What Are the Best High THCA Strains?

Published January 31, 2024
What Are the Best High THCA Strains? - Secret Nature

You might not know it, but all THC strains are, first and foremost, THCA strains. The cannabinoid THC begins its life as THCA, after all, and cannabis usually only contains more THC than THCA after it has been smoked or otherwise decarboxylated.

To be sold online, though, THCA strains must contain less than 0.3% converted THC, limiting your options somewhat. Certain companies have already learned how to produce compliant THCA strains, introducing the world to potent weed you can buy online.

Though the online THCA industry hasn’t been around all that long, a few strains have already become beloved for their ability to deliver top-shelf effects without a trip to the dispensary. Learn more about THCA flower, and get acquainted with 10 of the best high-THC strains you can buy online in this guide.

What is a high-THCA cannabis strain?

Strains of cannabis are usually called “high-THCA” if they contain more than 10% THCA and under 0.3% THC. This is the type of THCA weed that has recently become available on the internet, which stays compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill’s definition of “industrial hemp” by keeping THC content low.

As we mentioned in the opener to this guide, though, nearly all strains of THC-rich cannabis are technically THCA-rich instead. Most THC strains sold at dispensaries contain around 5% THC when tested. It’s only when they’re smoked or vaped that the THCA in these strains becomes THC.

Can you buy high-THCA strains online?

Yes, it’s possible to buy high-THCA strains of cannabis online due to the 2018 Farm Bill, which classifies non-THC cannabinoids as “industrial hemp.” The federal government is aware of this “THCA loophole” but has not taken any action so far.

Taking this lack of action as their cue to ramp up their operations, THCA hemp producers have become a major presence online. Compared to other types of hemp flower, which must be bred, cross-bred, or even sprayed with cannabinoids, THCA flower is very easy to produce — simply ensure the THC concentration is under 0.3%, and any strain of weed is technically eligible for online sale.

The THCA in high-THCA strains of weed usually becomes THC, but it doesn’t have to. Just like normal weed, you can also ingest THCA strains using a method that doesn’t involve heat to experience the benefits of THCA, not THC. Research shows THCA may be just as beneficial as CBD, and the two cannabinoids have similar experienced effects.

10 best high-THCA strains available online

Now that you know what THCA strains are and why you can buy them online, it’s time to get to know 10 of the best high-THCA hemp strains you can shop for on the internet:

Space Candy THCA by Secret Nature

1. Indica/sativa: Sativa
2. Flavor/aroma: Gas, sour, cream
3. THCA percentage: 20.9%

This strain began life as Sour Space Candy, which combines the CBD-rich strains Early Resin Berry and Sour Tsunami to produce one of the first aroma and flavor profiles to ever become iconic within the CBD flower industry. Now, this CBD strain has been bred with THCA cultivars to deliver the same beloved flavor profile but with a high-THCA kick.

Nightfire THCA by Secret Nature

A powerful and sedating indica, Nightfire will lure you in with its exotic flavor and aroma, and it will lull you to sleep with its high-THCA content and soothing, pleasing flavor profile. This is the perfect indica for engaging in a couch-locked Netflix session.

1. Indica/sativa: Indica
2. Flavor/aroma: Lemon, gas, earth
3. THCA percentage: 20.4%

Jetfuel THCA by Secret Nature

One of the strongest strains in the Secret Nature THCA arsenal, Jetfuel roars to the fore with a citrusy flavor derived from its dominant terpene, terpinolene. Offering both sativa uplift and indica chill, Jetfuel is a great strain for any time of day.

1. Indica/sativa: Hybrid
2. Flavor/aroma: Kush, diesel, citrus
3. THCA percentage: 24.9%

Frosted Kush THCA by Secret Nature

1. Indica/sativa: Indica
2. Flavor/aroma: Berry, cream, gas
3. THCA percentage: 20%

A beloved and long-time member of the Secret Nature catalog, Frosted Kush takes on a new iteration with this THCA version — bred to retain all the desirable attributes that made the original strain so popular while offering all the THCA you could need to reach ultimate contentment.

Sugar Pop THCA by Secret Nature

1. Indica/sativa: Indica-dominant hybrid
2. Flavor/aroma: Sweet, gas, grape, cherry
3. THCA percentage: 22%

With an appearance that pops out at you and a flavor to match, THCA Sugar Pop from Secret Nature offers a potent and refined cannabis experience derived from its complex and storied roots: Sour Diesel, Oreoz, Purple Mystery, and Bubba Kush.

Tropical Cherry THCA by Secret Nature

1. Indica/sativa: Sativa-dominant hybrid
2. Flavor/aroma: Cherry, citrus
3. THCA percentage: 25.5%

A cross of Tropicana and Cherry Cookies, this purple strain is sativa-leaning but has what it takes to soothe stress or facilitate sleep as well. Tropical Cherry is worth a try for its flavor alone, which mixes cherry and citrus to delight and uplift the palate.

White Truffle THCA by Secret Nature

1. Indica/sativa: Indica
2. Flavor/aroma: Sweet, skunky, earthy
3. THCA percentage: 28.3%

Named for its crystal-covered appearance, White Truffle kicks in quickly and hits hard, helping you fully relax at night or overcome pain in the daytime. Indica-leaning, Secret Nature White Truffle also has significant cognitive effects, transporting the user to cloud nine.

Forbidden Fruit THCA by Secret Nature

1. Indica/sativa: Indica
2. Flavor/aroma: Fruity, dank, sweet
3. THCA percentage: 19%

Forbidden Fruit is a strain we’re delighted to offer in THCA. Long a staple of the indica side of our vape catalog, Forbidden Fruit vapes are now also available with THCA, providing the exact same effects as the Forbidden Fruit that California medical cannabis patients came to love in the early 2000s.

Gelato THCA by Secret Nature

1. Indica/sativa: Hybrid
2. Flavor/aroma: Cream, berries, sugar
3. THCA percentage: 24.1%

Gelato, usually known as Gelato #42, has been renowned for its delicious culinary attributes for more than a decade. Now, Gelato is available in THCA form from Secret Nature, making it possible for everyone in the country to learn what the hype around this strain is about for the first time.

Melon Frost THCA by Secret Nature

1. Indica/sativa: Sativa
2. Flavor/aroma: Watermelon, gas
3. THCA percentage: 17.9%

A long, lanky sativa, Melon Frost has a memorable watermelon flavor that obscures a pleasantly minty dominant undertone. This strain is massive uplifting and is perfect for morning or daytime use.

How do you buy THCA strains online?

Buying THCA on the internet is very easy. You don’t need your ID or a special card: Just confirm that you’re of age, select your products, and check out. Here’s how the process works.

1. Choose a THCA brand: Base your decision on the brand’s reputation on platforms like Reddit combined with their lab tests, pricing, and customer service quality.

2. Select your products: Every brand is different, but THCA producers should make it easy to navigate their websites and select products.

3. Go to your cart: View your selected items in your cart, and begin the checkout process.

4. Complete your purchase: Using your payment method of choice (along with conventional payment options, Secret Nature accepts Bitcoin), complete your transaction.

5. Receive tracking information: Once your order has been processed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number you can use to monitor the progress of your shipment.

6. Order arrives: Check your tracking info to know when your order will arrive. There’s no need to sign — simply collect your package from where you usually receive mail.

Best THCA strains: The bottom line

To find out which of the new THCA strains available online is the best to try, start by relying on your experience with cannabis in general. Aside from regulatory purposes, THCA flower is essentially the same thing as THC flower, so the same principles apply. If you like a strain’s THC version, you’ll like its THCA version as well.

Perhaps even more important than selecting the right strain, though, is selecting the right company. Out of all the sellers of THCA online, very few have much of a reputation or any considerable experience in the industry. Since 2017, Secret Nature has been proving weed doesn’t have to be any worse online — in fact, it can even be better.

High-THCA strains FAQs

Below, gain more knowledge you might find useful as you seek the perfect THCA strain:

What percentage of THCA is found in flower?

In both THCA-rich hemp and THC-rich cannabis, THCA is usually present in a concentration between 10% and 30%. It’s very rare for any form of cannabis to reach more than 30% potency in its dominant cannabinoid, but some THCA strains are starting to push this limit.

Is there 30% THCA flower?

To our knowledge, there are not yet any strains of THCA flower that contain more than 30% THCA. Some strains like White Truffle by Secret Nature, though, nearly get there with THCA concentrations pushing 28%, rivaling the most potent top-shelf weed available at dispensaries.

What is the strongest THCA available?

If you’re on the hunt for the strongest THCA product available online, you’ll want to go with vapes. The Secret Nature THCA vape, for instance, contains more than 60% total cannabinoids, offering roughly double the potency of flower. If you want to stick with flower, Secret Nature White Truffle is the strongest THCA strain found online at more than 28% total THCA.

What is the best exotic THCA flower strain?

Those who love exotic strains of cannabis will truly appreciate Nightfire, which has a delightfully unusual taste and looks like something out of a tropical jungle. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation after hitting this strain, which offers thoroughly soporific indica effects.

What is the best THCA sativa flower?

If you’re looking for the best sativa to ever be bred with high THCA, you’re sure to find a match with THCA Space Candy by Secret Nature. This high-THCA strain has powerfully uplifting indica effects that are ideal for going on a hike or just getting over the blues on a difficult day.

What is the best THCA flower vendor online?

Based on more than 20,000 five-star customer reviews and the most sterling reputation on the internet, Secret Nature is clearly the best brand to choose when you want to experience the full extent of THCA’s power. Offering flower strains with indica, sativa, and hybrid genetics, Secret Nature organic THCA flower is the best real weed you can buy online.

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