Secret Nature REM CBN Dream Capsules — 7 Relaxing Facts

Published May 18, 2021
Secret Nature REM CBN Dream Capsules — 7 Relaxing Facts - Secret Nature

I don’t usually have a lot of trouble sleeping, but recently, I’ve started trying to match my circadian rhythm with the sun cycle. Getting to bed around 9 PM would have been a struggle this week without my Secret Nature REM CBN Capsules.

These aren’t your usual Secret Nature products. Missing is the iconic black packaging and gold-embossed lettering. Nonetheless, I’d recognize that quality anywhere.

1. REM capsules arrive fast

Let’s start with the basics: “REM” stands for Rare Earth Medicine, a clever play on words Secret Nature devised for this more wellness-oriented brand.

My REM CBN Dream Capsules aren’t alone. The Secret Nature REM sub-brand also encompasses the REM Delta 8-CBC Flow Capsules and SN’s recently rebranded REM Organic Hemp Flower Drops.

So far, I’ve only tried the CBN Dream Capsules, but my initial impressions of the REM brand are very positive. Even though Secret Nature’s usual aesthetic is missing, the lines, colors, and contours that replace it are just as pleasing, and the product inside is even more phenomenal.

  • Part of Secret Nature’s rapidly growing Rare Earth Medicine (REM) brand
  • Different packaging, same quality
  • My REM capsules arrived quickly and fully undamaged bubble-wrapped inside a mailer

2. The packaging is different and amazing

Secret Nature opened my eyes to the potential of attractive and effective packaging in the CBD industry, and this same approach has clearly been applied to the REM line. The capsules come inside a unique two-section box. An inner box slides into an outer box, creating a perfectly resealable enclosure with no cutting required to open.

I’d say the labeling on these REM capsules is even more detailed than the labeling on other Secret Nature products. That’s probably due to two reasons:

  • Capsules inherently have more detailed ingredient information than CBD flower or vapes
  • Using Secret Nature raw materials, REM capsules are private-labeled by Hello Ventures in Irvine, a well-respected capsule producer

On the bottom of the box is a familiar sticker with a scannable lab test QR code. The bottle is dark amber glass and features a simple natural paper band for labeling. All of the packaging feels very natural — the only plastic I found was the freshness seal on the lid.

  • Natural-colored, sustainable cardboard packaging
  • Very detailed labeling
  • QR code for lab results

3. REM CBN capsules are attractive and well-designed

I was considerably surprised when I shook a capsule out of my bottle and saw it was pink. Looking at the ingredients, I found the culprit. That mottled salmon-pink color was caused by organic dragonfruit extract, a powerful antioxidant that may boost the effectiveness of cannabinoids.

Useless filler ingredients like maltodextrin and calcium stearate are rampant in the capsule industry. Like most things in LA, however, Hello Ventures is ahead of the curve, and Secret Nature has always been way out in next decade.

For your reference, here’s a full list of the ingredients in a REM CBN Dream Capsule:

  • Organic hemp extract
  • Inositol
  • Pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil
  • Organic dragonfruit extract
  • Cannabis (hemp) terpenes
  • Vegan tapioca
  • Vegan soft caps

The only question I have is the purpose of the tapioca, a harmless natural sweetener not commonly found in capsules. I didn’t have any qualms taking my Secret Nature REM CBN Dream Capsules, though.

  • Beautiful, surprisingly pink capsules
  • No nasty added ingredients

4. There wasn’t any noticeable flavor

Remember those filler ingredients I mentioned earlier? Calcium stearate is an industrial lubricant used to make pills easier to swallow. Maltodextrin usually comes from GMO corn, which has unknown effects on the human body.

In addition to being nasty, these ingredients taste bad too. Swallowing my Secret Nature REM CBN Dream Capsules, however, has been a breeze even without any creepy, useless lubricants. Actually, the experience has been so enjoyable specifically due to their absence.

  • Flavorless capsules
  • Didn’t hold it in my mouth long enough to get a connoisseur feel for the taste

5.  REM CBN capsules offer profound effects

CBN is a decidedly unusual cannabinoid. It’s nothing like CBD even though it’s somehow vaguely reminiscent of THC.

Underneath it all, the familiar effects of CBD provided my CBN Dream Capsules with a solid foundation. They seemed to dovetail nicely with CBN to deliver overall effects that made me feel couch-locked without being intoxicated.

  • Very pleasant effects before bed
  • CBN is new to me, but the familiar effects of CBD make me feel secure

6. They kick in surprisingly fast

I usually don’t feel the onset of capsules for at least 15 minutes. I started feeling the effects of my REM CBN Capsules, however, around five minutes after ingestion.

At first, I couldn’t believe it. That’s way too fast. But, soon enough, I’d discounted the placebo effect as strong soporific effects combined with the familiar blanket of CBD started coming over me.

7. REM CBN capsules get an overall score of 5 out of 5

There’s nothing to complain about here. Secret Nature’s REM CBN Dream Capsules are beautiful, well-packaged, flavorless, natural, effective, and long-lasting. In short, I loved them, and this product will be an integral part of my routine going forward.

  • Packaging and labeling: 5/5
  • Texture: 5/5
  • Flavor: 5/5
  • Effects: 5/5
  • Duration of effects: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5

Who is it good for?

Should you try the Secret Nature REM CBN Dream Capsules? We could all use some help sleeping, and if you want to get more out of life by maximizing your rest, I’d suggest giving these capsules a shot.

To me, the Dream Capsules have a sort of “lights-out” effect that I actually associate more with THC than CBD. With CBD, I just feel calm, but not necessarily sleepy.

The addition of CBN, however, seemed to truly change the equation. There isn’t enough research, so it could all be chalked up to placebo effect. When I needed something that would knock me out reliably and deliver deep sleep, though, my Secret Nature REM CBN Dream Capsules were there.

Secret Nature REM CBN Dream Capsules FAQ

Let’s see if there’s anything else we can answer about cannabinol or the Secret Nature REM CBN Dream Capsules:

1. What is CBN good for?

If you have an answer, the world is dying to know. Scientists think that CBN might be good for microbial infections and neurodegenerative conditions, but we all need to wait for more research before we issue any guidance on specific conditions for which CBN might be indicated. 

2. How is CBN different from CBD?

They’re chemically distinct for one thing. CBN is a metabolite of THC, which means it’s created when THC changes. The intoxicating part mainly sheds away, leaving behind the therapeutic core — at least, that’s the theory.

3. Is CBN stronger than CBD?

That depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Based on endless reams of first-hand testimony, CBD might be a more appropriate option if you’re in pain. Still, CBN is also being researched for its analgesic properties.

People mainly turn to CBN for help with sleep. You may decide to follow the herd, or you might rather explore this cannabinoid’s potential neuroprotective or immunological properties instead.

4. Can you take CBD and CBN together?

Yes, there’s no reason you shouldn’t combine CBD and CBN. Instead of interacting negatively, these natural cannabinoids might boost each other’s effects due to a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. Rather than taking these two cannabinoids alone, it might be best to combine CBD and CBN for sleep and other purposes.

5. What is better for sleep: CBD or CBN?

Out of the two, CBD has been studied for sleep much more than CBN. Many users report that CBN helped with their insomnia better than CBD, but this anecdotal testimony has yet to be backed up with concrete scientific evidence. Since we don’t know which cannabinoid is better for sleep individually, you may be better off using both CBD and CBN at the same time until we know more.

6. Why vape CBD and CBN instead of taking a capsule?

You might want to vape CBD, CBN, or any other cannabinoid if you’re after fast, potent effects that don’t involve inhaling any plant material. Just remember that the effects of inhaled cannabinoids don’t last as long.

7. What wattage to vape CBD and CBN?

It’s best not to tinker around too much with wattage when it comes to vaping high-quality CBD or CBN distillates. Just set your vape battery to its lowest setting, and increase the temperature as desired to blow thick clouds that stay unscorched and delicious.

8. How long does it take for CBN to kick in?

Like other cannabinoids, the amount of time it takes CBN to kick in depends on how you use it. If you inhale CBN in the form of vapor or smoke, expect to feel effects almost instantaneously. Orally ingested CBN products generally kick in after around 30 minutes, and expect to feel the effects of any topically applied cannabinoid within a few minutes.

9. Can you take too much CBN?

It may be possible to take too much CBN, but you’d probably need to ingest a very large amount of this cannabinoid to notice any negative effects. While some preliminary research has been conducted into the subject, we still don’t know much about the toxicity of CBN. The toxicity profiles of both CBD and THC have been thoroughly investigated, though, and both of these cannabinoids are believed to be tolerated in very high doses. 

10. What drugs should not be taken with CBN?

If you are currently using prescription drugs, your doctor may advise you against trying CBN. Some cannabinoids, including CBD, have been discovered to interfere negatively with certain common prescription drugs. There’s still a lot we don’t know about CBN, but this cannabinoid appears to metabolize using the same enzymes as CBD, potentially indicating a similar drug interaction profile.

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