Portable Tropical Vibes with the Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack

Published March 03, 2021
Portable Tropical Vibes with the Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack - Secret Nature

Papaya Nights is a Secret Nature original strain. The SN team bred Papaya Nights specifically to be the fruity, sweet sativa that would tie together the early Secret Nature CBD flower lineup.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying Secret Nature Papaya Nights before. Back then, I vaped some Papaya Nights nugs in my Volcano Vaporizer. This time, I smoked Papaya Nights in pre-roll form.

Papaya Nights remains one of Secret Nature’s most popular strains. The pre-roll 2-pack of this strain alone has nearly 250 reviews. As the blog writer at Secret Nature, here are my thoughts on the packaging, flavor, and effects of the Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack.

First impressions

I remember Papaya Nights from our last meeting. That fruity, candylike aroma was familiar as I pulled a Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll from its cylindrical glass container.

Taking a moment to critically examine the pre-roll, I find it to be excellently rolled. As usual, Secret Nature has stamped the Papaya Nights pre-roll’s crutch with its iconic logo, and through the paper, the plant matter inside the pre-roll is uniformly high-quality.

That’s one of the big differences between Secret Nature and other brands. To make their pre-rolls, Secret Nature dries, cures, and trims its buds, and only then grinds them up and rolls them in organic hemp papers.

As a result, Secret Nature pre-rolls burn well and their smoke always has a nice taste and texture. From looks alone, I could tell that I was in for a pleasant hemp-smoking experience with my Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll.


  • Attractive, familiar-smelling aroma
  • Solid, well-built joint architecture
  • High-quality, all-bud CBD hemp flower

Packaging and labeling

The packaging on my Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack was simple, clean, and informative. I received a number of pre-roll two-packs at once, and my Papaya Nights two-pack came inside a bundle of six two-packs that were individually bubble-wrapped and bundled together by another bubble wrap layer.

Identifying the Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack by its white front label, I pulled it out of the bundle and removed it from its individual bubble wrap sheath. Inside was an entirely unscathed box with ample labeling.

Of primary importance was the sticker on the bottom and one side of the Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack box. This sticker contained information about the pre-rolls’ batch and featured a QR code you can scan for lab tests.

Opening the top of the cardboard box, I slide out the glass tube inside. Kept airtight with metal lids, these pre-roll tubes are stronger and more durable than I would ever have expected.

The lid of the glass tube is easy to remove, and one of the pre-rolls inside slides out without much resistance. As a general fan of small jars and innovative storage solutions, I keep these cylindrical jars for other uses. 


  • Well-thought-out bulk packaging
  • Easily identifiable product name on box
  • QR code for batch-specific lab test
  • Durable, reusable glass jars


When I smoke a CBD pre-roll, I generally don’t save some for later. I usually smoke the entire thing all at once, which gives me a good gauge of the texture of a particular strain.

Each Secret Nature strain has a unique texture. Some textures are harsher or smoother than others, mainly due to each strain’s unique terpene profile.

Across the texture spectrum of Secret Nature products, I would place the Papaya Nights Pre-Roll somewhere in the middle. It’s not as harsh as some strains, but it’s also not the smoothest Secret Nature hemp I’ve smoked.

Lighting the tip of the pre-roll, I found that it lit easily and produced a steady, glowing ember. I could tell after a few preliminary hits that my Papaya Nights Pre-Roll was going to be a little bit harsher than the Secret Nature Citron Pre-Roll I smoked a few hours before.

The smoke my Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll produced felt remarkably robust and rich. I suspected that this pre-roll might start making me cough around halfway through, and I was proven right.

I ended up smoking my Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll until only around 1/6th of the plant matter remained. The texture of my pre-roll remained pleasant throughout the smoke, and it made my tongue tingle with seemingly acidic attributes.

The ember didn’t canoe at any point. The white ash at the oily, burning tip of my pre-roll clung for a seemingly long time before falling.


  • Somewhat harsher strain
  • Lit well, thick, rich smoke
  • Smoke seemed almost acidic


I remembered what Papaya Nights tasted like when I vaped it, and these memories only became stronger after taking my first whiff of my Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll 2-Pack. However, I wasn’t prepared for how different Papaya Nights would taste when smoked.

Upon my first inhalation, I was overwhelmed with a sour, fruity flavor. With that first hit, the smoke tasted almost like melon. It’s also been a long time since I’ve eaten an actual papaya, so it took me a moment to remember the taste.

There was a surprisingly sour, somewhat acrid aftertaste after I exhaled. I didn’t find it unpleasant, however, and I enjoyed the taste of my Papaya Nights Pre-Roll until it was extinguished.


  • Sour, fruity flavor
  • Minty, piney, sour aftertaste
  • Very pleasant, rich flavor


I found the effects of my Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll to be soothing and pleasant. I haven’t come across a better strain for simply sitting back and contemplating a nature view or even the nature of one’s existence.

There’s almost something aristocratic about the vibe Papaya Nights exudes. I feel like it’s the perfect strain to smoke on a Mediterranean veranda with glasses of wine while watching the sunset with your significant other.

At the same time, Papaya Nights is the perfect strain to smoke around an impromptu bonfire on your day off. This strain is fun, relaxed, and somehow subtly sun-filled and luxurious.


  • Luxurious, energetic, yet contemplative effects
  • Great for activities on your days off

Onset and duration of effects

I started noticing the effects of Papaya Nights after around a minute. By the time I was done smoking my joint, they’d kicked in fully.

Papaya Nights’ energizing, contemplative effects persisted for around 70 minutes. I was left with a lasting sense of peace, calm, and energy for the rest of the night.


  • Effects activate within 1-3 minutes
  • Last for around 60-80 minutes
  • Pleasant, long-lasting aftereffects

Overall score

I wholeheartedly enjoyed the entire experience of unpacking, smoking, and relishing the effects of my Secret Nature Papaya Nights Pre-Roll. I’m looking forward to sliding its perfectly preserved twin out of its glass cylinder sometime soon.

I give this product an overall score of 4.98 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 4.9/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 4.98/5

The texture of my pre-roll was slightly harsher than some of the other Secret Nature strains I’ve tried. That said, my throat has also been exposed to a lot more hemp flower smoke than usual recently.

I loved the flavor, packaging, and effects of my Papaya Nights pre-roll. It’s a great strain to smoke whenever you have an hour or so to sit back and live purely in the moment.

Who is it good for?

I’d recommend the Secret Nature Papaya Night’s Pre-Roll 2-Pack to anyone who wants to get acquainted with this strain by sharing a luxurious, upbeat Papaya Nights experience with 1-2 others.

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