Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls Review

Published August 24, 2023
Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls Review - Secret Nature

These small THCA nugs from Secret Nature pack a big punch. To a cannabis connoisseur, the term “smalls” brings to mind the fluffy, unwanted popcorn left behind on a branch once all the desirable nugs have been removed.

Not so with Surprise Party THCA Smalls from Secret Nature. Each nug might be at the bottom in terms of size, but this weed is just as top-shelf as anything else Secret Nature makes. Dive into my hands-on experience smoking Surprise Party THCA Smalls over the course of a week.

Surprise Party THCA Smalls overview

  • Total cannabinoids: Varies
  • CBD %: <1%
  • THCA %: Varies
  • THC %: <0.3%
  • Strain genetics: Variety
  • Appearance: Small, impeccably manicured buds
  • Aroma: Light cannabis aroma
  • Effects: Generic cannabis effects
  • Best for: Budget smoking, combining with other buds


It’s natural to have some degree of skeptical concern when shipping THCA products across the country. Federal law views THC and THCA separately, however, a fact that is eloquently explained in the insert included in every Secret Nature THCA order.

That’s only the beginning of the thoughtful measures Secret Nature employs in the fulfillment of its products. Most products are now sent in space-saving mylar bags, for instance, which reduces shipping costs and keeps prices from rising.

From the time I received an email saying that a tracking number had been generated for my order to when I carried the envelope of Secret Nature products into my house, five days elapsed. I have never had any trouble whatsoever ordering Secret Nature products.

Unboxing & first impressions

Rather than being disappointing in any way, I found my bag of Secret Nature THCA Smalls to be absolutely delightful. Even the act of opening the 7g bag is a joy — my eyes are met with a profusion of different colors and textures to choose from.

The first time you open your bag of Surprise Party Smalls, you’ll see about two dozen different tiny nugs all clustered together. Some are bright green, and others have prominent orange hairs. Still others are dark green or even purple.

There’s no way to know what strain you’re picking ahead of time, and that’s the fun of it. Some smalls have given me a powerful indica high, and others have been more sativa-leaning. While I thought I could tell weed apart at a glance, this bag of THCA Surprise Party Smalls has forced me to take on a bit more humility.


With Secret Nature Surprise Party Smalls, seven whole grams of small cannabis buds are packed into a standard mylar foil bag. All in all I counted around 25 small buds in the bag, meaning each nug weighed around a quarter-gram.

When resealed, I found that Secret Nature cannabis bags have hardly any noticeable aroma. To be safe, I keep my bags inside a sealed Pelican case as well, but that’s hardly necessary under most circumstances.

Aroma & appearance

This must be the most unusual bag of weed I have ever opened. Secret Nature THCA Smalls reminded me just how much variety exists between different phenotypes of cannabis, a level of variety that is hard to note when only comparing one or two strains at the time.

As expected from smaller buds without as many resin glands, Secret Nature Smalls don’t smell incredibly potent. They also aren’t much to look at until you grab a magnifying glass. It’s only then that you realize each and every one of these tiny buds has been lovingly manicured to the extent that it resembles top-shelf weed

How to use Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls

Take about 5 smalls, put them in a grinder, and see what comes out the other end. Since these smalls could be any out of around a dozen different strains, there are no rules when it comes to whether joints or bowls are better.

The quality is definitely less than what I’m used to with Secret Nature, but that’s a clearly advertised benefit of the product. Knowing what I was getting into ahead of time gave me clear expectations of the likely results — however I smoked them, Surprise Party THCA smalls got me a bit less high and tasted a bit harsher, but I never found a single thing to legitimately complain about.


Due to so many different notes vying for supremacy, Secret Nature THCA Smalls don’t taste like any strain in particular. To be perfectly frank, they just smell like weed  — a cleaner and higher-quality version of the low grade pot you may remember buying in high school or college.

No hastily snagged dime bag has ever been this lovingly trimmed, though. It’s as if Secret Nature can’t help but strive to be the best even with its budget lineup.

Activation time & effects

The activation time experienced with Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls was pretty standard. After around 90 seconds, I started experiencing a light, pleasant buzz that never reached the point of being a full-blown “high.”

It is necessary to smoke about twice as much of these small buds if you want to experience the same type of effects that are provided by top-shelf weed. If you’re fine with lighter effects, though, this is the cannabis for you since it won’t get you as high as usual.

How long does Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls last?

High-tolerance THC users may find the effects of these low-potency, small buds to begin petering out after around 30 minutes. Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls will provide longer-lasting effects for light or infrequent users of THC.

Especially when combined with other buds, this compact 7g bag of small-grade cannabis nugs may last as long as a month. Just aim to use up the bag within 90 days for optimum freshness.

Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls expiration

Cannabis buds generally expire after around one year, and Surprise Party THCA Smalls may become unusable somewhat faster than that due to their small size and existing level of dryness. What’s more, containing considerably less THC than average means that the potency degradation that occurs over time will be noted more rapidly in these smalls than it would be in higher-potency cannabis. Expect THCA buds of this grade to be unusable six months after manufacture at most. 

Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls use journal

Get a better idea of what it is like to smoke Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls with this seven-day use journal:

Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls after 1 day

  • Attractive little buds
  • The grade is definitely not as high
  • Good mix of purple, green, and lime-green buds
  • All are dense and frosty, no low-grade popcorn
  • Great deal for weed that’s almost as good as normal
  • A bit more throat burn, and the high is not as potent
  • That’s what to expect from smalls, though
  • The smalls got me high for a good half-hour from one bong rip
  • I’ve smoked around three Smalls bowls altogether at the end of the day

Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls after 3 days

  • I’ve mixed in some smalls every time I wanted to get more out of a particular strain
  • I’ve also smoked plenty of smalls on their own
  • It definitely isn’t my favorite kind of weed
  • It doesn’t get me as high
  • As a way to save money, though, these smalls are excellent

Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls after 7 days

  • After smoking close to 10 bowls in my bong, I still have around half my bag of smalls left
  • This product hasn’t been mind-blowing, but it’s been very useful
  • Whenever you want to spend less on getting high, keep these smalls under consideration

Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls use tips

These THCA smalls from Secret Nature are very easy to grind up. Due to their small size, they fit between the teeth of an average grinder without needing to break them up by hand first.

If you want a certain high, try grouping smalls by appearance. Generally, indicas will be darker and have purple on them. Sativas, on the other hand, are more lime-green, and their orange hairs are more apparent. There’s no way of knowing you’ve found a match without experiencing the effects first, but this way, you can at least narrow down the effects you’re likely to experience.

There’s no type of smoking that doesn’t work with Secret Nature THCA Smalls. Whether you want to roll a small joint, a monster blunt, or smoke them in a bong or pipe, the consistency of these buds is varied enough to fit any circumstance. Just remember that the results are unpredictable and the high will likely be less intense than what you’re used to.

What are Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls best for?

I can think of a few situations in which Secret Nature Surprise Party THCA Smalls might be perfectly ideal:

  • An actual surprise party or something like it in which a large amount of weed is needed to fill blunts or pass around
  • When you want to have a volume of weed to smoke on demand and you don’t care much about quality
  • You want to make other cannabis last longer by mixing in some smalls

As you can see, these small buds are far from just being “the cheaper option.” They won’t be the first choice of most smokers, but there’s no reason they have to be the last either.

Reviewer’s notes

There are a few reasons smoking my Surprise Party THCA Smalls thrilled me to no end. First, I was surprised by how much I like not knowing what I’m smoking. Opening up that bag of random weed and looking inside is unexpectedly exciting.

I also like that I’m putting what’s essentially a waste product to good use. As a former cannabis grower, I hated leaving behind perfectly good buds that were too small to sell. Actually, I smoked those buds more than I hated them, but I digress.

Whether you just don’t want to spend a lot on weed or whatever reason you may have, don’t hold back from trying Secret Nature THCA Smalls. This isn’t popcorn weed — it’s a budget, surprise bag of nugs that would be top-shelf if they were just a little bigger.

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