Secret Nature Vape Is the Perfect Addition to Your Vape Shop

Published October 19, 2020
Secret Nature Vape Is the Perfect Addition to Your Vape Shop - Secret Nature

Finding products that sell through reliably and offer impressive margins isn’t easy. The life of a vape shop owner is filled with countless shelf-space decisions, and it takes a lot to be convinced that a new product deserves to join your list of SKUs.

As countless vape shops around the country have learned, however, Secret Nature brings unprecedented value to the CBD vape game, and our organic, crystal-resistant, lab-tested cartridges offer impressive value. Learn how Secret Nature vape cartridges will outperform your expectations and deliver incredible ROI.

Demand for CBD vape cartridges continues to rise

If your shop doesn’t already feature CBD vape cartridges, it should, and there’s no better way to capture this market than with Secret Nature vape products. The CBD market could reach $20 billion by 2024, and it’s growing by more than 20% every single year. An increasing number of vape consumers are turning to CBD, and an increasing number of CBD consumers are starting to use vape cartridges for enhanced benefits. As interest in nicotine declines, the popularity of CBD only continues to rise, making now the ideal time to capitalize on this mounting trend. 

The Secret Nature brand has unparalleled recognition

Among the CBD vape brands on the market, Secret Nature has more recognition than practically any competitor. While Secret Nature isn’t the only company that makes CBD vape cartridges, we’re one of the only CBD flower brands to branch out into this sector of the market, helping customers associate Secret Nature with inhalable CBD products.

We aren’t just known for making CBD vape cartridges—we’re universally recognized for producing high-quality, remarkably impressive CBD products. The moment that customers catch a glimpse of our iconic, black-and-gold packaging, they anticipate a CBD vaping experience that transcends the norm to provide unparalleled results.

Secret Nature vape cartridges raise the bar

There are quite a few ways that CBD vape cartridges go the extra mile to deliver repeatable results that customers can count on. Here are a few of the most impressive attributes of our CBD vape products: 

1. Live resin extract

Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges feature organic hemp extract and added cannabis terpenes that have been extracted from flash-frozen, fresh hemp flowers. The resulting extract, called live resin, perfectly preserves the structure that terpenes take on when they’re at their prime, resulting in extract that smells stronger and tastes more delicious than anything else on the market.

2. Crystal-resistant

We use a proprietary process to make our vape cartridges fully crystal-resistant without adding any additional ingredients. This means that your Secret Nature vape cartridges will sit on the shelf for months at a time without crystallizing or becoming less vapable. Savvy vape customers are on the lookout for crystal-resistant CBD vape cartridges, increasing the allure and sell-through of Secret Nature vape products.

3. Rare cannabinoids

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid Secret Nature offers in vape cartridge form. We were recently proud to announce our new ∆8-CBC cartridges, which feature a balanced blend of ∆8 THC and cannabichromene (CBC), two rare cannabinoids with incredible potential benefits. While similar to ∆9 THC, ∆8 THC doesn’t share it’s cousin’s intoxicating side effects, and it’s molecularly distinct from ∆9 THC. Cannabichromene has been researched for its potential neuroprotective and pain-fighting attributes, and a greater number of consumers are becoming aware of the unique attributes of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid.

4. Sustainable, organic production

At Secret Nature, we aren’t content just to make a profit. We want to do things the right way, which is why we take such great pains to ensure that every aspect of our vape cartridge production process is sustainable and organic. We use the best genetics to cultivate our indoor-grown, toxin-free hemp plants, and we use solvent-free CO2 extraction to derive our vape cartridge extracts. Our high-quality, organic hemp vape cartridges are the result of this unprecedented commitment to excellence, and your customers will be able to taste the difference.

5. High-quality hardware

As we crafted our vape cartridges, we knew that we wouldn’t be satisfied with the cheap, junky hardware that has flooded the market. Instead, we took the time necessary to source high-quality, reliable vape batteries and disposable cartridges. From their glass tanks to their durable mouthpieces to their stainless steel bodies, Secret Nature vape cartridges look and feel like they come from the best possible stock.

6. No fillers or additives

There’s no reason to add unnecessary substances to hemp vape cartridges—especially in today’s vape-skeptical environment. Just like you, we’re fully aware that there’s nothing inherently harmful about vape cartridges, but consumers have learned to only trust vape cartridges that are all-natural and that don’t contain any additional ingredients. Secret Nature hemp vape cartridges are guaranteed to only contain natural hemp extract and added cannabis terpenes—nothing more.

Secret Nature packaging is elegant and alluring

Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges are packed with the best hemp extract ever produced. Customers glancing through your shelves, however, won’t be able to determine this fact from a simple look alone. Instead, what draws customers in initially is the way that a product presents itself, and at Secret Nature, we have the aesthetics on lock.

While other hemp vape cartridges look generic or unenticing, the packaging wrapped around Secret Nature vape cartridges is sleek, beautiful, and appealing. One of the most basic ways that our packaging draws eyes and stands out from other products on your shelf is with its highly contrasting, black cardboard base, but what truly seals the deal is our gold-embossed lettering and graphics.

Consumers automatically associate gold with wealth and luxury, and black packaging is undeniably sexy and sophisticated. The way that our vape cartridge packages look on the shelf is enough to convince customers to ask for a closer look, and once a customer has laid hands on a Secret Nature vape cartridge box, they’ll never let go.

On every box, we contain detailed information on the product that’s inside, and if a customer wants to know more, all they’ll have to do is whip out a smartphone and scan the QR code on the bottom of the package. Doing so will lead them to the product’s page at, which features detailed product information, customer reviews, and third-party lab tests that they can reference.

Impressive products and even more impressive margins

Secret Nature vape cartridges are impressive enough to deserve your attention, but we aren’t asking you to put our cartridges on your shelf out of a sense of charity. There’s a lot in it for you—starting with the impressive margins we provide with every single sale. When you work with Secret Nature, you’ll make as much from a vape cartridge sale as we do, which provides you with the bandwidth you need to thrive in these troubling times and expand your offerings.

There are also passive benefits to stocking Secret Nature on your shelves. As soon as you make your first order, you can get the word out with the hashtag #secretnature, and both new and existing Secret Nature customers will seek out your store just to stock up on our critically renowned hemp vape products. While they’re at your store, you’ll have plenty of chances to profit even further by upselling additional products and building relationships that will lead to repeat business.

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