and sit on the couch. If you’ve had an especially stressful week and need to wind down, Lava Cake is a solid pick.

The bottom line: Should I try the strain Lava Cake?

There’s no convincing reason not to try Lava Cake. It’s one of the best stress-busting strains you can buy, and its mixture of bodily and mental effects will please any cannabis lover. As long as you make sure not to use Lava Cake when you have something important to take care of, this strain is absolutely worth a shot.

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