Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape Review

Published August 24, 2023
Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape Review - Secret Nature

Secret Nature vapes are incredibly clean and pure, and nothing reflects this purity better than the Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape. Everything about this tiny, rechargeable vape is sophisticated yet simple, and it contains a full gram of THCA and CBD extract boosted with live resin cannabis terpenes.

An indica like Forbidden Fruit might suit your vibe better, but strong sativas like Melon Frost certainly have their time and place. Learn how I came to rely on the Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape as an indisposable pick-me-up during the mid-day blues.

Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape overview

  • Total cannabinoids: 69%
  • CBD %: 36%
  • THCA %: 32%
  • THC %: <0.3%
  • Appearance: Slim, black all-in-one vape
  • Effects: Immediate, heady sativa high
  • Best for: Active people who need a vape on the go


Getting my goodies from Secret Nature was an absolute breeze. My nine products came in one large mailer envelope, which contained an equally large (but much thinner) black mylar bag inside. This bag was folded over itself and taped shut to provide an even-better seal.

Opening the bag and shaking the contents out, nine smaller bags tumbled forth. Each bag was roughly the same size and shape as the other — black, rectangular mylar pouches with gold lettering and QR codes on the back. I sorted through them to find the vapes, which were easy to identify by feel through the bag.

Unboxing & first impressions

Tearing open the bag my Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape reminded me of the feeling of opening a toy I’d just bought at the store. Sure enough, inside was an inexpensive electronic gadget guaranteed to flood my brain with dopamine: A Melon Frost vape.

There was a silicone cap in the mouthpiece that was easy to remove. Immediately, I put the vape in my mouth and took a puff. A watermelon flavor more potent than I could have ever imagined entered my palate without the slightest hesitation. In short, it was love at first sight.

Shaking the bag further, a simple six-inch microUSB cord fell out. Every Secret Nature disposable comes with one of these cords, making it very easy to charge the battery when it dies.


Secret Nature vapes used to come in cardboard boxes. I think this new setup is an improvement. The mylar bags not only save on materials but are also easier to open and have a flatter form, making it a breeze to pack more bags into smaller mailers.

One of the QR codes on the back led to the lab test specifically for the THCA-CBD extract included in Secret Nature’s THCA vapes. The other led to a disclaimer piece provided by Kight Law explaining how THCA is different from THC. All in all, very informative labeling, and the packaging is elegant and beautiful.

Aroma & appearance

Like most vapes, the Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA disposable doesn’t emit much of an aroma until activated. Even then, the vapor emitted dissipates within seconds, leaving only the vague aroma of essential oils behind.

In shape, Secret Nature THCA vapes are reminiscent of flash drives, but much more elegant. In place of a USB connector to stick into a port is a smooth, textured plastic mouthpiece that feels good to simply hold between your lips or teeth when you take a puff.

When out in public, nobody can tell what is in your hand unless they are closer than about five feet away. The vape is entirely covered by an average adult male hand as well, making it surprisingly discreet. Avoid blowing a cloud of Melon Frost directly into the face of a stranger, and nobody will notice you’re vaping THCA.

How to use the Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape

Using a Secret Nature disposable vape is as easy as putting it in your mouth and inhaling. Secret Nature disposables come fully charged, so there’s no need to charge it before first use.

The atomizer in the vape will automatically shut off after around 10 seconds, allowing a large-enough hit without letting the vape get dangerously hot. To stop your Melon Frost THCA vape from emitting vapor, simply stop inhaling from the mouthpiece. It’s as simple as that.

If your Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape no longer emits vapor, that might mean its battery has died. Thankfully, you can just plug the vape into its cord and find a suitable USB port. It only takes around an hour for a Secret Nature disposable vape to charge.

Quick note: On the pen itself is a label indicating the strain. Use these labels to make sure you don’t get pens mixed up.


When it comes to the flavor of the Secret Nature Melon Frost Disposable Vape, the first thing I must say is simply “Wow.” These terps were mixed excellently — loud, to be sure, but in a way that perfectly evokes the spirit of the strain without seeming over-terpy.

To be honest, Melon Frost tastes exactly like watermelon candy — maybe with a little bit of mint thrown in there. Imagine a mint version of Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Slices, and you’ve got a dead ringer.

I was honestly amazed by how full and clearly distinct the flavor of my Melon Frost THCA Disposable was without being overwhelming. Based on flavor alone, this was my favorite disposable I’ve ever tried from Secret Nature.

Activation time & effects

Vapes always seem to hit faster than flower, and this Melon Frost Disposable THCA Vape was no exception. I felt high almost immediately, albeit not quite as fully high as you can get with flower. Vapes tend to provide a very strong head high, which is great for super-strong sativas like Melon Frost.

In all honesty, I feel like the effects of my Melon Frost THCA Flower were more peppy than this vape, and I think I know why. In each Secret Nature THCA vape, an extract is used that consists of roughly 1:1 THCA:CBD, resulting in a very different high.

In total cannabinoids and even in THCA, Secret Nature’s vapes are higher-potency. The presence of so much CBD changes the experience entirely, though. To me, it was a unique chance to experience the effects of 1:1 products, which I don’t usually go for at dispensaries.

Put shortly, my Melon Frost THCA vape didn’t get me as peppy as my Melon Frost THCA flower, but it had a balanced effect that also delivered the incredible benefits of CBD. I don’t feel like CBD diminished my high at all, but it did seem to smooth out the effects of my Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape. 

How long does a Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape last?

Expect your Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape to last around 3-7 days if you’re a heavy user and it’s all you’re hitting. Combined with flower, dabs, or other vapes, you might still have some Melon Frost in the tank at the 14-30 day mark.

Secret Nature  Melon Frost THCA Disposable expiration

Left on the shelf, Secret Nature vapes are guaranteed to remain unseparated and crystal-free for at least 90 days. Given their superior formulation, expect SN vapes to remain usable for a while after that as well. Pretty much no cannabinoid vape remains usable six months after manufacture, though.

Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape use journal

To give you a better idea of what to expect with Melon Frost, here are some notes I took during the first week of using the THCA disposable vape:

Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape after 1 day

  • Balanced 1:1 THCA to CBD
  • Incredible candy-like flavor
  • Tastes like Watermelon Sour Patch Kids
  • Awesome high, smoothed out by the CBD
  • Super-uplifting, a great pen for working or early morning
  • Convenient label on the pen indicating strain and cannabinoid

Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape after 3 days

  • Best Secret Nature pen ever?
  • The taste is great and the effects are even better
  • THC truly doesn’t reach its full potential without CBD
  • So relaxing yet focused at the same time
  • Feels more healing than straight THC somehow

Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape after 7 days

  • I lost my pen for a couple of days but found it again in the couch
  • Looking through the window on the side, there is about half a tank left
  • Despite being upside down between couch cushions for 2-3 days, there is no clogging or leakage
  • Simply dusted off the vape and inhaled a big cloud
  • Melon Frost is great for when you need a boost of energy or mood
  • It might make it hard to sit still, though

Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape use tips

Melon Frost is a strain you’ll love to use either early in the morning or as a way to keep an even keel throughout the events of the day. This disposable THCA vape is just as easy to keep at your side as it is to accidentally misplace: Consider grabbing a “lighter leash” at the gas station, which you can use to keep your vape clipped to your pocket or necklace.

Always keep in mind that the high CBD content in this disposable will considerably alter its effects. Those unused to the effects of CBD may actually feel more high simply due to the unique ways these two cannabinoids augment each other within the human nervous system.

What is the Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape best for?

When you’re looking for a vape to take with you to the park or on a day trip to the beach, this is the one to choose from. Even the flavor is evocative of the vibes of summer: Watermelon is a summer fruit through-and-through, and I’ve never had a vape that tasted more like watermelon than Melon Frost.

Just keep in mind that Melon Frost’s sativa attributes might make you feel antsy. This is less so with the CBD-infused Melon Frost vape than it is with Melon Frost THCA flower, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out for the jitters.

Reviewer’s notes

Melon Frost has rapidly become one of my favorite sativas. The addition of CBD keeps the high mellow and massively expands the effect profile. My absolute favorite aspect of the Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Disposable Vape is its design — I’ve never found a vape to be easier to use on the go.

3 similar products to try

  1. Secret Nature Mimosa THCA Disposable Vape: Usually classified as a sativa, Mimosa isn’t as heady as Melon Frost. Its fruity deliciousness is just as on-point, though.
  2. Secret Nature Melon Frost THCA Flower: Definitely try the flower form of Melon Frost THCA if you get a chance. Best smoked in a joint or bong.
  3. Secret Nature Melon Frost CBD Pre-Rolls: Speaking of joints, Melon Frost comes in a CBD pre-roll version. Try the original product while exploring the benefits of smoked CBD.
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