Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape Cartridge Honest Review

Published March 03, 2021
Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape Cartridge Honest Review - Secret Nature

Lemon Diesel is an all-time favorite sativa strain. Featuring a taste profile similar to both Jack Herer and Lemon OG, Lemon Diesel is renowned for its uplifting sativa effects and exceedingly pleasant, lemon-drenched flavor.

The Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape takes all the benefits of Lemon Diesel, combines them with CBD, and ditches the THC. The resulting vaping experience offers the sativa energy you’d expect from Lemon Diesel without getting you high.

First impressions

The second product I fished out of my package happened to be the Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape. Eager to experience the uplifting effects of sativa combined with the relaxing benefits of CBD, I quickly removed the inner box from its outer cover and took the cartridge out of its resealable pouch.

Only then did the potent scent of lemon fill my nostrils. While not nearly as aromatic as well-cured hemp flower, this vape cartridge smelled very strongly of diesel and citrus due to its live resin cannabis terpenes.

There were two stickers on the bag my cartridge came in. One featured strain info and a batch number for lab reports, and the other extended apologies that, due to COVID-19 supply chain disruptions, Secret Nature’s usual steel-tipped vape cartridges aren’t currently available.

While I certainly like the steel tips better, the ceramic alternative attached to the end of my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel vape cartridge wasn’t all that bad. The distillate inside the cartridge was relatively dark and remarkably clear.


  • Potent lemon aroma concealed inside airtight packaging
  • Attractive, high-quality packaging
  • Vape cartridge easily attached to the provided battery

Packaging and labeling

I like the boxes that Secret Nature uses with its vape cartridges. They’re very simple and to-the-point, but they’re so attractive and high-quality that you feel like there must be something you can do with them if you keep them.

Nestled inside its airtight bag, my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape was capped with a silicone cover on each end. Removing these covers, I attached the cartridge to the end of my Secret Nature vape battery without any hassle.

The labeling on my Secret Nature vape cartridge was simple and informative. The front of the box featured a big, gold-embossed Secret Nature logo and the name of the strain.

In addition to a brief brand blurb and disclaimer, the back of the box featured a QR code that I could have used to look up the lab results for my product. I was already on the Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape product page, but I know customers appreciate the convenience of using QR codes to find lab reports quickly and easily.


  • Simple, attractive packaging
  • Thorough labeling including lab test QR code
  • Vape cartridge capped for freshness


I found the texture of the Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape to be mild even at my battery’s “high” temperature setting. At the “low” setting, the texture of the vapor this cartridge produced was so mild that it was hard to tell I was even inhaling anything.

Instead of making me cough, inhaling the vapor my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel cartridge produced left a slight tingling at the back of my throat. I was able to take multiple puffs in a row on the “high” setting without coughing or experiencing any considerable throat discomfort.


  • Smooth, mild texture at both high and low temperature settings
  • Did not make me cough
  • Pure, tasty live resin distillate


My Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape had a remarkably lemony flavor with a bit of both sweetness and spiciness behind it. At first taste, you might be convinced that limonene is the most abundant terpene in Secret Nature’s lemon diesel.

In reality, however, limonene comes in third. In first place is terpinolene, followed closely by caryophyllene. The terpenes myrcene, humulene, bisabolol, pinene, and guiaol are also present in reasonable concentrations.

Altogether, I would say that this strain tastes like some spicy form of lemon cake with pervading diesel undertones. The fruity, lemony taste was very strong and energizing. Underlying flavors were almost subtle in comparison to the intensity of this dominant, delicious taste.

The Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape tasted very clean. It was easy to tell that there weren’t any additives.


  • Potent overtones of lemon cake or candy flavor
  • A medley of spicy, sweet, and diesel undertones
  • High-quality, smooth, and delicious CBD vape extract


The effects of my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape were reasonably subtle. At no point did I feel intoxicated, but I certainly felt very relaxed.

At the back of my mind, the sativa terpenes in my Lemon Diesel vape prevented the effects of CBD from becoming entirely soporific. In addition to feeling relaxed and sleepy, I also detected an underlying sense of creativity and focus that’s common with sativa strains.

Overall, I felt that the sativa effects of Lemon Diesel are ideal if you’re feeling stressed or facing exhaustion but want to remain able to focus on tasks. If you’re already prepared to zone out into a sea of CBD bliss, you might want to choose an indica-dominant strain instead.


  • Calming, soporific effects of CBD countered by sativa terpenes
  • Great for shedding stress while continuing to accomplish tasks

Onset and duration of effects

Over an extended period, I casually puffed on my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape at both high and low temperature settings. I would say that I took around 3-4 puffs at low temperature and 2-3 puffs at high temperature overall.

I noticed the effects of my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape almost instantly, and the effects came on almost all at once. I continued puffing on my vape cartridge periodically over the course of around 30 minutes, tweaking with the temperature slider and inhaling both big and small lungfuls of vapor.

Seeming to peak after around 10 minutes, the primary effects of my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape persisted for around an hour. After that, they wore off so gradually that I almost didn't notice their disappearance.


  • Effects are noticeable almost instantaneously
  • Potency of effects appears to peak after around 10 minutes
  • Effects last for around an hour before slowly wearing off

Overall score

I thoroughly enjoyed both the flavor and effects of my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape. Its strong, lemony flavor was undeniably uplifting, and the effects it delivered were reassuringly potent and relaxing.

Packaging and labeling: 5/5

Texture: 5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 4.8/5

Duration of effects: 4.7/5

Overall score: 4.9/5

As usual, I appreciated the convenient and informative packaging that came with my vape cartridge. I was even more impressed by the flavor of my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape, which is produced using live resin terpenes derived from the Lemon Diesel cannabis strain.

The texture of the vapor produced by the Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape was pleasant at every temperature setting. Its effects were of the soporific variety that I’ve come to expect from CBD, but any potential sleepiness was counteracted with pure sativa energy.

From taste and texture alone, it’s easy to tell that Secret Nature vape extract is some of the best in the world. If you’re still curious, and you can always check the batch-specific lab tests for your Lemon Diesel cartridge.

With every factor taken into account, my Secret Nature Lemon Diesel Vape provided top-tier, reliable effects that are great for daytime relaxation and focus.

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