What Are the Best THCO Products? (+ Delta 9o)

Published July 31, 2023
What Are the Best THCO Products? (+ Delta 9o) - Secret Nature

The extra-potent cannabinoid THCO has recently exploded onto the scene, and in its wake, a new form called delta 9o has also just emerged. Given this massive development within the online hemp market, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the best ways to make sure you end up with high-quality THCO and delta 9o products. Use this guide as a touchstone as you explore everything the market has to offer.

What is THCO?

The acronym “THCO” loosely refers to acetylated forms of cannabinoids in the THC family, namely delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 THC. Within the online hemp industry, “THCO” usually refers to the acetylated form of delta 8, the full name of which is delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol-acetate. THCO is generally understood to offer effects approximately three times as potent as the effects of conventional THC.

Is THCO the same as delta 9o?

From a scientific point of view, delta 9o is a form of THCO. Within the online hemp market, however, these two terms usually refer to slightly different chemicals.

As we mentioned, the type of THCO you can find in products sold online usually contains the delta 8 form of this THC acetate. Delta 9o, on the other hand, is specifically made using delta 9 THC, which is more potent than delta 8. As a result, delta 9o is believed to be even more potent than conventional THCO.

Is delta 9o better than THCO?

Delta 9o appears to have THCO beat when it comes to sheer potency, but that doesn’t necessarily make either cannabinoid inherently better or worse. Some cannabis users prefer delta 8, after all, specifically because it offers reduced psychoactivity, so delta 9o isn’t going to be the acetylated form of THC every single person prefers. Try both forms of THC acetate to make an informed decision regarding which option you like best.

Can you buy THCO online?

Yes, THCO products are widely available online. A few different product types are offered, but vapes are certainly the most abundant type of THCO product you can find on the internet. It’s also often possible to buy THCO distillates in bulk quantities.

Can you buy delta 9o online?

Yes, the world’s first delta 9o products are gradually becoming available online. Rarer than THCO, delta 9o isn’t offered in as many different product types yet, but this cannabinoid is starting to be found in vape cartridges and distillates.

What kinds of THCO & delta 9o products are there?

If you’re ready to buy THCO or delta 9o online, what are the best product types to try? Check out our rundown of available products to get a better idea:

— THCO vapes

Out of all the product types we’ll review in this section, THCO vapes are likely the most abundant. The types of cannabis users who are attracted to THCO are usually searching for a higher-potency option, and vaping is one of the highest-potency ways to use any cannabinoid. As a result, THCO and vapes are a natural match, and vape cartridges are also among the easiest types of products to manufacture using cannabinoid distillates.

— Delta 9o vapes

Vapes containing delta 9o aren’t quite as popular yet as their THCO equivalents, but that’s only because delta 9o hasn’t been on the market very long. In time, delta 9o vapes will serve as competitive alternatives to THCO vapes and may eventually even become the preferred option.

— THCO distillate

It has been possible to buy THCO distillate in bulk online for quite some time now. Some users prefer to simply use THCO in its raw distillate form by vaporizing it with a dab rig. Still, THCO dabs aren’t quite as popular as THCO vape carts yet.

— Delta 9o distillate

Delta 9o distillate products are just now becoming available, so it will be a while until distilled cannabis extracts containing this cannabinoid become more well-known among consumers. Over time, though, delta 9o distillate will become a hotly desired commodity among brands seeking to formulate products containing this ultra-potent form of THC.

— Other THCO and delta 9o products

Gradually, tinctures, topicals, and other types of products that commonly contain conventional cannabinoids will also become available in THCO and delta 9o versions. Tinctures, in particular, are growing in popularity the fastest with gummies, capsules, and orally ingested THCO and delta 9o products remaining rarer.

How to choose a high-quality THCO or delta 9o product

Though they’re rapidly making their way toward the mainstream, acetylated cannabinoids like THCO and delta 9o are still considered to be on the fringe of the cannabinoid economy, leading unscrupulous companies to believe they can get away with reduced product quality and safety. As is the case with all cannabinoid products, however, evaluating the safety of any THCO or delta 9o product you’re considering buying is tantamount.

First, make sure the cannabinoids in the product are offered in distillate instead of isolate form. Distillates are usually full-spectrum and offer the entourage effect while isolates do not. THCO and delta 9o products should also be accompanied by third-party lab reports proving their safety and quality — just like all hemp products.

Which THCO or delta 9o product should I buy?

At present, the vast majority of research and development funding within the budding THCO and delta 9o markets is going into vape cartridges and by-the-gram distillate products. As a result, you’ll want to choose a vape product if you want to get the best idea of what these acetylated forms of THC have to offer.

There’s a reason THCO and delta 9o vapes are so popular — vaping is one of the best ways to experience the massive potency gap between normal and acetylated forms of THC. When you vape cannabinoids, they hit you quickly and potently, allowing you to experience the considerably increased strength of delta 9o and THCO products instantly and with full fidelity.

The bottom line: Should I try THCO and delta 9o?

The massively increased potency of THCO and delta 9o makes these altered cannabinoids more desirable for some people but less desirable for others. If you want to get high, for instance, acetylated forms of THC are your quickest tickets, but that’s not everyone’s goal.

Some THC users prefer delta 8, for instance, specifically due to its reduced psychoactivity. For cannabis users like these, completely intoxication-free cannabinoids like CBD might even be better picks.

One thing is undeniable, though — if you like what THC does, you’ll like the way that delta 9o does it even more. Don’t view THCO as an alternative to delta 8 — consider it a slightly less-potent form of delta 9o that’s nonetheless considerably stronger than normal THC.

If you’re the type of person who is suited for delta 9o or THCO, there’s nothing stopping you from trying these higher-potency forms of THC today. THCO has been abundant online for a while, and delta 9o is now rushing to meet it.

THCO & delta 9o product FAQ

Dial in on your ideal THCO and delta 9o products in this FAQ section:

1. What is a THCO disposable vape?

A THCO disposable vape is an all-in-one disposable vape pen consisting of a battery and a tank combined into a single unit. Offering increased convenience compared to vape cartridges, THCO disposable vapes have the drawback of limiting you to the included battery while you can connect most THCO vape cartridges to any compatible 510-threaded battery.

2. Are THCO carts potent?

Yes, THCO carts are certainly among the most potent cannabinoid products you can buy on the internet. Commonly featuring upwards of 80% THCO, these carts are also inherently around three times as potent as their conventional THC equivalents. As a result, THCO vape carts offer somewhere between 200-300% cannabinoid potency when measured on the same scale as THC carts.

3. Do THCO carts get you high?

Yes, using THCO vape cartridges will certainly get you high. THCO, in fact, gets you considerably higher than conventional THC, so be prepared for a super-powered cannabis experience when you use THC’s acetylated form.

4. Is there THCO flower?

Yes, a few THCO-infused hemp flower products are now available on the internet. We can’t comment on the quality or safety of these products, however, and always caution that you carefully analyze lab reports and customer reviews before making a purchase.

5. Can I buy grams of delta 9o?

Yes, the super-powered cannabinoid delta 9o is starting to become available by the gram. Most bulk producers of this cannabinoid require that you purchase dozens of grams at a time, but consumer brands are also starting to package delta 9o distillate into single-gram containers.

6. Are delta 9o vapes legal?

In most cases, the 2018 Farm Bill only identifies delta 9 THC as “marijuana,” making all other cannabinoids industrial hemp. In the absence of any countervailing information, it’s reasonable to assume that delta 9o products have roughly the same legal status as their CBD equivalents.

7. Is there such a thing as “delta THCO?”

No, the term “delta THCO” does not refer to any cannabinoid currently on the market. If you add a number to that name, however, you can describe the various forms of THCO that are available such as delta-8 THCO, delta-9 THCO, and delta-10 THCO.

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