Top 7 Reasons to Buy Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin

Published May 18, 2021
Top 7 Reasons to Buy Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin - Secret Nature

Secret Nature’s live resin has been around for a while. I’ve only gotten around to trying it recently, however.

This CBD-rich live resin comes from Secret Nature hemp plants processed by massively respected live resin producer Dr. Endo. The result is the purest, best-smelling, and sweetest-tasting live resin I’ve ever dabbed.

I’m not much of a dabber these days, but that might change after trying Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin. If so, I’ll need to upgrade that old bong-style dabber and electric nail I dug out of the garage to write this review.

1. It comes in a cool Dr. Endo box

I have to admit it — I prefer my live resin concentrate in a disposable vape cartridge. Yes, it’s wasteful, and yes, I significantly lose out in temperature and overall session control.

But, it’s so dang convenient.

So, I’m a little unfamiliar with concentrate packaging these days. Last time I was into dabs, they usually came in little silicone or ceramic containers that were prone to mushing or leaking at the drop of a hat.

I found something completely different once I opened my Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin box.

2. The concentrate is in an aesthetically pleasing child-proof container

I’ve never seen a concentrate container like this. Maybe I’m just less of a cannabis savant than I thought, but I’m pretty sure this packaging is a step (or three) above the average dab container.

The base seems like it's made from ivory, but in reality, it’s the same type of glass or ceramic used to make ashtrays and similar heavy-duty, durable items. To open the container, you push down on the cap, which is plastic, and twist.

Even now, I find myself picking the container up off my desk and reflexively opening and closing it when I stop for breath. It’s actually that much fun to hold and play with — not to mention it keeps your concentrate safely away from prying eyes and hands.

  • One of the most beautiful concentrate containers I’ve come across
  • Simple, ergonomic child-locking function
  • White design
  • Solid glass or ceramic base with plastic cap

3. It’s one of the best-looking extracts I’ve ever seen

So, there’s the container. Then, there’s when you open the container.

The smell actually isn’t very noticeable until you get your nose up close to the extract. In sheer looks, though, this CBD concentrate puts most THC live resin to absolute shame.

It looks ephemeral, like a dewdrop on a daffodil growing on Mount Olympus. If they had dabs in the Garden of Eden, this is what they looked like.

  • Comes in two largish chunks
  • Almost iridescent hemp nectar
  • Extremely clear and light
  • Like the most delicate whipped frosting
  • Reminiscent of caramelized sugar in texture
  • Leaves an impressive aroma on your fingers after handling

4. It has an amazingly rich aroma and flavor

They weren’t kidding about the sour part. I’ve tried Sour Kush before, but in THC flower form — and long ago. I remember the strain being sour, but not like this.

It’s an overpowering cacophony of sour notes that invades your nostril like a mariachi band that starts striking up a lime-zesty tune. Weirdly enough, to me this strain smells and tastes just like a certain brand of frog-shaped chewy candies I remember eating (very misguidedly) as a child.

The brain is strange how it conjures aroma associations like that. I wonder what you’ll smell when you break open a gram of Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin.

  • Extremely sour
  • Reminds me of frog-shaped chewy candies

5. Top-notch CBD dabs

Well, it’s time to get dabbing. To be honest, I felt a little dirty dabbing this amazing concentrate in an older, low-tech dab rig. I’ve been eyeing the Puffco Peak, but so far, I can’t justify the expense.

If you really want the connoisseur experience, however, expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for your rig. Based on what I personally experienced, that’s probably the only way you can do a gram of Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin justice.

The flavor is just like the aroma. It feels like a cloud of vaporized sour gummy worms has just enveloped your head — the whole experience is so potent and tasty that it verges on the phantasmagorical.

  • Very clear and pure distillate
  • Amazingly potent aroma
  • The cleanest taste I’ve ever enjoyed in live resin

6. Instant effects that hit harder with big dabs

I would never even try to deny that dabbing gives you more control and allows you to blow bigger, smoother clouds. It’s just not usually my cup of tea — but from time to time, I do like taking a big rip just like I did in the good ol’ days.

Cleaning out my bong and e-nail, I heated the nail to around 375°F. At this temperature, the clouds produced were relatively weak but immensely tasty.

Cranking things up to around 400°F, I noticed a marked improvement in vapor density without much of a dent in flavor. You can vape live resin at temperatures as high as 500°F, but at that point, you’ll lose out significantly in flavor and texture.

  • Crank up your lungs for this one
  • But, keep your nail at low temperature for the best flavor
  • Sweet zone: 375°F - 425°F

7. Yet another flawless product

It’s been a while since I considered myself a “dabber,” but I couldn’t have asked for a better gram of concentrate for getting back in the habit. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never tasted live resin this good simply because I’ve never felt like shelling out the $90-$120 a gram of equal quality would cost in a THC dispensary.

Seriously, everyone. This is remarkably affordable live resin for the quality. It inadvertently reminds you of the insane degree to which prices in medical and recreational cannabis markets are jacked up by taxes.

Nope, nothing negative to say about Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin at all. For lovers of live resin, it’s a flawless extract, and for lovers of CBD, this is a way to use your favorite cannabinoid you will never, ever forget.

  • Packaging and labeling: 5/5
  • Texture: /5
  • Flavor: /5
  • Effects: /5
  • Duration of effects: /5
  • Overall score: /5

Who is it good for?

Well, you need a dab rig or a portable dab pen (NOT a vape battery/pen). Sure, you could cook your Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin into food too, but that would utterly defeat the purpose of live resin’s amazing flavor.

Dabbing is no walk in the park for newbies. You might end up wasting a lot of your gram if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For connoisseur consumers of extract, however, this little white jar is a gold mine of possibilities. Whether you go the high-tech route with Apple-like options such as the Puffco Peak or you heat your glass nail with a torch, these are the best CBD dabs money can buy — on the internet or elsewhere.

Secret Nature Sour Kush Live Resin FAQ

Let’s clear up any lingering questions you might have about Secret Nature Sour Kush:

1. Is Sour Kush indica or sativa?

Sour Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid. In my experience, this strain delivered solidly hybrid effects that were far too peppy and cerebral for a true indica. The smell and flavor of Sour Kush truly take center stage, however, with the effects being less expressive of the strain’s uniqueness.

2. Is live resin dangerous?

Anything can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Compared to other concentrates, however, live resin is usually safer since extractors take more care in producing it. Still, it’s possible to make live resin using hydrocarbon or ethanol extraction, so stick with CO2-extracted live resin if you want the cleanest, safest product.

3. How long does live resin stay in your system?

The cannabinoids present in live resin can remain in your system in trace amounts for between three and 30 days after ingestion. Live resin is no different from other cannabinoid concentrates in this way.

It’s the cannabinoid, not the type of extract, that matters. That, and the frequency and dosage at which you have ingested the cannabinoid in question.

4. How much CBD to vape?

That’s up to you. Scientists still haven’t found any significant side effects of CBD, and this cannabinoid has been clinically indicated as well-tolerated in doses up to 1500mg per day. Simply experiment until you achieve a daily balance that’s in tune with your body’s unique needs.

5. What wattage to vape CBD e-liquid?

Generally speaking, any product branded as “CBD e-liquid” will be low-quality and potentially dangerous. You’re better off with “CBD vapes,” “CBD distillate,” or “CBD dabs.” Live resin is universally considered to be the most flavorful and purest form of CBD vape extract.

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