Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll Review

Published April 07, 2022
Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll Review - Secret Nature

Secret Nature offers so many pre-rolls these days that it can be hard to keep up. The latest addition to the line, the Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll, found its way into my latest care package, and I have to say I’m profoundly impressed with the effects of this little 0.6g joint. Combining the highest natural concentrations of delta 8 ever found in hemp flower with naturally converted, sprayed-on D8, the Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll is remarkably potent and delivers extremely enjoyable effects.

In this review, learn what I thought about the design, flavor, and smoke texture of these high-potency delta 8 pre-rolls. Then, find the answers to any questions you may have about this powerful and affordable addition to the Secret Nature pre-roll catalog.

What is delta 8?

Delta 8 THC (also known as delta 8 or D8) is an analog of delta 9 THC that is different enough to be considered its own separate substance. As a result, delta 8 is usually considered “industrial hemp” despite providing benefits that closely mirror those of delta 9.

It’s not like delta 8 and delta 9 are exactly the same, though. Users generally report (and I can personally confirm) that the delta 8 high is slightly diminished compared to the high you get from delta 9, which can be a welcome relief for those who suffer from anxiety or paranoia after smoking weed.

What is a delta 8 pre-roll?

A delta 8 pre-roll is a pre-rolled joint containing the cannabinoid delta 8 THC. Since delta 8 isn’t available naturally in high quantities yet, delta 8 pre-rolls usually consist of hemp flower high in another cannabinoid that has been sprayed with converted delta 8.

Converting delta 8 from a different cannabinoid (usually CBD or CBG) doesn’t add any contaminants to the mix or make delta 8 synthetic or artificial. This process simply moves some atoms around to make a new molecule—it doesn’t contribute or subtract any components.

Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll overview

Now that you have a basic idea of what a delta 8 pre-roll is, let’s dive into my firsthand review of the Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll, starting with a few quick facts:

  • 0.6g cannabis per pre-roll
  • 105mg delta 8 per pre-roll
  • 185mg total cannabinoids per pre-roll
  • Batch-tested w/ QR code
  • Comes hermetically sealed in a glass tube or plastic bag

First impressions

At a glance, these pre-rolls look like any other Secret Nature joints. I received my Super 8 Pre-Rolls in a 2-pack, which means they arrived in a long, thin box concealing a hermetically sealed glass tube.

Opening the tube, I was confronted with the usual aromas of natural cannabis I’m used to when smoking Secret Nature products. There was no “artificial” smell, and if you hadn’t told me otherwise, I’d have no idea these joints contained delta 8 instead of CBD.


As usual, I was impressed with Secret Nature’s packaging as well as the quality of the joints themselves. All Secret Nature pre-rolls only contain trimmed and manicured buds—no shake or trim—and every pre-roll is immaculately rolled.

On the outer box was a sticker with a QR code and information on the product provided by Greenleaf, one of Secret Nature’s third-party testing labs. This sticker told me everything I needed to know about my Super 8 Pre-Rolls, and it didn’t look out of place on Secret Nature’s super-attractive, gold-embossed display box.


My Secret Nature Super Spectrum pre-rolls lit well, and they stayed lit without any canoeing. The smoke was rich and vibrant, but it was smooth enough to not burn my throat even after smoking a full joint. The sensation of smoke filling my lungs was pleasant, not overwhelming.


I loved the flavor of these joints. While I knew that each joint contained more than 80mg added delta 8, I didn’t detect any of the bitterness commonly associated with isolated cannabinoids.

Instead, all I tasted was the same sweet, delicious hempiness that I’m used to experiencing when I hit a Secret Nature joint. Secret Nature has done an excellent job of making these high-delta 8 joints taste just like its other pre-roll options.


Vapes are the only types of products that could possibly hold a candle to pre-rolls in terms of convenience. Sure, you can’t smoke a Super 8 Pre-Roll inside without causing a major stink, but once a suitable outdoor location has been found, smoking a Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll is as simple as popping it in your mouth and lighting it. No rolling, no mess. 

Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll varieties

I’m only aware of one variety of Super 8 Pre-Rolls. It’s listed as a hybrid, and I can confirm that the effects are neither overwhelmingly upbeat nor overpoweringly chill. Like other Secret Nature pre-rolls, the Super 8 Pre-Roll is available in a 2-pack and a 7-pack.

Other Secret Nature pre-rolls to try

The Super 8 Pre-Roll isn’t the only pre-rolled delta 8 smokeable Secret Nature has to offer. Consider puffing on these smokes as well to get a full idea of what Secret Nature’s delta 8 line includes:

Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre-Roll

Super Spectrum is similar to Super 8, but the two should not be confused. While Super 8 contains added delta 8, Super Spectrum only contains the concentrations of this cannabinoid that naturally occur in hemp. Consider Super 8 the “boosted” option and Super Spectrum the “all-natural” option. Secret Nature Super Spectrum Pre-Rolls are available in 2-packs and 7-packs.

Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt

Not for the faint of heart, this tea-paper blunt packs a whopping 180mg delta 8 and will make you the center of attention the moment you light it up. Consider picking up a Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt the next time you have something to celebrate.

Why you should try the Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll

Delta 8 has unique benefits that separate this cannabinoid from other cannabis compounds. Most ways of using delta 8, though, lack the “all-natural” appeal of top-shelf cannabis flower. 

By combining isolate D8 with indoor-grown, hand-trimmed CBD and CBG buds, the Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll not only offers the entourage effect in its fullness but also makes smoking delta 8 a surprisingly natural-feeling experience. With its low price point, the Super 8 Pre-Roll 2-Pack is the perfect item to add to your cart when you’re feeling like trying something new.

Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll FAQ

We’ll finish things out with answers to a few questions relating to the Super 8 Pre-Roll:

1. Does delta 8 come in pre-rolls?

Yes, delta 8 is sometimes offered in the form of a pre-rolled joint. Delta 8 joints vary dramatically in quality, though, so make sure you’ve chosen an organic option that features indoor-grown hemp.

2. What is the strongest delta 8 pre-roll?

With 105mg delta 8 per 0.6g joint, the Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll is the strongest D8 pre-roll on the market. That is, of course, unless you count the Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt, which packs 180mg D8 within its hand-manicured, tea paper-wrapped buds.

3. Are delta 8 pre-rolls worth it?

Delta 8 pre-rolls can certainly be worth it if you choose the right brand. The Secret Nature Super 8 Pre-Roll, for instance, features 105mg delta 8, and a 2-pack of these high-potency D8 smokes only costs $15 MSRP. That’s a perfectly reasonable amount to pay for this top-shelf D8-smoking experience.

4. What does D8 feel like?

The delta 8 high is slightly different from the delta 9 high, but users report that the effects of these cannabinoids are similar enough to be indistinguishable to average smokers. If you pay close enough attention, however, you’ll notice that delta 8 doesn’t impact your mental state as much as delta 9, and you might feel less paranoid when you smoke D8 as compared to normal THC.

5. Does D8 get you high?

Slight differences between delta 8 and delta 9 THC aside, it’s a fact that delta 8 gets you high. The D8 high might not be quite as potent as what you’re used to with delta 9, but just be aware this is no CBD or CBG. Delta 8 is THC through-and-through, just a different form of THC than you’re used to.

6. What is the best brand of pre-roll?

Providing pre-rolls in a wide variety of cannabinoids that all feature organic hemp flower and all-hemp ingredients, Secret Nature offers the best pre-rolls on the internet for the most reasonable prices. Featuring batch-specific lab tests and boasting more than 10,000 five-star customer reviews, Secret Nature is the internet’s most trusted hemp flower brand, and Secret Nature’s pre-rolls are more potent and better-quality than anything the competition can offer.

7. Will Secret Nature get you high?

Some Secret Nature products will get you high, but others won’t. Secret Nature CBD and CBG products, for instance, are fully non-intoxicating, but this brand’s delta 8 and THCV products have undeniably intoxicating effects even if they hit you slightly differently than the delta 9 form of THC.

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