Using Delta 8 and CBD Together — A Complete Guide

Published May 30, 2021
Using Delta 8 and CBD Together —  A Complete Guide - Secret Nature

First there was CBD. Now there’s delta 8, too, and these two cannabinoids are fusing together to reshape the face of the hemp industry as we know it.

Alone, both CBD and delta 8 THC are formidable natural compounds. Combined, however, these two constituents of industrial hemp take on entirely new attributes and powers.

If you’ve ever been confused about CBD, delta 8, what they do, and how they work together, all the answers are here. Dive into our in-depth guide to using CBD and delta 8 together.

The basics — identifying cannabinoids & establishing effects

The best place to start is the beginning, as they say:

— What is CBD? — 

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid naturally found in Cannabis sativa. Until a couple of decades ago, CBD was thoroughly overshadowed by THC.

Recently, however, breeders have started putting together strains of cannabis that are just as high in CBD as the highest-grade weed is in THC. As a result, CBD is now plentiful and easy to produce, leading to the boom in industrial hemp that has so dramatically reshaped the conversation surrounding cannabis in our country.

— What is delta 8? — 

Delta 8 is a wild thing. A party crasher. But, it has a heart of gold.

This analogue (variant) of delta 9 THC affects your brain slightly differently, but it’s essentially the same thing. The reason it’s suddenly all over the internet is the specific verbiage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Essentially, this law specifies that any cannabinoid other than delta 9 THC naturally derived from Cannabis sativa is industrial hemp, not marijuana. Yes, this even applies to compounds that are essentially copies of THC.

What matters is that they’re chemically distinct. So, delta 9 and delta 8 aren’t the same thing from a legal perspective.

— How does CBD affect you? — 

CBD generally affects you by imparting a feeling of relaxed, blissful calm. You won’t feel high — instead, you might feel like you just drank a strong cup of chamomile tea or recently stepped out of a long, warm bath.

What’s amazing about CBD is that scientists still haven’t found that it has any serious side effects. After so much research, this lack of evidence essentially indicates that CBD might be side effect-free, but we’ll have to wait and see.

People use CBD for lots of different conditions. They often use CBD flower specifically to help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep
  • General enjoyment of life

— How does delta 8 affect you? — 

Delta 8 basically affects you the same way as delta 9. Everyone at Secret Nature has puffed on a lot of delta 8, and we have to say that personally, it feels like a parallel universe’s version of THC.

You aren’t in for the experience you’re used to with CBD. Delta 8 is another animal entirely, and you should be more cautious when using this close cousin to delta 9.

At the same time, no significant side effects of delta 8 THC have been discovered either. The company that’s manufacturing your delta 8 probably matters more in the end than the properties of the cannabinoid itself.

CBD + ∆8 = ?

Okay, you have a basic idea of the stories behind CBD and delta 8. Now, what happens when you stick them together?

— What happens if you use CBD and delta 8 together? — 

Using CBD and delta 8 together will feel a lot like combining CBD with delta 9. These cannabinoids are very similar, after all, and CBD and THC have a fascinating dynamic regardless of the THC variant in question.

Basically, CBD will reduce your high, and delta 8 will boost the euphoria you experience with THC. Secret Nature reviewers agree — it’s very pleasant to combine CBD with delta 8. They don’t note any serious side effects either.

— Do CBD and delta 8 interact? — 

They might. Scientists have found that CBD and delta 9 THC interact in the sense that CBD appears to reduce THC’s ability to bind with your CB1 receptors, the main neuroreceptors responsible for THC intoxication.

We don’t know for sure yet, but since delta 8 is so similar to delta 9, it’s likely that a similar interaction takes place.

— Is using delta 8 with CBD dangerous? — 

Not as far as we know. To be clear, we don’t even know if CBD is strictly safe yet, so we certainly can’t provide any assessments of using CBD and delta 8 together.

What we can say, however, is that picking a good manufacturer makes all the difference. Even if both CBD and delta 8 are inherently safe, they can become dangerous when combined with pesticides and other toxins.

What is the best way to use delta 8 and CBD together?

We’ve devised the world’s two best ways to use delta 8 and CBD together at Secret Nature. One of them takes CBD flower and combines it with CBG flower bred to be naturally high in delta 8 THC and THCV.

The other adds extra delta 8 to this same combination. Allow us to introduce Super Spectrum and Delta 8 — the ultimate answers to the problem of using CBD and delta 8 together.

Secret Nature Super Spectrum

Available in pre-roll 2-packs and 7-packs, Secret Nature Super Spectrum represents the pinnacle of minor cannabinoid breeding. The only hemp blend to contain all-natural concentrations of delta 8 pushing 1%, Super Spectrum is a sign of things to come.

Secret Nature Delta 8

Yep, we spray delta 8 on CBD buds too. We just do it better than the other guys.

Starting with a base of Secret Nature indoor-grown, organic, naturally delta 8 boosted CBD and CBG buds, we add a layer of the finest, purest, and best-sourced D8 isolate currently available.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. And then, do what they do — but way better.

Using delta 8 and CBD together — the bottom line

What are the best ways to use CBD and delta 8 together? We have a few simple tips you can use to find out:

— Do your research —

Nobody is asking you to trust CBD and delta 8 on faith alone. Any trustworthy hemp manufacturer would strongly encourage you to do your own research into the safety and effects of using CBD and delta 8 both alone and together.

— Trust the science — 

You’ll find that there are lots of studies about CBD and a few into delta 8. There isn’t a lot to go off of, but there’s certainly science there for you to reference as you determine how CBD and delta 8 might interact and whether they’re safe to take together.

— Ask your doctor — 

CBD is still a new thing, and delta 8 is even newer. Savvy physicians (and especially those of the more naturopathic variety), however, are becoming hip to the potential benefits of cannabinoids — even cannabinoids like delta 8 that couldn’t be called strictly non-intoxicating.

CBD and delta 8 FAQ

Let’s wrap things up with some of the CBD + delta 8 questions that have the internet buzzing:

1. Does CBD have delta 8?

Some CBD products do contain delta 8. This cannabinoid can be added artificially or allowed to reach high concentrations naturally via selective breeding.

Secret Nature Super Spectrum is one of the only examples of a hemp strain that naturally contains high concentrations of D8. In most CBD products, though, delta 8 is only available in negligible concentrations.

2. Are delta 8 and CBD the same thing?

Definitely not. These compounds both come from the same plant, but that’s where the similarities end.

CBD and delta 8 affect your body differently, and they have very different chemical structures. As long as they’re naturally occurring in cannabis, however, both delta 8 and CBD fall outside the federal government’s definition of “marijuana.”

3. Is delta 8 safe?

We don’t know. What we know for sure is that there are lots of opportunists out there making the worst D8 products possible just to make a quick buck.

They sense that delta 8 regulation is coming, so they’re trying to get rich before the walls close in. At Secret Nature, though, we’re taking the responsible approach by gradually breeding Cannabis sativa strains with high concentrations of ∆8 — not cramming delta 8 isolate into PG vape cartridges and charging $100 a pop on Instagram.

4. What is the best delta 8 website? is the best and safest place to buy delta 8 online. As the internet’s favorite CBD flower producer, Secret Nature is renowned for its superb quality and endless dedication to producing excellent hemp flower.

This artisanal, indoor-grown approach applies to our delta 8 products just as much as it applies to our CBD lineup. With scammers and shady products everywhere, stick with quality to enjoy the best experience.

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