Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow CBD Flower

Published June 13, 2020
Ultimate Guide to Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow CBD Flower - Secret Nature

Dense, frosty colas, and bright, refreshing aromas unite to make Mr. Rainbow a CBD flower strain unlike any other. We’ve offered this cultivar at for quite some time now, but no matter how many other strains we breed, Mr. Rainbow remains a top pick among our staff and our customers.

The incredible popularity of our Mr. Rainbow CBD flower, which boasts more than 22% CBD, incentivized us to grind up the nugs this strain produces and offer it in pre-roll form as well. Whether you like vaping at home, smoking with friends, or taking pre-rolls with you on the go, this ultimate guide to Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow has everything you need to know about one of our most famous CBD flower strains.

Strain origins

Here at Secret Nature, our expert breeders have experimented with practically every Cannabis sativa cultivar under the sun. After dozens of different crosses, it’s possible to take even the most intoxicating cannabis strains and make them test at under 0.3% THC while still retaining many of their desirable qualities.

Somewhere along our journey as a brand, our quest to develop the best CBD-rich strains under the sun landed on Mr. Rainbow. This strain is unlike anything we’ve produced before or since, and despite the similar name, Mr. Rainbow bears no relation to Rainbow Kush, a popular high-THC cultivar.

No, Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow is entirely unique, and its high CBD concentration, delicious terpenes, and brightly-colored buds speak to our expertise as cannabis cultivators and our absolute dedication to our craft. Every single Mr. Rainbow nug is grown organically and trimmed by hand, which unlocks this strain’s inner beauty and passes its benefits on to our customers most effectively.

Terpene profile

Mr. Rainbow has a relatively typical terpene profile for a hybrid strain, but it's how these aromatic oils are intertwined that gives this cultivar such a pleasing bouquet and rich taste. Every time you crack open a Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow nug, you’re treated to aromas of fresh-baked cookies and distinctive cannabis haze, and these flavors evolve in your mouth as you inhale the oils in this strain as vapor or smoke. To give you an idea of how Mr. Rainbow achieves these sense-scintillating effects, here’s some information on a few of the terpenes this cultivar contains:


This terpene is present in almost every Cannabis sativa strain, and myrcene has a characteristically “dank” smell that it shares with mangoes and lemongrass.


Pinene is also present in pine trees, and this terpene smells just like fresh pine sap. In addition to its unique aroma, pinene also appears to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.


Caryophyllene has a spicy taste, and it’s responsible for the spicy aroma that’s present in Mr. Rainbow and so many other hemp strains.


Humulene is quite common in hemp strains, and it’s similar to caryophyllene both in aroma and in the effects it exerts. This terpene is found in hops and certain types of deciduous trees.


Like pinene, guaiol also smells like pine, and it’s also found in pine trees. This terpene has a more floral scent, however, and it’s more common in tropical types of pine.

Customer reviews

Since it was one of the first CBD flower strains to ever offer more than 22% CBD, it’s no surprise that Mr. Rainbow has achieved such an impressive cult following among Secret Nature customers. Since we started offering this strain at, Mr. Rainbow has amassed over 120 reviews, and the vast majority of these customer reviews are either four-star or five-star. To give you an idea of why our customers love Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow so much, we’ve arranged a sampling of the reviews this strain has accumulated in this section:

Mr. Rainbow CBD Flower

George D. shares his thoughts by telling us that “Mr. Rainbow is an excellent smoke that is smooth and relaxing,” and Nicholas L. says that he had been “getting the pre-rolls that are awesome,” but he switched to our Mr. Rainbow nugs for the larger sizes offered. Sally S. reports that she is using Mr. Rainbow because she is “battling the aches and pains of intense immunotherapy treatments,” and Miguel C. tells us that this strain is “sticky, well-trimmed, dense and tasty.”

Mr. Rainbow CBD Pre-Rolls 7-Pack

Erin H. reports that she would “definitely recommend” this product and that she intends to purchase it again. Amanda B. gives her opinion of Mr. Rainbow with the following: “Good taste, well rolled.” Even better, Felicia G. says we “hit the mark” because Mr. Rainbow provides the “perfect balance of ‘let’s get this done’ & ‘but be chill about it.’”

Mr. Rainbow CBD Pre-Rolls 2-Pack

Since this 2-pack version of our ultra-popular Mr. Rainbow is brand-new, it doesn’t have any reviews yet. We invite you to click the link above, try this pre-rolled product that comes in a hermetically-sealed tube for yourself, and report back with your findings!

When and how to use Secret Nature, Mr. Rainbow

The pot of gold you’ll find at the end of Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow is the beauty and potency of this CBD flower strain itself. Like anything in life, however, Mr. Rainbow only provides the best results when you use it the right way, so in this section, we’ll describe the best ways, places, and times to get the most out of this incredible cultivar and everything it has to offer.

When to use Secret Nature, Mr. Rainbow

As a hybrid strain, it’s appropriate to use Secret Nature, Mr. Rainbow, at any time of the day and for any reason. The mixture of terpenes in this cultivar won’t make you excessively relaxed, and they also won’t make you overly energetic. On the contrary, Mr. Rainbow provides a balanced, level experience that makes it perfect to use right when you get up in the morning, during a break after lunch, or even when you’re winding down before bed.

How to use Secret Nature, Mr. Rainbow

There are dozens of different ways that you can use Mr. Rainbow CBD flower. You can grind up the beautiful, multi-colored buds this cultivar produces and put them in a vaporizer, you can smoke Mr. Rainbow in a bong, or you can simmer this strain in your favorite oil to make delicious, non-intoxicating edibles. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try making Mr. Rainbow into a homemade topical balm or cream.

Why you’ll love Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow

Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow has something to offer to everyone regardless of what your ideal CBD flower strain might be. This dense, frosty flower has balanced effects, it smells amazing, and it has an incredibly high concentration of CBD.

When you include the minor cannabinoids that Mr. Rainbow packs in addition to CBD, this strain offers more than 24% total cannabinoids, which means that it won’t disappoint even the most seasoned hemp connoisseur. We offer Mr. Rainbow in tons of different sizes, and you have your choice between loose buds and pre-rolled CBD joints. We’re sure you’ll find an option that’s to your liking—pick one of the products we’ve listed above, add it to your cart, and start enjoying Secret Nature Mr. Rainbow today!

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