What Are Cannabis Diamonds?

Published August 01, 2023
What Are Cannabis Diamonds? - Secret Nature

Cannabis diamonds have recently flooded the THC market, but hardly anyone seems to know exactly what they are. What, exactly, makes cannabis diamonds different from other types of THC concentrate, and why should you try diamonds the next time you need to stock up on some dabs? Find the answers in the following guide.

Cannabis diamonds overview

  • Cannabis diamonds are extremely potent (99%+ THCA in many cases)
  • They consist of purified THCA, not THC
  • THCA converts to THC when heated
  • While very similar to shatter, diamonds are different in key aspects
  • Cannabis diamonds are generally considered to be the most potent extract in existence
  • They are also very pure and retain small concentrations of terpenes
  • Cannabis diamonds can be made using many different methods
  • The primary difference is that cannabis diamonds are not decarbed or winterized since they are intended for dabbing

Cannabis diamonds definition

What is a cannabis diamond? The term “cannabis diamond” refers to a very specific type of THCA extract derived from fresh-harvested cannabis plants. It goes through many of the same purification processes that are applied to other types of cannabis extracts, but the resulting concentrate contains as much as 99.9% THCA, taking on a yellowish, diamond-like form when extracted properly.

Cannabis diamonds vs. other extracts

To better understand what cannabis diamonds are, let’s compare them to five other popular types of THC extracts:

What is the difference between shatter and diamonds?

Diamonds and shatter are more similar than diamonds are to any other type of cannabis extract, but still, there are considerable differences. Shatter is always eligible to be included in edibles, for instance, since it contains decarboxylated THC, not THC acid (THCA).

Made using the same process of winterization used to make most types of cannabis extracts involving solvents, shatter also suffers from the flavor and denaturing issues that plague these conventional extract types. Cannabis diamonds, by contrast, are considerably less-processed — at the cost of containing non-activated THCA, not THC.

The difference is generally moot. THCA diamonds are usually ingested in methods involving sufficient application of heat to trigger decarboxylation, after all, so the THCA in diamonds is essentially THC under most reasonable circumstances. 

What is the difference between crumble and diamonds?

Crumble and diamonds are pretty different. Like most other types of cannabis extract aside from diamonds, crumble consists of decarboxylated THC, for instance, not THCA. This is because crumble is made using the same process used to make shatter, wax, or any other extraction method involving decarboxylation or winterizing.

These two types of cannabis extract are also quite different in terms of potency. Crumble is not considered to be a particularly high-potency cannabis extract, and it rarely contains more than 50% THC. Compare that to the 99%+ THCA present in diamonds.

What is the difference between sauce and diamonds?

In the cannabis industry, “sauce” usually refers to a low-cannabinoid, high-terpene cannabis extract that is often combined with diamonds to add more flavor. Consider sauce to be essentially the opposite of diamonds: Where diamonds contain almost all THCA and hardly any terpenes, sauce is very high-terpene although it usually contains only trace amounts of cannabinoids.

Things get confusing since some types of liquid-y cannabis extract consisting of terpene sauce combined with diamonds or another type of extract are also called just “sauce.” Technically, though, sauce is just the terpene-rich extract used to make diamonds or other forms of cannabinoid isolate more palatable (and potentially more potent)

What is the difference between diamonds and live resin?

Live resin is a type of lightly purified cannabis extract removed from buds directly after harvest. In the timing of its extraction from cannabis buds alone, live resin is very similar to diamonds. Where live resin is only lightly processed, though, diamonds are purified to the extent that, essentially, only THCA remains.

What is the difference between diamonds and rosin?

One method of creating cannabis diamonds involves making rosin first, but the two types of cannabis concentrates are very different. Loosely, “rosin” describes any type of cannabis extract that is made using only heat and/or pressure. Some types of rosin manufacture don’t involve any heat, and it’s this type of rosin that is sometimes made into THCA diamonds.

In terms of potency, however, there’s no comparison between diamonds and rosin. Similarly to live resin or crumble, rosin is only lightly processed, so it can only contain a maximum of around 50% THC.

How do you use cannabis diamonds?

For the THCA in cannabis diamonds to become THC, you must ingest diamonds using a method that involves the application of heat. There are a few options at your disposal, including dabbing or adding diamonds to flower. We’ll explore these options in detail below:

Can you hit cannabis diamonds with a dab rig?

Yes, hitting cannabis diamonds with a dab rig is the most popular way to use this ultra-concentrated form of THC. Doing so can be tricky at first, but just follow this simple tip: Heat your dab pick using the nail of your e-rig or a torch before sliding it into a diamond and melting off a dose.

This technique is something of an art, but once you get the hang of the right temperature and timing, sliding off a dab of diamonds is just as easy as covering your pick with oil or wax. Then, just allow the dab a moment to cool and solidify so it doesn’t slide off the pick, and apply it to your dabber.

Can you put cannabis diamonds in a vape pen?

Yes, hitting cannabis diamonds in a vape pen or a portable dabber is one of the easiest ways to use this type of extract. If the chamber in your vape is large enough, you can simply drop an entire diamond in there and hit it over the course of a few dabs. Just make sure your vape is fully charged before use for smooth, clean hits.

Can you add cannabis diamonds to flower?

Yes, it’s possible to top bowls of flower with cannabis diamonds, but consider crushing the diamonds between two cards or using a similar method. Then, you can sprinkle the “dust” on a bed of flower instead of trying to smoke a hard rock in the center.

Alternatively, you can get a dab pick hot, slide it into a diamond, and slather the melted diamonds on the outside of a joint before allowing the dab to cool. Smoking diamonds in flower is tricky, but it can be worth it.

How long does it take cannabis diamonds to kick in?

All methods of inhaling cannabis diamonds offer roughly similar activation times: approximately 30 seconds to five minutes. If you choose to bake THCA diamonds into edibles or otherwise orally ingest them (remember to activate first), their effects should be felt after around 30-45 minutes. Generally speaking, cannabis diamonds don’t kick in any faster or slower than other types of cannabinoid extracts.

How long do cannabis diamonds get you high for?

Cannabis diamonds are known for both the potency and longevity of their high — with many users reporting that THCA diamonds keep them intoxicated for 90 minutes to two hours from a single dab. There certainly seems to be something to the idea that cannabis diamonds offer unusually long-lasting effects, but it isn’t quite as clear which specific biochemical processes might be at play.

The bottom line: Should I try cannabis diamonds?

Cannabis diamonds offer a level of potency and purity that simply can’t be achieved with anything aside from isolate. While isolate THC doesn’t contain any terpenes or other beneficial trace compounds, though, THCA diamonds are more natural in that they feature a wider medley of cannabis substances.

It might not seem important, but there’s also an aesthetic dimension of THCA diamonds that’s fully worth exploring. These hard, translucent rocks of THC are beautiful to behold, and they look even more beautiful when dabbed. Try cannabis diamonds today to experience the phenomenon for yourself.

Cannabis diamonds FAQ

Learn more about cannabis diamonds below:

How do you know if cannabis diamonds are high-quality?

The best way to determine if cannabis diamonds are safe and high-quality is to consult independent lab reports provided for the specific batch of products you are considering. Most reputable companies that sell cannabis diamonds either online or in cannabis-friendly states provide these lab reports in a prominent way online, accessible either by the product page or a QR code on the product itself.

Things to look for include a full screen covering cannabinoids, terpenes, and contaminants. It’s preferred if actual detected contaminant counts are provided as opposed to a simple “pass/fail” setup.

Are diamonds stronger than live resin?

Yes, cannabis diamonds are most certainly stronger than live resin. In live resin, a considerable portion of the extract is left aside for terpenes and other portions of the plant while diamonds consist of near-pure THCA. Cannabis diamonds feature at least 99% THC while live resin shouldn’t contain more than around 60% total cannabinoids.

Are diamonds or rosin stronger?

Diamonds are definitely stronger than rosin since they consist of at least 99% THCA. Rosin might feel stronger in some cases, though, due to its high terpene content. Unless they are combined with sauce (reducing their potency), cannabis diamonds contain hardly any terpenes at all, resulting in a somewhat bland taste and reducing the potential impact of the entourage effect.

Can you buy THCA diamonds online?

Yes, it is often possible to buy THCA diamonds online since they primarily contain THCA, not THC. Federal law is somewhat unclear on the subject, but it certainly appears to be the case that delta-9 THC (“THC”) is the only substance still strictly considered to be “marijuana” under the 1971 Controlled Substances Act. Hemp producers have taken this interpretation as their cue to begin offering THCA products on the internet, sometimes going so far as selling pure THCA crystals online.

What does “CBD diamond mean?”

A CBD diamond is the same as a THCA diamond except that it is extracted from hemp plants that are bred for CBD instead of THC. Technically, CBD diamonds contain CBDA instead of CBD. As is the case with THCA, though, CBDA converts to CBD when heated. Users report that CBD diamonds offer better experienced potency than other types of CBD extract at the cost of containing essentially zero terpenes.

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