Secret Nature THCV Disposable Review

Published March 16, 2022
Secret Nature THCV Disposable Review - Secret Nature

You may think you’ve tried it all, but THCV is a different animal entirely. A THCV Disposable Vape Pen was included in my latest Secret Nature care package, and I was immediately stunned by the unique effects of this powerful-yet-subtle cannabinoid.

In this review, brush up on the basics regarding THCV, and learn my thoughts regarding the design, quality, and convenience of the Secret Nature THCV Disposable Vape Pen. While this innovative offering has some catching up to do in some categories, it provided a highly convenient experience that was mind-blowing overall.

What is THCV?

Tetrahydrocannabidivarin (THCV) is a variant of THC that has subtly different effects. Unlike delta 8 or delta 10, in which the modification is in the main carbon “head” of the molecule, THCV features an additional “tail” that is not present in the normal THC molecule. As a result, there can be delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, or even delta 11 forms of THCV, but the delta 9 form is the most common.
For the most part, the effects of THCV are the same as those offered by THC. I was struck by the unique head high provided by this cannabinoid, however, and the much-touted digestive effects were also keenly noticed. Prepare for a uniquely rewarding experience if you’ll be trying THCV for the first time in the form of a Secret Nature disposable.

What is a THCV disposable vape?

Secret Nature’s recently released line of disposable vape pens includes a THCV option. Disposable vape pens are vapes that contain the battery and tank all-in-one: There’s no need to change the cartridge even though these particular disposables are conveniently rechargeable.

THCV is still a relatively rare cannabinoid, so it isn’t common to find it in a disposable vape. When included in a disposable vape pen, however, the benefits of THCV are more potent and convenient to access than when this cannabinoid is included in practically any other type of product.

Secret Nature THCV Disposable Vape overview

You have a basic idea of what a THCV disposable is, so now we’re ready to jump into my detailed review of the Secret Nature THCV Disposable Vape. I absolutely loved this compact, discreet vape even if it burned my throat a little bit after a while.

First impressions

From the outside, there’s nothing to indicate this vape contains THCV instead of delta 8, CBD, or another cannabinoid—which was a bit of a problem for me, so I labeled it “THCV” in gold Sharpie.

I received the Sour Diesel THCV disposable, by the way. This cannabinoid is also available in a disposable vape in Payana, which I’m excited to try next.

Secret Nature’s disposable vape packaging is excellent and easy to get into, and the vape itself is sleek, sexy, and feels good in my hand. I especially appreciate the small silicone “cork” stuck into the mouthpiece that guaranteed my vape hadn’t been tampered with.


The Secret Nature Disposable Vape has changed my mind about disposables in general. I always thought disposable vapes caused a lot of waste since the battery often died before the tank was empty. The Secret Nature Disposable Vape, however, is rechargeable, entirely eliminating this problem.

I thought the design was excellent in all other ways as well. The one suggestion I’d make is some sort of label on the device itself to help users differentiate the THCV Disposable Vape from other Secret Nature disposables they may have bought.

Battery life

I got more than halfway through the tank before the hits started feeling weak. When I plugged the vape into a standard microUSB port to charge, it was done and ready to go within 20 minutes. Overall, I’d say the battery life for this vape is excellent.

Extract quality

This vape is harsher than other Secret Nature vapes I’ve tried. During the early days of a cannabinoid coming to the market, extraction and conversion methods are often unreliable. I remember in the beginning, Secret Nature’s delta 8 vapes were harsher too.

As THCV becomes more popular and the industry stabilizes, I expect Secret Nature THCV extract to cause less throat burn. With that said, even Secret Nature’s THCV vape is smoother than most vapes I’ve tried from other brands.


Nothing beats disposable vapes when it comes to convenience. This vape is almost small enough to entirely hide in my fist, and it completely disappears the moment I slip it into my pocket.

Unlike some other vapes I’ve tried, this disposable doesn’t leak or clog when it goes on its side, making it an ideal pocket rider. Just be prepared to pick lint out of the mouthpiece.

Secret Nature THCV Disposable Vape flavors

The Secret Nature THCV disposable vape pen comes in two different terpene profile options: Sour Diesel and Payana. I’ve only tried the Sour Diesel option so far, which I found to be delicious and true to its namesake. From what I understand, Payana is an indica strain that’s just as delicious.

What are the effects of THCV?

I found the effects of THCV to be quite unique. From my first hit, I felt a relatively powerful high that I attribute to the distinct chemical structure of THCV cutting through my tolerances to other forms of THC.

To be honest, vaping THCV disrupted my digestion at first. Later, though, it seemed to help me digest even though I personally did not note any impact on my appetite. Over the next week, I’d reach for my THCV vape for an extra boost to my daily cannabinoid routine and also as an aid to my digestion.

Does THCV get you high?

Yes, THCV gets you high, and the high this THC variant provides is like no other I’ve ever experienced. Perhaps also partially due to the Sour Diesel terpenes with which it was paired, I found THCV to have highly cerebral effects that made me feel slightly dissociated or even silly. Overall, I was a big fan of how THCV made me feel, and I’d like to try it again.

Is THCV a stimulant?

No, neither THCV nor any other substance found in cannabis is a stimulant. In some people, THCV is known to cause a perceptibly stimulating effect, but this is not due to any actual stimulation of the central nervous system. Future research will help reveal the exact mechanisms behind THCV’s apparently stimulating properties.

Can THCV help you lose weight?

Some people have reported that using THCV helped them lose weight, a position somewhat supported by limited scientific research. It’s too soon to say whether THCV shows any legitimate promise as an appetite-suppressant, however, despite my personal experience of this cannabinoid significantly impacting my digestion.

What is the best THCV disposable vape?

The best THCV disposable vape comes with lab tests, has plenty of reviews, and tastes good enough to go down smoothly as a daily vape. Even though this product just launched, the Secret Nature Disposable Vape already has more than 50 five-star customer reviews, and each option within this product line has been third-party lab tested to ensure safety and potency.

Are THCV disposables safe?

There’s no indication that THCV poses any more dangers than any other cannabinoid. Some cannabinoids, including THC, have been noted to cause relatively serious side effects under some circumstances. It appears practically impossible, though, to overdose on cannabis compounds, and THCV is not reported to cause any negative effects despite having now attained a significant degree of popularity.

Disposable vapes, though, vary significantly in terms of quality. Some might even contain dangerous ingredients used in nicotine vapes like PG and VG. The Secret Nature THCV Disposable Vape, though, only contains naturally converted THCV distillate combined with genuine cannabis terpenes. As a result, it offers the highest-possible degree of safety in a cannabis vape.

How can I buy THCV?

THCV products are now widely available online. You can buy THCV products at and have them shipped to all 50 states. Shipments from Secret Nature arrive quickly and discreetly, and Secret Nature THCV distillate offers higher potency and quality than any other option on the market.

Is Secret Nature THCV safe?

We don’t know enough about THCV yet to make any claims regarding its relative danger or safety. The safety of any vaporized cannabinoid is increased, however, when you only use vapes that contain simple, natural ingredients.

Secret Nature cannabinoid extracts are derived from indoor-grown, organic hemp plants. The only ingredients added to Secret Nature vapes are genuine cannabis terpenes, which add flavor without compromising on quality or safety. In every way possible, Secret Nature vapes offer the highest degree of quality available in a vape product.

Is Secret Nature CBD reputable?

Yes, Secret Nature is among the most reputable CBD hemp flower companies on the internet. With 10,000+ customer reviews, independent lab tests for every product, and the highest-quality processes and ingredients available, it’s no surprise that Secret Nature’s THCV offerings are held in just as high regard.

The THCV industry is newer, so quality can sometimes be low. Secret Nature’s disposable THCV vape blew my expectations out of the water, however, and provided me with a glimpse of everything this unique cannabinoid can offer.

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