What Are Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs?

Published July 21, 2022
What Are Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs? - Secret Nature

There’s THC, and then there’s THCV. You can take either intoxicating cannabinoid in a microdose or macrodose, but these two forms of THC are hardly the same.

With Secret Nature’s new Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs, you can explore the potential benefits of THCV like never before. You don’t have to get high to enjoy everything this type of THC has to offer, and in this guide, learn all you need to know about this subtly satisfying new cannabinoid product.

What does microdosing do?

Microdosing delivers the same effects as a normal dose (macrodose) of a substance, but the intensity is greatly diminished. If THCV usually makes you feel focused and a little bit intoxicated, for instance, it would be reasonable to expect to also feel focused after a THCV microdose even if the intoxication is notably absent.

Can you microdose cannabis?

Yes, you can microdose cannabinoids, the primary active ingredients in Cannabis sativa. Doing so will not make you feel intoxicated in any way, but it might deliver the benefits of cannabinoids just as fully but in a subtler fashion than you’re accustomed to.

What are the effects of microdosing THCV?

When you microdose THCV, you may feel slightly uplifted or more focused than usual. When used in normal concentrations, THCV provides a sense of intoxication that, while less intense than normal THC, definitely counts as a “high.” You won’t experience this effect when microdosing THC, though.

Does microdosing THCV get you high?

No, taking a microdose — generally considered to be less than 1/10th of a normal dose — of THCV will not get you high or cause any intoxication whatsoever. An average microdose of THCV consists of around 2.5mg, and if you take any more than that, you might start to experience mild intoxication.

Are THCV microdose products legal?

As long as they contain less than the designated THC threshold, THCV microdose products are usually not treated as the illegal drug marijuana. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, most hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC are considered to be industrial hemp, a category of legal (if largely unregulated) products sold online and by various brick-and-mortar retailers around the country.

Can you buy THCV microdose products online?

Yes, THCV microdose products containing less than 0.3% delta 9 THC are now available on the internet. THCV remains a relatively rare cannabinoid even in normal doses, however, so your options for THCV microdose products are likely to be slim. Make sure to do plenty of research to choose the right product.

What is the best type of THCV microdose product?

Most of the THC and THCV microdose products on the internet are gummies or tinctures, which are both far from ideal for microdosing. Gummies have to contain thickeners and sweeteners that you end up consuming in massive concentrations when you take THCV microdose gummies. With tinctures, it can be difficult to use an accurate dose, potentially making you use more than a microdose on accident.

Get to know Micro THC

Making microdosing simple and easy, Secret Nature’s new Micro THC line only includes the ingredients needed to deliver the desired benefits effectively and efficiently — no flavorings, fillers, or unnecessary substances. Including 1.25mg THCV per tablet, these microdose tabs are designed to be taken two at a time for a total microdose of 2.5mg.

Featuring beneficial natural health ingredients and boosted with genuine cannabis terpenes derived from the strain Strawberry Banana, these tablets deliver much more than just a microdose of THCV. Not only does each serving of Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs also contain CBD and CBG, but it also includes plenty of other natural substances that may make cannabinoids more effective.

With a base of curcumin-containing turmeric powder, these tablets only have three inactive ingredients and feature 30 tablets per bottle. Within the Micro THC line, our THCV Microdose Tabs are specifically targeted toward improving concentration and focus.

Benefits of Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs

What makes Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs so great? Let’s explore the benefits of this cannabinoid microdosing product in detail:

— Easy to chew

No more messing with tincture droppers or jawing through a mouthful of gummies. These tablets are lightweight, slightly sweet, and they start melting in your mouth the moment you begin chewing.

— Natural ingredients

There’s nothing nasty here. Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs are packed to the brim with beneficial, natural substances, but they don’t contain any sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

— Less than 0.3% THC

Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs always contain less than 0.3% THC, the threshold under which the federal government generally considers a cannabinoid product to be hemp instead of marijuana. That’s what makes it so easy to buy these microdose tablets online.

— CBD & CBG added

In addition to THCV, each serving of Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs also contains 5mg each of CBD and CBG. Some scientists believe that using multiple cannabinoids at once provides the entourage effect, potentially improving the benefits of microdosing THCV.

— Boosted with terpenes

Micro THC THCV tabs contain terpenes from the strain Strawberry Banana, which tastes just like its name. These genuine, strain-specific cannabis terpenes don’t only have an excellent flavor — just like cannabinoids, adding terpenes to THCV might enhance its effects.

— Turmeric powder base

The main ingredient in the base of these THCV tablets is turmeric powder, which is renowned for its potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Imparting these tablets with a delightfully light, spicy taste, the curcumin in this turmeric powder makes Micro THC THCV Microdose Tablets even stronger.

— Adaptogenic mushroom blend

Lion’s mane, chaga, and reishi. Those are the three adaptogenic mushrooms blended into each new Micro THC microdosing product by Secret Nature. Believed to boost your immunity, fight inflammation, and improve your overall quality of life, the adaptogens included in each Micro THC THCV Microdose Tab take the benefits of THCV to an entirely unprecedented level. 

— Includes inositol and tyrosine

Inositol and tyrosine are substances your body produces naturally to improve brain and cellular health. Included in Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs to make them even more effective, these natural substances bring a whole array of additional benefits to the table.

What other Micro THC products can I try?

THCV isn’t the only type of THC at your disposal as you explore everything Micro THC has to offer. Try the Micro THC Delta 9 Microdose Tabs and Micro THC Delta 8 Microdose Tabs as well to get a full idea of everything you can experience by taking microdoses of THC. Delta 8 Microdose Tabs are designed to promote flow throughout your day, and Delta 9 Microdose Tabs are designed to provide a light feeling of euphoria or bliss.

Experience Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs today

Often called “weed lite,” THCV remains a relatively unknown variant of THC that users believe imparts energizing or focus-promoting properties. Even when used in a macrodose, THCV won’t get you as high as regular THC, but it’s believed to be more stimulating.

Sit back, relax, and sample the distinct benefit palette provided by microdosing THCV. As you allow two Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs to dissolve in your mouth and make their way through your system, you’ll start experiencing the benefits of THCV combined with energy-boosting properties of curcumin, adaptogenic mushrooms, and sativa terpenes.

There’s a lot THCV and other forms of THC can do, but there’s very little these cannabinoids can do on their own. Boosted with the presence of non-intoxicating cannabinoids, adaptogens, and other supplements, THCV takes its proper place in the puzzle of natural health. Try Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs today for a very subtle — yet profoundly rewarding — new way to explore the benefits of cannabis.

THCV Microdose Tabs FAQ

Not sure which new Micro THC product to try? Learn more about THCV Microdose Tabs in this FAQ to make an informed decision:

1. What do Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs taste like?

Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs mostly taste sweet and slightly spicy. The main flavoring ingredients in these simple, natural tablets are turmeric and Strawberry Banana cannabis terpenes, leading to a highly intriguing combination of culinary notes.

2. How do you use Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs?

We recommend that you take two Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs as needed for a total dosage of 2.5mg THCV per serving. It’s perfectly fine to take additional tabs every 2-3 hours after the effects have worn off, but taking more than two THCV Microdose Tabs at a time could result in intoxication.

3. Which ingredients do Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs contain?

A full list of ingredients present in each of Secret Nature’s new Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs includes:

  • 2.5mg THCV THC
  • 5mg CBD
  • 5mg CBG
  • 10mg Strawberry Banana cannabis terpenes
  • 100mg tyrosine
  • 100mg inositol
  • 100mg lion’s mane mushroom
  • 100mg chaga mushroom
  • 100mg reishi mushroom

In addition to these active ingredients, Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs also include a base of turmeric extract, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, and magnesium stearate.

4. Do Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs have any side effects?

The substances present in Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs — including THCV — are not widely known to have any significant side effects. Check with your doctor if you’re concerned about the potential of interactions with any medications you’re currently using.

5. Where can I buy Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs?

The best place to buy Micro THC THCV Microdose Tabs or any other Micro THC products is, Secret Nature’s official website. The new Secret Nature Micro THC line is gradually making its way to third-party retailers around the country, but you’ll always get the best product variety and customer service when you buy directly from the source.

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