What Are the Best CBD Gummies for Pain?

Published November 08, 2022
What Are the Best CBD Gummies for Pain? - Secret Nature

At their best, CBD gummies are delicious, potent, and as good for you as anything that sweet and tasty could ever be. They cover up the potentially undesirable flavor of CBD-rich hemp extract, and the right CBD gummy can even add a bit of brightness to a dull, pain-filled day.

To truly experience everything CBD gummies have to offer as a tool for managing pain, though, you’ll need to choose the right product. In this guide, learn the characteristics of a high-quality CBD hemp gummy, and then become acquainted with three deliciously different flavor varieties you should try.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are sugary jellies that contain high concentrations of CBD-rich hemp extract. Usually flavored to taste like fruit, CBD gummies can contain a wide variety of grades of ingredient quality. As a result, it’s necessary to carefully examine the ingredients list of any CBD gummies you might come across on the internet.

What do CBD gummies do?

The most important ingredients in CBD gummies, of course, are the cannabinoids and terpenes, which provide the majority of the beneficial effects derived from CBD-rich hemp extract. Compared to cannabinoids with their profound, scientifically researched benefits, terpenes might seem like nothing more than glorified aromatic and flavoring ingredients.

Combined with cannabinoids, however, the individually limited benefits of terpenes are unleashed to trigger the entourage effect, a form of synergy that researchers believe may make cannabinoids more powerful. The right CBD gummies combine CBD, minor cannabinoids, and terpenes into one delicious medley featuring all-natural ingredients and limited sweetening.

Research into CBD gummies & pain

Why do people believe CBD gummies are useful for pain? To start, the potential of CBD to help with pain has been researched a lot over the last few years. An evidence review from 2020, for instance, found that CBD “imparts analgesia in certain conditions,” which means it is sometimes observed to help with pain.

The following year, a scientifically conducted survey found that 59% of people who used CBD for pain experienced the results they were looking for. More than a third (67.6%) were also able to reduce their daily intake of pain medication after using CBD. Those who use CBD, at least, seem convinced that it’s useful for pain.

What types of CBD gummies are there?

CBD gummies range from candies that would look at home in a drug store or gas station to gourmet edibles featuring the best live-resin extract money can buy. Generally, CBD gummies can be separated into “conventional” and “all-natural” groups with all-natural gummies featuring ingredients like cane sugar, tapioca syrup, and organic fruit juice for coloring and flavoring.

Conventional CBD gummies, on the other hand, feature ingredient lists filled with unpronounceable names and surefire warning signs like “RED#40.” You’d be surprised how frequently corn syrup is still used as a sweetener, and non-vegan forms of gelatin are just as lamentably common in low-end CBD gummies.

Do terpenes change how CBD gummies work?

Despite making an obvious match, CBD brands have only recently started including terpenes in their gummies. As the substances that naturally result in the delicious flavors and aromas of cannabis and many other plants, adding terpenes to CBD gummies makes them tastier, and it’s also likely to make them more effective due to the entourage effect.

Just as they do in cannabis flower, terpenes make CBD gummies take on the specific characteristics of the strains from which they were extracted. A CBD gummy with Cherry Kush terpenes will provide powerful indica effects, for instance, despite not containing any substantial concentrations of THC. CBD gummies with Super Lemon Haze terpenes, on the other hand, have energizing, uplifting effects regardless of CBD’s naturally soporific properties.

Are live resin terpenes better?

You shouldn’t just add any old terpenes to CBD gummies. To make sure you get the most out of your terpenes, they should be offered in the form of live resin extract, which is removed from cannabis buds right after harvest — before oxidation can set in. Not only do live resin terpenes taste better, but they’re also believed to be more effective.

What are the best CBD gummy strains for pain?

Now that you know just how profoundly the strain a terpene profile was lifted from can alter the effects of CBD gummies, which CBD gummies sold online contain the terpene profiles necessary to help you overcome chronic pain? We’ll cover the top three options below:

#1) Peach Ozz Live Resin CBD Gummies

First, a note about cannabis strains and pain: Most people who use cannabis in general for pain report that they prefer balanced indica-sativa hybrids for daytime use since they provide the most powerful effects without being overly soporific. As an acclaimed hybrid strain, Peach Ozz is an ideal choice for a terpene profile to include in CBD gummies.

Why you’ll love Peach Ozz CBD gummies for pain

Based on extensive evaluation by our customers and staff, Secret Nature Peach Ozz Live Resin CBD Gummies are agreed to offer excellent, balanced effects for daytime use while also tasting more delicious than practically any other CBD gummies on the market. If you’re looking for CBD gummies for pain, try Peach Ozz before any other Secret Nature flavors.

#2) Cherry Kush Live Resin CBD Gummies

Hybrids are all well and good for daytime use, but when you’ve completed your checklist for the day and it’s time to get ready for sleep, you might prefer the ultra-relaxing effects of a thoroughbred indica like Cherry Kush. These are the tastiest and strongest indica CBD gummies you can buy online.

Why you’ll love Cherry Kush CBD gummies for pain

Commonly used by people combating insomnia, Cherry Kush is no strain to underestimate if there’s anything you still want to get done today. People suffering from chronic pain often report that eating a couple of Secret Nature Cherry Kush Live Resin gummies right before bed helped them sleep through the night pain-free.

#3) Strawberry Cough Live Resin CBD Gummies

In its THC form, Strawberry Cough is beloved due to its powerfully stoney effects. While the high associated with Strawberry Cough doesn’t carry over with its terpenes, you’ll still enjoy the wonderfully fruity taste with that slight peppery kick that has elicited coughs after so many bong rips.

Why you’ll love Strawberry Cough CBD gummies for pain

Sometimes, you’ll naturally want to overcome the energy-sapping effects of chronic pain enough to properly seize the day. When that time comes, even strongly sativa-leaning strains like Strawberry Cough can be appropriate — especially when offered in the form of all-natural, organic Secret Nature Strawberry Cough Live Resin CBD Gummies.

How do you choose the best CBD gummies for pain?

You shouldn’t simply trust what anyone has to say about the quality or safety of their pain-related CBD gummy products. Instead, make sure to:

  • Check the ingredients list. Natural, organic ingredients are a plus, and processed or unpronounceable ingredients are red flags.
  • Look for lab reports. High-quality, reliable CBD gummies come with batch-specific, third-party lab reports.
  • Contact customer service if you have any concerns about a product. The way in which their team responds will tell you a lot about both the product and the brand that makes it.

Summary: What is the best CBD gummy for chronic pain?

If you’re looking for a good all-around CBD gummy that you never have to think about again, Peach Ozz Live Resin CBD Gummies are probably a good shot. There will always be those times, however, when you want to feel either peppier or chiller than normal, in which case you might want to rely on either indica or sativa-leaning strains instead. Just make sure to choose a high-quality and reliable brand, and you’re set.

Best CBD gummy for pain FAQ

Learn more about taking CBD gummies for pain below:

1. Do CBD gummies work for pain?

Based merely on anecdotal testimony provided by people who have tried using CBD gummies for chronic pain, it certainly appears that a great many individuals have experienced relief after trying CBD gummies. Research into using CBD for chronic pain continues, which goes to show that scientists think this potential application of CBD is promising enough to explore further.

2. How long does it take CBD gummies to kick in for pain?

On average, CBD gummies take around 30-45 minutes to activate in full. You may start feeling the preliminary effects of CBD gummies after just 20 minutes, but it’s also common to not feel the CBD gummies you took for a full hour.

3. How many CBD gummies should I eat for pain?

Most people take 1-2 CBD gummies a few times every day when they’re combating chronic pain. The dosage of CBD in your gummies makes as much of a difference as the number of gummies you take, though — two 10mg gummies contain less CBD than one 25mg gummy, for instance.

4. What time of day should CBD gummies be taken for pain?

If you’re fighting back against chronic pain, it’s likely that you’ll want to take CBD gummies multiple times throughout the day, not just once. Most chronic pain sufferers take CBD gummies 3-5 times per day with doses spaced around three hours apart.

5. How long do CBD gummies last for pain?

Most users who experience relief from pain after using CBD gummies report that the benefits they experienced lasted for around three hours. For habitual users, CBD might wear off slightly faster, but the effects of CBD gummies can also last for more than five hours.

6. Are there any negative effects of taking CBD gummies for pain?

One of the best things about CBD is its very favorable side effect profile. Most people who use CBD for chronic pain report that the only noticeable side effect is sleepiness.

7. How much do CBD gummies for pain cost?

CBD gummies generally cost between $25 and $50 per package, with factors like dosing, flavoring, and ingredients leading to significantly varying prices. In general, you should expect a gummy product containing 500mg CBD to cost around $30, though CBD gummies that contain higher-quality ingredients can sometimes command a higher price. To find out if a CBD gummy product is worth the money, compare it to a few major competitors in terms of price, potency, and ingredient quality.

8. Does insurance cover CBD gummies?

No, most health insurance plans do not cover CBD products, including CBD gummies. Since CBD is not provided on a prescription basis and is still associated with cannabis, insurance companies usually won’t cover the cost to buy CBD gummies. Even so, it is worth checking with your insurance provider since some jurisdictions have put economic relief systems in place for cannabis purchases.

9. Do CBD gummies help with high blood pressure?

There is some evidence that taking CBD gummies might impact your blood pressure. Since high blood pressure can be caused or exacerbated by excessive intake of sugar and other sweeteners, though, you’ll need to choose your product carefully if you intend to use CBD gummies specifically to tackle your blood pressure problem.

Make sure to choose a CBD gummy product that does not contain any artificial or highly processed sweeteners, and also ensure your choice only includes organic or all-natural ingredients. It also may be worth considering types of CBD products that are not ingested, such as CBD vapes and flower.

10. Do CBD gummies lower cholesterol?

To our knowledge, there is no clinical evidence indicating whether CBD has any impact on cholesterol levels. If CBD does lower your cholesterol, CBD gummies are one of the least-ideal products to choose due to the presence of sweeteners and other unnecessary substances that might negatively impact your cardiac health.

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