Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll 7-Pack Honest Review

Published February 22, 2021
Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll 7-Pack Honest Review - Secret Nature

Melon Frost is a Secret Nature original strain that’s bursting at the seams with rich flavors and balanced, uplifting effects. From its uniquely satisfying taste to its ludicrously frosty buds, Secret Nature Melon Frost is a must-try for any hemp connoisseur.

To acquaint myself with this strain properly, I decided to smoke a joint from my 7-pack of Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Rolls. While the smoke produced by this strain was slightly harsher than I anticipated, Melon Frost’s relaxing and clarifying effects were just what I was looking for.

As Secret Nature’s blog writer, let’s explore my impressions of Melon Frost’s packaging, flavor, texture, and effects. We’ll end with my recommendation regarding who’s a good fit for this strain.

First impressions

The packaging that Secret Nature uses with its pre-roll 7-packs reminds me of a deluxe pack of playing cards I received as a stocking stuffer as a kid. While I think that box had a leather exterior, the cardboard used in Secret Nature’s pre-roll packaging is so smooth and thick that I still automatically draw parallels.

Removing a pre-roll from its box, I’m immediately struck by the uniquely appealing aroma of Secret Nature Melon Frost. Most fruity sativas have a relatively predictable aroma, but the smell wafting off my Melon Frost joint was more sour and somehow “sharper” than I was expecting.

My first impression was that my pre-roll smelled citrusy, but later I thought it smelled more like another type of fruit. Underlying notes of pine or mint complemented this fruity overtone.

Upon close examination, my pre-roll seemed densely packed, and, as usual, perfectly rolled. Secret Nature’s pre-rolls are works of art that never seem to have any defects.


  • Deluxe cardboard packaging
  • Surprisingly unique aroma
  • Well-packed, beautifully rolled pre-roll

Packaging and labeling

My Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll 7-Pack arrived slipped inside an individual plastic cover amid all the other products in my care package. I appreciated this additional, if perhaps unnecessary, effort to preserve the beauty of Secret Nature’s packaging, which is without rival.

The top of the pre-roll box had a small sticker seal on its side that broke easily when I lifted the lid. Inside, I found a fully sealed plastic bag containing seven beautiful, identical pre-rolls.

The only negative experience I had with this product’s packaging was when I opened the bag. When Secret Nature seals their zip-lock bags, they don’t mess around. The two sides of my bag were so impeccably sealed together that I ended up breaking the bag as I tried to open it.

This error could probably have been avoided if I’d exerted a little bit more care. As it was, after I removed a joint, I simply flipped the bag over, bent the open tip of the bag down, and inserted the pre-rolls back in their cardboard box upside down to create a makeshift airtight seal.

As usual, I found the labeling on my pre-roll 7-pack to be just as informative as I needed it to be. On the back of the box was some basic brand and product information along with a batch-specific sticker I could have used to look up Melon Frost’s third-party lab report.


  • Carefully-packed and hermetically sealed
  • Pre-roll bag broke upon opening, extra care is advised
  • Simple, attractive labeling with batch-specific information


Stepping outside, I lit the tip of my Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll. My technique having improved with practice, I only needed one match to get the job done this time.

My first impression was that my Melon Frost joint burned remarkably well. The flower inside was well-distributed, and I didn’t experience any canoeing or other problems as I smoked the joint.

I found Melon Frost to be a little bit harsher than some of the other Secret Nature strains I’ve smoked. This is a natural variable that differs from strain to strain.

My throat started tingling slightly after the third hit, and I began coughing a little bit around halfway through the joint. The entire time, however, the smoke I inhaled felt thick, smooth, and clean even if it was a little bit harsh.

The ash my Melon Frost pre-roll produced was very light-colored. As it burned, I didn’t notice as much melted oil at the tip of the joint as I’ve noticed with other strains.


  • Joint burns well, lit easily
  • Slightly harsh smoke
  • Coughing slightly by the joint’s halfway point
  • Light-colored ash, slight buildup of oil at the pre-roll’s burning tip


The flavor of my Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll pretty much lined up with its aroma. I detected an earthy aftertaste, however, that didn’t have any exact aromatic counterpart in the bouquet of the strain.

A strong, fruity flavor was clearly dominant. With my first few puffs, it was more difficult to identify the exact type of fruit this flavor evoked. As the ember progressed down the joint, however, a strong flavor of melon became progressively clearer.

Perhaps this unusual flavor was provided by the remarkably high levels of the terpene ocimene present in Melon Frost. By the time I was done smoking, my mouth was filled with a pleasant melon flavor. My Melon Frost Pre-Roll didn’t leave any unpleasant aftertastes behind.


  • Strong fruity flavor with minor earthy undertones
  • Melon flavor becomes stronger as you smoke
  • Pleasant flavor left behind in mouth after smoking


The effects of my Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll made me feel chilled-out, relaxed, yet alert. As they came on, the effects provided by my pre-roll made me feel nice and focused, but they didn’t make me feel hyper or unstable.

Instead, I felt calm, clear, capable, and maybe a little bit contemplative. I felt like I had a commanding view over the experiences in front of me, and while I’d already called it a night, I feel like Melon Frost is a strain I could also smoke while working.

Some sativa strains make me feel more creative than others, and Melon Frost didn’t impart much of a sense of whimsical creativity. Instead, it provided a “get up and go” mentality, and I was left with an enthusiastic, happy vibe once my pre-roll was all smoked.


  • Balanced sativa effects
  • Not overly creative, not overly relaxing either
  • Left behind a happy, capable vibe

Onset and duration of effects

I first started noticing the effects of my Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll around 90 seconds after I inhaled my first hit. After that point, the effects of my pre-roll gradually became stronger until they reached fullness at around the 5-minute mark.

The primary effects of my Melon Frost pre-roll persisted for around an hour before fading away. I didn’t experience a lingering headache or any other side effects.


  • Effects noticeable within 90 seconds
  • Peaked at around 5 minutes
  • Lasted for approximately 60 minutes

Overall score

After considering all the relevant factors, I give the Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll 7-Pack an overall score of 4.82 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 4.8/5

Texture: 4.5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Effects: 5/5

Duration of effects: 4.8/5

Overall score: 4.9/5

I love the overall aesthetic and informativeness of Secret Nature’s packaging, but I was a little bit bummed that my bag broke. I found the texture of my joint’s smoke to be pleasant but a little harsh.

The flavor of my Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll was ideal, as were its effects. These effects did, however, seem to dissipate a little bit faster than the effects that other strains provide.

Who is it good for?

I’d recommend the Secret Nature Melon Frost Pre-Roll 7-Pack to anyone who wants to get a lot done during the day without getting sidetracked. This 7-pack pre-roll package is perfect for taking to work and sharing the gift of hemp flower with colleagues.

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