What Are Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridges?

Published November 15, 2021
What Are Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridges? - Secret Nature

You’ve probably heard by now that CBD extracts are usually classified as either isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum. What does full-spectrum mean when it comes vapes, however, and specifically, what does it mean when a CBD vape cartridge is full-spectrum?

Find the answers in this guide, and along the way:

  • Learn the benefits of live resin
  • Find out if full-spectrum CBD carts get you high
  • Discover the best full-spectrum CBD vapes on the market

What is a full-spectrum CBD vape?

A full-spectrum CBD vape is a vape cartridge that contains full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. Including CBD, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial substances, full-spectrum vape cartridges offer improved effects and better flavor than other types of vapes.

Can full-spectrum CBD be vaped?

Only vape a full-spectrum CBD product if it is specifically described by the manufacturer as being designed for vaping. Never vape a full-spectrum CBD tincture because tinctures contain lots of ingredients that should never enter your lungs.

What does it mean if a CBD vape cartridge is full-spectrum?

If a CBD vape cartridge you’re looking at online is listed as “full-spectrum,” that means it contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in hemp flower, including trace amounts of delta 9 THC. For comparison:

  • Broad-spectrum CBD vapes contain the entire spectrum of hemp aside from delta 9 THC
  • Isolate CBD vapes only contain CBD with no other cannabinoids present in measurable quantities

What does full-spectrum mean in carts?

Both CBD and THC vape cartridges can be listed as “full-spectrum,” and this term means roughly the same thing in both cases. Whether your cannabis vape cartridge contains high concentrations of CBD, delta 8, CBG, or any other cannabinoid, it’s full-spectrum if it contains the complete entourage of minor cannabinoids and terpenes that naturally accompany all dominant cannabinoids in cannabis flower.

What are live resin CBD vapes?

If a CBD hemp vape cartridge is listed as containing live resin, that means it contains terpenes removed from the cannabis plant prior to drying and curing. As cannabis buds age, they oxidize, reducing the flavor and aroma of terpenes. By capturing terpenes at their peak, live resin tastes better and offers improved benefits compared to other types of CBD hemp extract. 

Are full-spectrum CBD vapes live resin?

If a CBD vape cartridge is described as containing live resin, it is also, by definition, full-spectrum. Live resin extract captures the full, unoxidized spectrum of terpenes present in living cannabis flower, and full-spectrum CBD vapes contain all the cannabinoids that hemp flower expresses.

Not all full-spectrum CBD vapes contain live resin terpenes, though. Some low-quality full-spectrum vapes might even contain non-hemp flavorings and other additives, so carefully read all available ingredient information before purchasing.

How does full-spectrum CBD make you feel?

If you’ve only used isolate CBD products before, full-spectrum CBD might feel considerably stronger. Most CBD users report that full-spectrum hemp products provide a richer, more enjoyable sensation that lasts longer. Each terpene and cannabinoid present in hemp flower has unique benefits, and combined, these benefits appear to become more than the sum of their parts.

Why does full-spectrum CBD make me feel high?

Since they only contain trace amounts of intoxicating cannabinoids, full-spectrum CBD products shouldn’t make you feel high. The increased effectiveness of full-spectrum CBD compared to other types of CBD extracts, though, can take some new users by surprise to the extent that they feel momentarily overwhelmed. Within a few moments, though, the familiar relaxing effects of CBD will rise to the fore.

Does full-spectrum CBD have side effects?

Overall, the potential side effects of CBD are considered to be very mild, and there’s no reason to believe that using CBD in its full-spectrum form would cause any new side effects to manifest. On the contrary, all the available evidence indicates that CBD becomes more effective when paired with its natural entourage of terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

If you’ve experienced side effects from using CBD before, it’s possible that the particular product formulation you used, not CBD itself, is to blame. CBD hemp flower is the most natural form of CBD product available, and smoking or vaping hemp flower often has a way of introducing CBD users to the full benefits of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid for the first time.

You can vape CBD hemp flower with a desktop vape like the Volcano Classic or with a handheld dry herb vape pen. Consider picking up a full-spectrum CBD hemp vape cartridge at the same time to explore the unleashed effects of CBD from multiple angles.

Will I fail a drug test if I vape full-spectrum CBD?

Since full-spectrum CBD contains up to 0.3% delta 9 THC, it’s technically possible to fail a drug test for THC after using a full-spectrum CBD hemp product. Generally speaking, though, you would need to use quite a lot of full-spectrum CBD to ingest enough THC to register on a drug test.

If you are regularly drug tested for occupational or other reasons, check with the party requesting the tests before using CBD hemp flower. In some cases, the fact that you’re using hemp and not marijuana might make a difference.

What is the best full-spectrum CBD vape?

To be considered the best full-spectrum CBD vape, a hemp vape cartridge must:

  • Contain the best full-spectrum CBD extract combined with live-resin cannabis terpenes and no other added ingredients
  • Come with dozens (preferably hundreds) of positive customer reviews
  • Be easy to learn more about from information posted online and the timely assistance of customer service professionals

Secret Nature full-spectrum CBD hemp vape cartridges have more reviews, and they feature better ingredients. With new strains and cannabinoids being added all the time, Secret Nature full-spectrum vapes are always evolving.

What’s the strongest CBD vape you can get?

Secret Nature CBD hemp vape cartridges generally contain 70-80% total cannabinoids, making them the strongest full-spectrum CBD vapes you can buy on the internet. Boosted with live resin cannabis terpenes, Secret Nature vapes taste amazing and deliver great effects.

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