What Are the Best H4CBD Products?

Published September 27, 2022
What Are the Best H4CBD Products? - Secret Nature

H4CBD is no longer just an obscure cannabinoid listed in chemical manufacturer catalogs. It’s now an active component of a growing number of consumer products sold online, and this cannabinoid has unique benefits that could — with time — make it just as popular as CBD.

What kinds of H4CBD products are there, and how do you choose the best one? We’ll answer those questions and more in this in-depth guide to the various H4CBD products you might be able to buy online.

What is H4CBD?

H4CBD is a chemically altered form of CBD that appears to have considerably higher affinity for your brain’s CB1 receptors. This form of CBD is made via hydrogenation, the same process used to make hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Essentially, four hydrogen atoms are added to the chemical structure of CBD, resulting in the entirely new substance H4CBD. The process of hydrogenation does not, however, involve any dangerous chemicals, and it is generally regarded as one of the safest and simplest forms of synthesizing any substance.

Is H4CBD available online?

Yes, H4CBD products are starting to become available online for the first time. Depending on when you’re reading this, a much wider variety of H4CBD products may now be available.

At the time of this writing, though, only a few options are offered due to the cannabinoid’s overall newness to the market. Compared to just recently when consumer-grade H4CBD products were simply unavailable, however, we’ve certainly taken some preliminary steps forward already.

Can I smoke H4CBD?

So far, your options for smoking H4CBD are limited. To do so, you’ll need to add H4CBD distillate to a joint or bowl of cannabis flower containing a different cannabinoid. There are no strains of H4CBD flower since this cannabinoid is not naturally occurring, and we are not aware of any H4CBD-sprayed hemp flower products.

Can I vape H4CBD?

Yes, it is certainly possible to vape H4CBD. The most abundant form of H4CBD product, after all, is distillate, which is easy to vape using a variety of different methods.

The easiest approach is vaping distillate using a dab rig. In terms of consistency, H4CBD distillate (or any other form of cannabinoid distillate) is most akin to the type of dab concentrate known as “honey.” As a result, you’ll need to be careful to keep distillate from dripping off the end of your dabber as it makes its way to your rig’s nail.

H4CBD also comes in the form of vape carts. Designed to be attached to standard 510-threaded vape batteries, these carts contain extremely high concentrations of H4CBD and make it more convenient to vaporize this cannabinoid than practically any other method.

What types of H4CBD products are there?

Let’s look at each type of H4CBD product in more detail — both products that already exist and products that theoretically might exist as this still largely unknown cannabinoid gains in popularity:

— H4CBD distillate

H4CBD distillate is usually sold by the gram and has a viscous, honey-like consistency. Offered in containers as varied as accurate-dose syringes to simple acrylic containers with screw-on caps, H4CBD distillate fluctuates considerably in purity and potency. You can either use H4CBD distillate on its own or use it to formulate other products.

— H4CBD vapes

Vapes are the simplest types of products you can formulate with H4CBD — all that’s involved is loading a gram (or half-gram) of distillate into a cartridge and putting on the cap. Hemp users already love vapes containing CBD, delta 8, and other cannabinoids, so H4CBD vapes have an obvious place in the existing hemp ecosystem.

— H4CBD flower

While we aren’t aware of any H4CBD flower products available at present, it’s reasonable to speculate that cannabis flower products containing H4CBD might become available at some point in the future. The process would follow the same guidelines used to make delta 8 flower, which is massively in-demand and widely sold online. As H4CBD flower products become available, evaluate them both based on the quality of the distillate used and the quality of the hemp flower base.

— H4CBD tinctures

H4CBD is a natural fit for tinctures since combining cannabinoid distillates with oil bases is quite simple. Generally, though, new cannabinoids (starting with delta 8) have gradually become less likely to be added to tinctures. It appears cannabis users are starting to learn the merits pure cannabinoid concentrates offer that formulated products might not.

— H4CBD gummies

Traditionally, gummies have been a major component of the CBD industry. This popularity has transitioned to the delta 8 market to some degree, showing that consumers still like gummies as a form of cannabis edibles regardless of the cannabinoid contained. Expect at least a limited number of H4CBD gummy products to appear as this cannabinoid catches on.

— H4CBD edibles

H4CBD is more like THC than conventional CBD, so it’s natural to think of this cannabinoid in the context of edibles. While CBD is usually found in gummies on the internet, the medical and recreational cannabis scene features a much more vibrant edibles marketplace. It’s possible that cookies, hard candies, and even brownies containing H4CBD could become available online soon.

— H4CBD topicals

Out of all the potential H4CBD products that haven’t yet come to be, H4CBD topicals are the most unlikely. Given the popularity of CBD in topical form, though, it’s possible that enough cannabis users will become curious about the effects of topical H4CBD that brands will rise to meet the demand.

What are the best H4CBD products to try?

If you’re an experienced cannabis user with a dab rig, you should try H4CBD distillate. Newer users, however, will be better off with H4CBD vapes, which are easier to use while also being more convenient and discreet. We would recommend other types of H4CBD products to try, but we aren’t aware of any H4CBD flower, edibles, tinctures, or topicals on the market yet.

How to choose an H4CBD brand

As with any new product, it is very important to spend adequate time choosing an H4CBD brand before you make a purchase. Until very recently, this cannabinoid was only offered by industrial chemical producers, so making sure you choose a consumer-grade H4CBD manufacturer is the first step.

Companies that already existed before they started offering H4CBD products are the most reliable. If a company started during the delta 8 boom, that’s better, but the most reliable H4CBD companies are those that began as CBD brands and have been in business at least 3-4 years.

Hallmarks of a high-quality H4CBD product

Once you’ve found a brand that looks promising, it’s time to vett individual H4CBD products for both their quality and their safety. It’s best if an H4CBD product has an abundance of positive customer reviews, and third-party, batch-specific lab reports are a must.

H4CBD distillate is best when it’s made with pure H4CBD molecules naturally converted from CBD combined with high-quality, indoor-grown cannabis extract. No other ingredients should be present in H4CBD distillate or vapes, and other types of H4CBD products should come with justifications for any additional ingredients included.

Best H4CBD products FAQ

There’s still more you might need to know to choose a high-quality and effective H4CBD product. Check out the FAQ section below for more information:

1. Is Spensary a good H4CBD brand?

Spensary is an online hemp extract producer that offers a variety of rare cannabinoids including H4CBD. While some customers appear to believe Spensary’s products are high-quality and effective, Redditors have pointed out that their lab tests are insufficient to effectively establish product quality.

2. Is H4CBD good for anxiety?

CBD is commonly used for anxiety, so it would make sense for cannabis users to try H4CBD to stop shaking from anxiety or mitigate other anxiety symptoms as well. If it’s true that H4CBD stimulates your CB1 receptors to a significant degree, it’s possible that the ensuing sense of mild intoxication might combine with CBD’s inherent anti-anxiety potential to offer enhanced benefits.

3. Do H4CBD products come with lab tests?

All H4CBD products should certainly come with lab tests, and any that do not could contain contaminated extracts. Lab tests should provide results not only for residual solvents but for pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals as well. Of course, H4CBD lab tests must also indicate the concentration of H4CBD and other cannabinoids (including delta 9 THC) they contain.

4. Will H4CBD make you fail a drug test?

H4CBD should not make you fail a drug test since it is not a substance commonly included in drug testing. Some H4CBD products may, however, contain up to 0.3% THC. While this amount is quite small, it can accumulate over time to the extent that you might fail a drug test for cannabis. This eventuality only occurs in instances of heavy use, however.

5. Can you eat H4CBD distillate?

You should not assume that an H4CBD product is designed for oral consumption. Check the product description first, and if that approach does not yield the information you seek, contact customer service.

6. Is H4CBD a type of THC?

No, H4CBD and THC are quite chemically different, and H4CBD is not in any way derived from THC. Even though this cannabinoid might stimulate your CB1 receptors as much as 100 times more strongly than CBD, it’s still mostly non-intoxicating and much more similar to CBD than it is to THC.

7. What is THCB?

Like H4CBD, tetrahydrocannabutrol (THCB) is a synthesized cannabinoid that has recently attracted a significant degree of public interest. The limited amount of research that has been conducted into this cannabinoid so far indicates that THCB has about the same psychoactivity as conventional THC, but it offers the obvious benefit of having a unique chemical structure and regulatory status.

8. What is THCH?

THCH is a natural cannabinoid that, alongside THCP, was discovered in 2020 in a rare Italian form of cannabis. Just now becoming available in consumer products for the first time, THCH is desirable due to its considerably increased potency compared to conventional THC.
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