Medellin Strain: Intro & Similar Strains

Published September 27, 2023
Medellin Strain: Intro & Similar Strains - Secret Nature

Aside from being a Colombian city renowned for its flower festival, Medellin is also a strain of weed — named for the city from whence it came. What is Medellin, what are its effects, and how does it compare to competitors in the Secret Nature catalog — especially the new THCA options?

Medellin strain overview

  • Other names: None
  • Average THC percentage: 25%
  • Sativa/indica: Sativa-leaning hybrid
  • Aroma & flavor: Fruit, haze, herbal
  • Genetics: Wedding Cake x Chemdawg
  • Effects: Uplifting, energetic, pain relief

What is the strain Medellin?

Medellin is a cross between Wedding Cake, an indica-leaning hybrid, and Chemdawg, considered to be one of the most iconic and potent sativas of the 1990s. Nobody is quite sure when these two strains were crossed to make Medellin, but stoner lore is quite firm on the strain originating in Medellin, Colombia.

It used to be considered high-potency, but at 25%, there are plenty of strains more potent than Medellin now. There’s nothing that particularly makes Medellin stand apart from the crowd, but it’s a decent hybrid to try when you’re looking for something that boosts your mood and you like fruity-tasting weed.

What is the cannabinoid percentage of Medellin?

Medellin contains around 25% THC, and it also contains reasonably high concentrations of the minor cannabinoids CBD and CBG. Due to its high THC concentration, Medellin is definitely to be considered a high-potency strain. For those unused to heady sativas, the experience of smoking Medellin could even be overwhelming at first.

Does the strain Medellin have any other names?

No, Medellin is not known by any other names or nicknames. Just keep in mind that the correct pronunciation of the city name is “med-ah-yin,” not “meddle-in.” We’re not counting on your budtender knowing the difference, however, unless they’re South American.

Is Medellin indica or sativa?

Medellin is a sativa-leaning hybrid that is definitely more uplifting but also has indica attributes. For instance, users consider Medellin to be quite good for pain, something that isn’t often said of thoroughbred sativas.

What is the best time of day to smoke Medellin?

Users suggest Medellin is a strain that should be smoked in the daytime. Some individuals who suffer from insomnia have even indicated that this strain can make it hard to sleep. If you have any history of sativas keeping you up at night, try to avoid smoking Medellin after around 5 PM.

What are Medellin’s genetics?

Medellin is a cross of Wedding Cake, winner of the 2019 Leafly Strain of the Year Award, and Chemdawg, long considered to be one of the world’s stoniest sativas. Chemdawg is named after the breeder who grew it, named Chemdog. Apparently, Chemdog picked the seeds up at a Grateful Dead concert and doesn’t really know where the strain came from.

Wedding Cake’s genetics are much better known: This is a cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. Triangle Kush is a bit shrouded in mystery and is believed to originate from the Jacksonville area. Animal Mints, though, is the cremé de la cremé of Girl Scout Cookies crosses. Altogether, it can’t be said that the Medelllin family tree is simple, but at least it’s interesting.

How does the strain Medellin make you feel?

Medellin is generally described as having uplifting effects that are tempered by a smooth, pain-relieving body high. This strain is certainly a sativa — there’s no denying that. All the same, it’s that rare breed of sativa that can do quite well at numbing your physical pain while also allowing you to psychologically climb to new heights. That 25%+ THC percentage certainly helps with both the mental uplift and the body stone.

What is the strain Medellin good for?

Medellin is an excellent strain for getting blitzed in the middle of the day and forgetting everything. For those whom such a lifestyle could prove inconvenient, save Medellin for when you’ve secured some precious time to take a load off or when pain levels become too difficult to manage. Always keep in mind that Medellin is a bit of a brain-twister, and some say it’s worse than a Mogwai if used after midnight.

Is the strain Medellin good for anxiety?

Medellin is not a particularly good strain for anxiety, and it might even make your anxiety worse. Powerful sativas like these are not particularly known for their tendency to reduce feelings of fear or paranoia — in fact, they can practically lead you into a “bad trip” if underestimated.

Is the strain Medellin good for depression?

Feelings of depression can manifest from feeling too stimulated, but they can also come from not feeling stimulated enough. If a need for excitement is fueling your drudgery, Medellin might be just the thing. A heady sativa like this could be the very worst thing for forgetting your woes, however.

Is the strain Medellin good for stress?

Medellin could be an excellent strain for stress if used the right way. Smoked in copious quantities on a lazy Sunday afternoon, Medellin might have you belting out Carry on Wayward Son at full volume while pedaling your dusty bike down the street. Smoking too much Medellin at the wrong time could make life’s problems worse, though.

Is the strain Medellin good for pain?

Users say that Medellin is a great strain for pain — if they’re fans of sativas, that is. Otherwise, they say that Medellin would be a good pain strain — if it weren’t a sativa.

Does the strain Medellin have any negative effects?

Some would consider the heady sativa effects of Medellin to be a negative in a strain otherwise known for its high THC content and pain reduction. Otherwise, Medellin isn’t known to have any negative effects aside from the heightened sense of paranoia that can sometimes accompany sativas.

What does the strain Medellin smell like?

Medellin has a mainly herbal aroma with elements of fruit underneath. Connoisseurs may also note haze and gas.

What does the strain Medellin taste like?

When smoked, the lemony flavor of Medellin comes to the fore with an herbal finish. This strain is known for its balanced flavor that doesn’t become either too spicy or sour either on the inhale or the exhale.

Are there different Medellin strains?

Medellin is not known to have any distinctive phenotypes aside from the original, but it has become the parent of two strains: Tiger Paw and White Coconut Pie. Tiger Paw, brought to you by Cookies, is very similar to its mother strain since it’s just Medellin crossed with one of its progenitors, Animal Mints. White Coconut Pie is another Cookies strain that uses Medellin as a parent.

Who is the strain Medellin best for?

Medellin is highly recommended to lovers of sativas who are also managing chronic pain on a daily basis or have another reason to seek a high-potency, almost numbing strain. Individuals who mostly partake of indicas most likely won’t like Medellin for all the reasons they usually don’t like sativas. For a very specific subset of smokers, though, this Colombian weed strain could be el Dorado.

What strains are similar to Medellin?

Medellin bears close similarities to its parents, especially Wedding Cake. Essentially, you should envision Medellin as Wedding Cake’s sativa version. For those who have known and loved this award-winning strain, Medellin could be a dream come true — assuming you like sativas, of course.

Top 3 alternatives to Medellin

It might not be necessary to hunt down the strain Medellin near you. The Secret Nature catalog is filled with THCA and CBD strains that take the best things about Medellin and do them better. Here are three examples:

1. Secret Nature Tropical Cherry THCA

Tropical Cherry is one of those rare sativas that comes in almost entirely purple at harvest. In terms of effects, this is the best match to Medellin presently available in the Secret Nature catalog.

How is Secret Nature Tropical Cherry THCA like Medellin?

Medellin is usually described as a 60-40 indica hybrid, and the same is said for Tropical Cherry. Both strains offer effects like mood uplift and euphoria while simultaneously delivering potent bodily benefits. This might be the closest thing to Medellin you can buy online in the form of THCA weed.

Why Secret Nature Tropical Cherry THCA is better

Medellin is a strain, not a manufacturer. Anytime you see the words “Secret Nature” in front of a strain, though, you know where the cannabis came from, and you have a basic understanding of its quality.

The same cannot be said for Medellin bought in a dispensary. Even the most popular brands only distribute through a handful of states, meaning that Secret Nature provides the most consistent and reliable experience overall.

2. Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD

Papaya Nights is the strain that made sativa CBD flower famous, and it certainly fits the vibe of the Colombian jungle. It’s a CBD strain, though: Keep that in mind.

How is Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD like Medellin?

Papaya Nights and Medellin share a lot in regards to flavor and overall tenor of effects. Both strains are strong sativas, after all, a “vibe” that carries over to CBD flower as well. Energetic and uplifting effects are likely to be felt regardless of the dominant cannabinoid in each strain, and both Papaya Nights and Medellin smell a lot like fruit and haze.

Why Secret Nature Papaya Nights CBD is better

Secret Nature Papaya Nights is clearly the superior option for any smokers who don’t want to get high. Regardless of the fact that it’s non-intoxicating, CBD also has a unique effect profile that many users find to be preferable over THC. Definitely give this all-star strain a shot if you’ve never tried a CBD sativa before.

3. Secret Nature LA Kush THCA

A spicy, sweet, and minty cross of OG Kush and Ice Cream Cake, LA Kush is a recent addition to the Secret Nature THCA catalog that bears some considerable similarities to Medellin.

How is Secret Nature LA Kush THCA like Medellin?

These two strains are related to each other through Ice Cream Cake, one of LA Kush’s parents and also a child of Wedding Cake, which was combined with Chemdawg to make Medellin. LA Kush may be an indica while Medellin is a sativa, but the cultivars are quite similar to each other in the arena of flavor.

Why Secret Nature LA Kush THCA is better

If you like sweet-tasting strains but don’t like being kept up all night with a sativa, LA Kush is the option for you. This THCA strain packs all the intoxicating punch of Medellin, but you can buy it online and have it shipped anywhere in the country — something you certainly can’t say of Medellin (at least right now)

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