Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge Honest Review

Published February 22, 2021
Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge Honest Review - Secret Nature

A Bellini is a type of cocktail you make by mixing Prosecco and peach puree. Secret Nature Bellini is a vape cartridge featuring live-resin terpenes derived from the strains Strawberry Cough and Peach Rings (sometimes stylized as “Peach Ringz”).

Combined, these two terpene profiles produce a flavor that’s shockingly similar to the taste of a fresh Bellini cocktail. I’ve been puffing on my Bellini vape cartridge for the last few days, and I can say, hands down, that it’s my favorite Secret Nature vape ever.

I’m the blog writer at Secret Nature, and in this guide, learn my thoughts on the packaging, flavor, texture, and effects of the Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge.

First impressions

I’ve noticed two different types of seals on Secret Nature vape cartridge packages. One type features a clear circle at the bottom of the package, and the other type uses a strip of gold-and-black sticker on the side.

I prefer the clear circle since you can break it with your thumbnail. The packaging for my Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge was equipped with this type of seal, so getting into it was easy.

Secret Nature’s airtight packaging is almost 100% effective. I couldn’t detect a hint of aroma when my Bellini box was fully shut.

Opening the box, however, I caught my first whiff of Bellini’s distinct terpene profile even before I opened the bag it was sealed inside. Tearing open the bag, the full aroma of my vape cartridge met my nostrils, and it just might have been love at first sniff.

It looks like Secret Nature is still having some trouble sourcing its usual vape cartridges. My Bellini vape concentrate was contained inside one of Secret Nature’s backup ceramic carts. It’s all the same to me when it comes to performance, but I like the aesthetic of Secret Nature’s usual vape cartridges better.

The cartridge easily attached to my Secret Nature vape battery, and I was puffing in seconds. Bellini’s raucous flavor immediately blew my mind, and I was even more impressed by the startling smoothless of the vapor I inhaled.


  • Package was easy to open
  • Tiny hints of aroma escaped Bellini’s airtight seal
  • Fit the provided battery perfectly
  • Immediately impressed by Bellini’s texture and flavor

Packaging and labeling

Secret Nature supplied me with an extra-large 1200mg Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge. I knew this from the moment I looked at this cartridge’s packaging since there was a big, gold sticker on the front reading “1.2 grams.”

For some reason, this minor aesthetic touch excited me to no end. It’s satisfying that something clearly separates 700mg cartridges from 1200mg cartridges.

I like how easy it is to slide the inner box in and out of the outer box. On the bottom of the inner box is a sticker with information on the CBD and total cannabinoid content of Bellini. This sticker even goes so far as to say that the cartridge contains 350 doses.

On the back of the outer box is another sticker featuring a scannable QR code. Scan this code to be taken directly to Bellini’s third-party lab reports.

Another detail I appreciate is the silicone caps that are equipped with each Secret Nature vape cartridge. While not strictly necessary, these caps visually support the freshness of the high-quality CBD vape extract within.


  • Gold sticker clearly declares that this cartridge contains 1.2g of concentrate
  • Very informative labeling
  • QR code provided for lab tests


I could vape Secret Nature Bellini continuously throughout the day without experiencing any throat pain. In fact, let’s drop the hypotheticals. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last three days.

At this point, I’ve used up around half of my cartridge. I've found that Bellini is one of the few Secret Nature vapes I can keep on vaping at the battery’s “high” temperature setting without experiencing any throat pain.

I consistently take hits on “high” that last until my battery blinks green at me and turns off automatically. Bellini goes down smooth, and it has never once caused me to cough.

The CBD nectar Secret Nature uses as the base of its vape concentrates remains the same regardless of the product in question. I can only blame Bellini’s unique live-resin terpene profile, therefore, for its unparalleled smoothness.


  • Amazingly mild texture
  • No throat pain whatsoever even after heavy vaping


The flavor of the Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge is unique and very potent. Upon my very first puff, I declared out loud, “That’s strawberry!”

This cartridge’s vapor tastes exactly like some type of strawberry dessert. Notes of peach aren’t quite as apparent, but they’re certainly noticeable with some searching.

At first, I thought Bellini tasted more like strawberry gelato. Then, I thought it tasted more like some form of chewy strawberry-flavored candy. Now, I’m not sure.

All I know is that Secret Nature Bellini is one of the tastiest vape cartridges I’ve ever puffed on. I’ve tried my fair share of both THC and CBD cartridges, but hardly anything compares to Bellini.


  • Absolutely divine flavor
  • Secret Nature hit it out of the park with this unlikely combo of Strawberry Cough and Peach Rings
  • One of my favorite hemp or cannabis vape cartridges ever


As if the flavor and texture of Secret Nature Bellini weren’t enough, this cartridge’s effects are also absolutely on-point for my purposes. In my line of work, staying focused and distraction-free is essential, and Bellini delivered exactly that.

When I vape Secret Nature Bellini, I almost feel like I have tunnel vision. While very relaxed and almost carefree, I’m also surprisingly motivated and able to focus on the task of hand.

As an experiment, I tried vaping Bellini before bed. It didn’t keep me up, and it was nearly as relaxing as my favorite indica strains.

In short, vaping Secret Nature Bellini makes me feel contemplative, detached, but not disconnected. Vaping this cartridge might not be right for team activities, but if you want to get in the zone and experience that elusive ”flow” state, Bellini is the cartridge to reach for any day of the week.


  • Great effects for getting work done
  • Creative, carefree, and relaxed
  • Detached and de-stressed

Onset and duration of effects

I felt the effects of my Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge within moments. The full effects of this cart set in within 2-5 minutes, and they persist for a surprisingly long time. I’d say that Bellini offers effects that persist for 70-80 minutes on average.


  • Instantaneous onset of effects
  • Full effects within 5 minutes
  • Effects persist for at least 70 minutes

Overall score

I have absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to the Secret Nature Bellini Vape Cartridge. Therefore, I award this stellar product a perfect rating of 5.0 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

I like the way Bellini is packaged. The texture of the vapor it produces is so mild it’s almost unreal. Bellini’s flavor is off the hook, and its effects are just what I’m looking for. Plus, the effects of Secret Nature Bellini seem to last the perfect amount of time.

Who is it good for?

If you’re a creative professional who mainly works alone, Secret Nature Bellini can’t be beat. This cartridge is an express ticket to the flow state regardless of what you want to achieve once you get there.

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