Secret Nature Blood Diamond Indoor THCA Flower Review

Published August 24, 2023
Secret Nature Blood Diamond Indoor THCA Flower Review - Secret Nature

We’ve finally found out what reflected the golden light on John Travolta’s face when he opened Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase in Pulp Fiction — it must have been a case full of Blood Diamond THCA from Secret Nature because this weed shines like the sun.

Pop-culture inspired hyperbole aside, I was genuinely taken aback by how brightly the crystals that cover Blood Diamond shone in even the dim light of my nighttime bathroom. In full sunlight, this strain is a true beauty — neither too dense nor too airy, its stems are practically nonexistent while its purplish buds are coated in trichome majesty.

With effects that transport you to another plane of existence to round out the package, Blood Diamond THCA is undeniably just as to be prized and — quite honestly — feared as its namesake. This is not weed for the faint of heart, but it is a shining diamond in the rough for cannabis connoisseurs looking for top-shelf buds you can buy online that get you truly stoned.

Blood Diamond Indoor THCA Flower overview

  • Total cannabinoids: 21.5%
  • CBD %: 0.1%
  • THCA %: 19.3%
  • THC %: 0.1%
  • Strain genetics: Blood Diamond CBD x SN THCA Mother
  • Appearance: Light, fluffy buds with juicy calyxes and crystal-covered purple tips
  • Aroma: Piney, sweet, and earthy aromas
  • Effects: Potent, perception-altering cerebral high
  • Best for: Getting extremely high and spacing out


These days, receiving a mailer of THCA or CBD weed from Secret Nature is exactly the same as receiving any other type of shipment in the mail. This has always been the case to some degree, but Secret Nature products used to come in boxes if they were sent in sufficient quantities while now even large orders come in standard black mailer envelopes.

I find this system to be much more convenient, a sentiment that is strengthened by the fact that I know Secret Nature is saving money and conserving resources by taking this approach. Shipping took five days from the time I received a tracking number until I retrieved the envelope from my parcel locker.

Unboxing & first impressions

Blood Diamond THCA was one of the last products I sampled in my care package. My guess is that demand for THCA strains has exceeded Secret Nature’s wildest imaginings, which is why some of the THCA nugs I received were in envelopes that made them appear to contain CBD at first glance.

Upon re-checking my shipping manifest and looking at the fine print on the mylar envelope, however, I could determine that this weed actually contains THC instead of CBD. This was cause for great joy for me since I have loved the CBD version of Blood Diamond since I first tried it and have been hoping a THCA form would appear eventually.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the package was that these nugs are a bit lighter and airier then the dense structure I’ve grown accustomed to with Secret Nature THCA buds. Almost immediately afterward, though, I was dazzled as I carried the half open pouch with me into the bathroom (where I keep my Session Goods Bong) and exposed it to the overhead lights. Some strains might look more crystalline under a magnifying glass, but there’s something about the trichomes on Blood Diamond that can take your breath away.


Secret Nature’s new packaging is more efficient and less breakable without compromising on smell-proofing. To be perfectly honest, the lids on SN’s old tins sometimes cracked, making it hard to reseal your buds. If there is any issue with the zip-lock on the top of one of these new bags, you can just reseal it with tape or a chip clip.

Each bag has a sticker on the back with its name and a QR code. This feature is indispensable since without it I wouldn’t have been able to tell my Blood Diamond contained THCA and not CBD.

Aroma & appearance

I did not find the aroma of Blood Diamond THCA to be particularly strong, especially when compared to certain other eighths in my package like Kush Glue that seemed to stink up the entire house just from opening the bag for half a second.

I can take Blood Diamond out of the bag, handle it, and even grind it without creating a very powerful aroma. This might be due to the strain’s overall lighter structure or some other genetic factor.

Rather than looking sparse, however, Blood Diamond THCA from Secret Nature is plump with full, purple-tipped calyxes that are more drenched in crystals than seems possible. Squishing a Blood Diamond nug between your fingers almost feels like handling moon rocks. It’s odd the strain is this crystalline given its average total cannabinoid percentage (~22%), but that just goes to show that numbers hardly ever tell the full story.

How to use Blood Diamond THCA Flower

Even if you normally smoke out of a bong, it’s definitely worth trying Blood Diamond THCA in a joint. Not many strains lend themselves this well to being rolled between a paper, and smoking Blood Diamond in a joint fills your mouth with light, flavorful smoke with even the smallest puffs.

The effects of Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA make this a strain you should take at least a few hits of at once. It’s not like a true indica that sneaks up on you from just one bong rip — I found that the best experience I had with Blood Diamond THCA was when I smoked about half a gram at once in a hemp-paper joint. That’s the equivalent of 1-2 medium-sized bong bowls.


The flavor of Blood Diamond THCA from Secret Nature is lightly piney and herbal with a hazy, dank aftertaste. It isn’t as flavorful as some of Secret Nature’s THCA strains, which can actually be a bit of a relief. Some SN strains are so overpoweringly dank that you have to be careful even when just handling a nug or your fingers will smell like weed for hours.

Activation time & effects

Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA Flower hits you like a freight train almost immediately with balanced hybrid effects that intensify over the following five minutes. This strain offers an equal body and head high and altogether makes you feel like you just stepped into Wonderland. It’s ideal for late-night walks in the moonlight or deep contemplation sessions in the morning sunshine.

How long does Blood Diamond Indoor THCA Flower last?

The effects of Blood Diamond THCA last longer than you’d expect from a hybrid. Speaking to the impeccable genetics that brought this strain into being, Blood Diamond kept me high for more than an hour from a single session. Albeit, that first session consisted of a half-gram joint, which is a bit larger than my usual 1-2 bong rips.

Since this weed is somewhat light and fluffy, be careful not to go through it too quickly. I lamented the fact that my Blood Diamond THCA eighth was gone only a few days after I originally cracked it open.

Secret Nature Blood Diamond Indoor THCA Flower expiration

I would expect Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA Flower to last close to a year as long as it is stored properly. The strain is not particularly dry, and its lack of density will naturally disincentivize both mold and crumbling.

Just keep your Blood Diamond buds sealed in their original packaging or transfer them into another suitably airtight container for the best results. When stored, cannabis buds like temperatures between 55-75° F, and weed should always be kept in a dry area that’s out of direct sunlight.

Secret Nature Blood Diamond Indoor THCA Flower use journal

My love affair with Blood Diamond THCA ended up seeming too short-lived, but I enjoyed every moment of it regardless. Gain deeper insight into this strain with the following use journal:

Secret Nature Blood Diamond Indoor THCA Flower after 1 day

  • Big juicy colas like cumulonimbus clouds
  • Buds so crystalline they appear iridescent in bright lighting
  • Pleasant but nondescript aroma
  • Buds are not dense
  • They are quite airy and light but are so covered with crystals you can barely see the color underneath
  • Piney, sweet, and dank
  • Sharp, strong flavor
  • Not a mild smoke
  • Instantaneous effects
  • Potent cerebral high
  • Perception-altering

Secret Nature Blood Diamond Indoor THCA Flower after 3 days

  • This is an ideal strain to roll into a joint
  • Also great when smoked in a bong
  • Not particularly aromatic, even when ground
  • Mild throat burn
  • About half of my Blood Diamond is gone
  • I have been smoking it at the same time as Cherry Cough
  • The two strains complement each other well

Secret Nature Blood Diamond Indoor THCA Flower after 7 days

  • My eighth of Blood Diamond ran out somewhere around the five-day mark after I opened it
  • I haven’t missed a strain more than this in a while
  • There’s something special about the high Blood Diamond offers
  • You wouldn’t know it from looking at the buds
  • Except, of course, for that fantastic sheen of trichomes
  • By breeding a CBD strain with a THCA mother, Secret Nature unlocked some incredible form of hidden alchemy

Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA Flower use tips

If you’re looking for a strain to roll into a joint, look no further than Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA. The fluff this strain grinds into is ideally airy without sticking together like cotton candy the way that some sativa-leaning hybrids tend to.

Just be ready for powerful effects if you smoke a considerable amount of Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA Flower at a time. It can still seem strange, but this THCA flower you bought online truly does have the power to make you extremely stoned.

What is Secret Nature Blood Diamond THCA Flower best for?

Blood Diamond THCA is equally suited for any time of day, but just be careful to smoke this strain when you don’t have a lot else to do. Since the beginning, Secret Nature Blood Diamond has been renowned for its out-of-the-world potency, and this THCA iteration does the family name proud.

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Blood Diamond THCA FAQ

1. Is Secret Nature Blood Diamond the same as Blood Diamond OG?

No, Blood Diamond OG is the name of an obscure phenotype of OG Kush. Secret Nature Blood Diamond, on the other hand, is a custom-bred strain that once only contained CBD. Now, a THCA version of Secret Nature Blood Diamond is available online as well.

2. Is Blood Diamond a sativa or an indica?

Blood Diamond is a balanced hybrid in that it is fully indica and fully sativa. It’s an indica strain in that it has a powerful body high and relaxing effects, but it’s also a sativa in that it twists your mind into a parallel dimension.

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