Secret Nature Kush Glue Indoor THCA Flower Review

Published August 01, 2023
Secret Nature Kush Glue Indoor THCA Flower Review - Secret Nature

Smoking Kush Glue was the type of rare pleasure that you hardly ever encounter anywhere in the cannabis industry. Secret Nature excels in many product categories, but these buds are a reminder of the company’s unparalleled excellence in the arena of indoor flower.

To be frank, it’s hard to recollect an eighth of indica weed better than Secret Nature Kush Glue. Learn why I fell in love with this THCA strain and why it was such agony when my eighth was gone.

Kush Glue THCA Flower overview:

  • Total cannabinoids: 23%
  • CBD %: <1%
  • THCA %: 22%
  • THC %: <1%
  • Appearance: Purple, dense, dark
  • Effects: Indica, chill, stoney
  • Best for: Pain, sleep, spacing out


The shipping process with Secret Nature has always been easy. As the company writer, I received direct communications from the fulfillment staff with a tracking number. The order arrived and was put in a parcel locker by USPS around five days after it was placed.

Unboxing & first impressions

The packaging that Secret Nature products come in has gone through a major overhaul since I received my last care package. Even though I know I am not alone in missing the iconic tins in which Secret Nature eighths once came, I can’t help but admire the smooth simplicity of the new mailer setup.

Everything came in one envelope that was sealed inside the mailer. Not only does this approach save on materials, but it also makes it possible to ship products in smaller packages.


I found that the bag my eighth of Secret Nature Kush Glue came in was very easy to reseal, and it didn’t have any corners for a little crumbs to get stuck in. The QR code on the back led directly to the lab reports for the product, which I found highly convenient. 

Aroma & appearance

This THCA weed certainly looks and smells like kush. Secret Nature Kush Glue was a beautiful sight to behold from the moment I opened my package — dense, purplish nugs clustered together in the small foil bag drenched in trichomes. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of one nug in particular, which is much larger than what you usually find in eighths.

The aroma of Kush Glue really gets out of control when you grind it. This Secret Nature THCA weed will stink up the entire house if you don’t put it back in a sealed container after you’re done smoking a bowl. You should probably stick it in the closet too just to be safe.

How to use Secret Nature Kush Glue Indoor THCA Flower

I smoked my eighth of Secret Nature Kush Glue in a Session Goods Bong. Overall, I found it easy to grind the nugs into an aromatic deposit of fluff ideal for stuffing the smaller Session Goods Bong bowl.

Each small bowl provided a large hit of smoke. Out of all the Secret Nature weed I’ve smoked recently, this eighth tasted the best and had the most impressive texture. Overall, it was a primo smoke the likes of which I’ve rarely come across.


Kush Glue tastes like normal kush but… better. The usual aromas and flavors of berry and gas are there, but Kush Glue also takes on some of its Gorilla Glue parentage in a more balanced, woody flavor than is found in most kush strains. Many newer kush derivatives are unoriginal and overbred, but Secret Nature Kush Glue THCA is the genuine article.

Activation time & effects

Secret Nature Kush Glue can be a bit slower to hit you (2-3 minutes), but when it does, it’s like a freight train cushioned with cotton candy. As more of a vape guy, I’d forgotten the power of flower to just smack you in the face and make you forget about what you were doing.

I took some pretty big rips, too, so I definitely got the full Kush Glue experience. As a hyper-focus type of person, it’s rare for a strain of weed to actually interfere with my ability to work. Kush Glue was one of them, however, something I’ve never experienced before with weed I bought online. The THCA renaissance is truly upon us, and no strain expresses this revolution better than Secret Nature Kush Glue.

How long does Secret Nature Kush Glue THCA Flower last?

The effects of Kush Glue last significantly longer than the norm. That’s something often observed in indicas, which are overall beloved for their long-lasting, smooth effects.

In regards to how long your Kush Glue itself will last, that’s another matter entirely. Once you open an eighth, don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to smoke any other strain until your Secret Nature Kush Glue is entirely gone. With continuous smoking, your eighth will last around 3-5 days, but it will stay good on the shelf for up to a year if kept sealed.

Secret Nature Kush Glue Indoor THCA Flower expiration

Like all weed, Secret Nature Kush Glue won’t last more than 12 months under any circumstances. Past that point, cannabinoids and plant matter have degraded to make cannabis both unappealing and not worth smoking. If you want to extend the life of your Kush Glue as long as possible, keep it in a completely airtight container that’s stored in a cool area out of direct sunlight.

Secret Nature Kush Glue THCA Flower use journal

To give you a better idea of what it is like to use Secret Nature Kush Glue over time, I’ve put together a use journal below with some of my thoughts as I went through this eighth over the course of around a week:

Secret Nature Kush Glue THCA Flower after 1 day

  • This is some super stoney indica weed
  • Huge, purple nugs with great density
  • Not too wet, but the nugs have a bit of squishiness
  • Some of the cleanest-tasting weed I’ve ever smoked
  • On par with top-shelf indicas from adult-use dispensaries
  • The price is amazing for the quality
  • Top shelf eighths like this usually go for $50-60
  • Pleasant berry aftertaste
  • Stinks up the whole house

Secret Nature Kush Glue THCA Flower after 3 days

  • I love this weed, it is super calming
  • I have now broken out my Melon Frost and Bourbon Sugar eighths as well, but I keep going back to Kush Glue
  • I have smoked close to a gram per day, so there isn’t much left
  • The last couple days have been a haze of contentment and good vibes
  • A great strain that was grown to perfection
  • Truly a compliment to the breeding and cultivation skills that went into it
  • Even if you forget what you were supposed to be doing, you’ll definitely enjoy whatever you started doing instead

Secret Nature Kush Glue THCA Flower after 7 days

  • The eighth is gone by now because I used it so quickly
  • It left a huge dusting of kief behind in my collector, though: more than any eighth of flower I’ve gone through recently
  • I keep reminiscing on the unique effects that this strain provided
  • I am now reaching for Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar as my go-to indica smoke, but I still miss Kush Glue

Secret Nature Kush Glue THCA Flower use tips

Keep in mind that this is a very dense and true-to-indica strain. It’s purplish and dark-green, and it grinds into a thick, fluffy mass that will make a smoke that’s even thicker. With these unique characteristics in mind, I found that Kush Glue was more suited to smoking in a bong than in a joint. This strain is almost too sticky to roll well, unlike weed that naturally grinds fluffy.

My last tip is just to try to savor it more than I did! Before I knew it, all my Kush Glue was up in smoke.

What is Secret Nature Kush Glue Indoor THCA Flower best for?

Since I’m primarily hyperactive in personality, I often find indicas to be great for using in the day or even while working. For me, then, Kush Glue was an all-around strain despite its unique capacity to make me lose my train of thought at the most inconvenient times. For those who are more moderate or even low-energy, I could definitely see why you’d save this strain for the evening. It doesn’t have that much of a head effect, but there’s enough there to temper the cool, mellow vibes that predominate.

Reviewer’s notes

It’s interesting to me that the first Secret Nature product I opened in my package was also the one I loved the most. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot to love there — take special note of my upcoming review of the fabulous Forbidden Fruit THCA disposable vape.

There’s simply something special about Kush Glue. As a lover (and former grower) of cannabis, it’s my joy to see nugs that are just as well-grown as their genetics are pedigreed. Kush Glue is one such strain, and if you don’t sample anything else in the Secret Nature THCA catalog, make it this product.

3 similar products to try

If you like Secret Nature Kush Glue Indoor THCA Flower, you should also try:

  1. Secret Nature Frosted Kush: As Secret Nature’s most famous indica, this super-relaxing CBD strain is equally enjoyable in both flower and pre-roll form.
  2. Secret Nature Bourbon Sugar THCA: Serving as a counterpoint to Kush Glue, this fellow indica THCA strain satisfies separate culinary notes while offering similarly low-key indica vibes.
  3. Secret Nature Sugar Pop THCA: One glance at a nug is enough to know why we named this strain “Sugar Pop.” Featuring plenty of purple like Kush Glue, Sugar Pop nonetheless instills a relaxation so profound it’s nearly psychedelic.
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