What Are Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs?

Published July 11, 2022
What Are Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs? - Secret Nature

New ways to use cannabinoids are emerging all the time. Not so long ago, people thought that THC was the only cannabinoid worthwhile to use. All that has changed now, and the world of cannabis has found itself in the midst of yet another transformation.

The question of proper cannabis dosing has stumped scientists and regulators for quite some time. Meanwhile, THC products have only become more potent, raising more concerns. New to the scene is microdosing, the purposeful practice of only taking very small amounts of substances that would usually be intoxicating.

THC is something you can microdose now, and the potential benefits are incredible. Learn why you should microdose delta 9, and find out why Secret Nature’s new Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs offer the most benefits of any available option.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is when you only use a small amount of a substance you would usually ingest at a much higher dose. There is no official definition of a “microdose,” but it’s generally agreed that any dose of a substance consisting of less than 1/10th of its usual potency fits the term’s criteria.

Can you microdose cannabinoids?

Yes, you can microdose cannabinoids, which come from the cannabis plant and consist of substances like THC, CBD, and delta 8. Microdosing has mainly been limited to psychedelic compounds until now, but with the advent of cannabis microdose products, all that changed. People who have tried microdosing THC and other cannabinoids often report results that exceeded their expectations and — in some cases — even exceeded the benefits of a normal dose.

Can you microdose delta 9 THC?

Yes, it’s possible to microdose delta 9 THC regardless of where you live in the country since THC microdose products contain less than 0.3% delta 9. They therefore usually qualify as industrial hemp products, making them the same as CBD tinctures or capsules from a regulatory perspective.

What are the effects of microdosing THC?

Microdosing THC might provide you with a light sense of peace, euphoria, or bliss that nonetheless does not interfere with daily activities or result in intoxication. People use microdoses of THC to relax without getting high.

Does microdosing THC get you high?

No, microdosing THC will not get you high. Of course, it’s possible to use THC products meant for microdosing in amounts higher than the recommended dose, potentially resulting in intoxication. Keep in mind that you’ll be ingesting high amounts of the other ingredients present in microdose THC products, potentially resulting in unwanted effects.

Are delta 9 microdose products legal?

Delta 9 microdose products are generally considered legal to sell online and ship across state lines since they contain less than 0.3% THC. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis products containing less than 0.3% THC are generally considered industrial hemp, a class of products without any meaningful commercial restrictions. This means you should feel free to buy microdose THC products online wherever you might live in the United States.

Can you buy delta 9 microdose products online?

Yes, a wide variety of different delta 9 THC microdose products are available online. As long as these products contain less than 0.3% THC, they are usually considered industrial hemp, essentially removing all meaningful restrictions on their sale. Wherever you might be located in the country, you can go online, order hemp microdose THC products, and have them delivered to your door.

What are the best delta 9 microdose products?

The most popular types of delta 9 microdose products are gummies, capsules, and tinctures. Delta 9 microdose gummies and capsules have to be quite large to ensure they contain compliant percentages of THC, however, and you likewise have to ingest high concentrations of microdose THC tincture to experience the desired effects.

Tablets are a relatively untapped portion of the microdose THC market that offer a lot of benefits. Microdose THC tablets are easy to infuse with other ingredients, and unlike other products, microdose tablets feel smaller while remaining easy to chew up and swallow.

Introducing Micro THC

Micro THC represents today’s most elegant and technologically sophisticated way to microdose THC. Featuring 1.25mg delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol per tablet, Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs by Secret Nature contain 30 tablets per bottle with a suggested serving of 2.5mg THC.

Boosted with terpenes from the strain Fruity Pebbles OG, these THC microdose tablets are designed to offer blissful effects while also imparting the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms like lion’s mane, chaga, and reishe — 100mg each per serving. Also present in each serving are 5mg CBD and CBG to enhance the entourage effect, and 100mg each of inositol and tyrosine are included to promote cell and brain health.

With a base ingredient of ceremonial-grade matcha powder, Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs are infused with quality through-and-through. You’ll learn more about the benefits of these revolutionary tablets as we continue.

Benefits of Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs

Let’s take a close look at everything Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs bring to the table:

— Chewable

Like microdose THC gummies, these tabs are chewable. Unlike gummies, though, they don’t contain sweeteners, thickeners, and other ingredients that only become more undesirable when you ingest them at higher quantities.

— Simple ingredients

Aside from the main active ingredients, all a Micro THC tablet contains is cellulose, stearic acid, and magnesium stearate. Nothing that will mess up your diet or interact with your medications.

— Legal THC concentration

Every single Secret Nature Micro THC tab is guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC. As a result, these tablets are industrial hemp, not marijuana.

— CBD & CBG added

The presence of CBD and CBG alone would have been enough to make these tablets great. Combined with THC, the CBD and CBG in Micro THC tablets offer the entourage effect even more fully, resulting in improved potency.

— Powerful natural substances

While these tablets are notable for their THC, that’s far from the only beneficial substance they contain. From terpenes to adaptogens, Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs are packed with ingredients to help you shine.

— Cannabis terpenes

The strain-specific terpenes in these tablets come from Fruity Pebbles OG, a cultivar that was specifically bred to offer uplifting, euphoric effects. At a ratio of 4:1 when it comes to dosage, terpenes are actually quite a bit more abundant in Delta 9 Microdose tabs than THC.

— Ceremonial-grade matcha

Made with the youngest leaves of the matcha green tea plant, ceremonial-grade matcha has a lighter flavor and more energizing effects than culinary-grade matcha, which has been allowed to mature. As a result, ceremonial-grade matcha is the perfect fit for energizing Micro THC Bliss tablets.

— Adaptogenic mushrooms

Adaptogens are substances that have been recognized for their ability to help the body adapt to stressors, and lion’s mane, chaga, and reishe are believed to be among the most powerful adaptogenic mushrooms. Each mushroom is included in 100mg doses for maximum effectiveness.

— Tyrosine

An essential component in the production of neurotransmitters, tyrosine is often used for neurological health. In servings of 100mg, tyrosine is unleashed to help your brain process cannabinoids even better.

— Inositol

Your body uses inositol, a type of sugar, to construct cells. This substance also affects mood and is used for cognition, providing an overall boost to each Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tab.

What other Micro THC products are available?

Want to branch out from delta 9? The Micro THC line also includes delta 8 and THCV tabs that feature the same ingredients but different terpenes and forms of THC. Whether you’re searching for the flow state or are in need of a focusing force in your life, Micro THC has you covered.

Try Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs today

Cannabis keeps proving to be more complex than we realized — both in itself and in our usage of it. Pot smokers of the Baby Boomer generation were completely content to roll up 10% THC weed into doobies, but these days, Millennial cannabis users turn their noses at THC vape carts containing THC concentrations under 80%.

In the same way, the scientific establishment’s headlong inquiries into the potential usefulness of synthetic THC have been forced to reckon with massive interest in all-natural, non-intoxicating CBD and CBG. Complexifying the puzzle even further, people are now happily using cannabinoids in concentrations last decade’s science would have called ineffective.

Secret Nature’s Micro THC tablet line is simply the next natural step in the cannabis industry’s evolution. Today’s cannabinoid consumers want to use exact forms of cannabinoids in precise quantities, and THC microdose tablets give them that power. Let’s keep exploring the mystery of cannabis — this time with microdosing.

Delta 9 Microdose Tabs FAQ

Curious about the finer points of this new product? Check below for answers to frequently asked questions concerning Micro THC.

1. What do Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs taste like?

Flavored with ceremonial-grade matcha and Fruity Pebbles OG terpenes, Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs taste something like tropical green tea. All of the flavoring in these products is natural, and customers indicate that they’re quite tasty.

2. How do you use Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs?

We recommend that you take two Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs for a serving of 2.5mg THC as needed. Simply place the tablet in your mouth and chew it thoroughly, allowing it to dissolve before you swallow.

3. What are the ingredients in Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs?

A full list of the active ingredients present in Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs includes:

  • Delta 9 THC
  • CBD
  • CBG
  • Tyrosine
  • Lion’s mane
  • Chaga
  • Reishe
  • Fruity Pebbles OG cannabis terpenes
  • Inositol

The only other ingredients present in these simple, chewable tablets are:

  • Matcha powder
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Stearic acid
  • Magnesium stearate

4. Do Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs have any side effects?

The substances present in Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs are not known to have any significant side effects when used in suggested quantities. Consult with your doctor before use if you have any concerns.

5. Where can I buy Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs?

Delta 9 Microdose Tabs and other Micro THC microdose products are available via Secret Nature at Offering fast, free shipping and responsive customer service, Secret Nature is the best THC microdose brand on the internet.

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