What Are the Best Vegan Cannabis Edibles Online?

Published January 11, 2024
What Are the Best Vegan Cannabis Edibles Online? - Secret Nature

If you’re looking for the best vegan cannabis edibles available on the internet, you’ve come to the right place to get all the information you’ll need to make an educated decision. From what it means for cannabis edibles to be vegan to how to pick the best vegan cannabis edibles available online, will cover everything you need to know over the course of this succinct and efficient guide.

What are cannabis edibles?

Cannabis edibles are food products that have been infused with cannabinoid extract. They come in all shapes and sizes — simply try to remember all the different types of food you’ve eaten over the course of your life to get an idea of the possibilities.

Even with all these potential formulations, cannabis edibles usually gravitate toward one of a few categories. For a type of cannabis edible to be popular, it must be discreet, easy to eat, and also tasty.

What makes cannabis edibles vegan?

For a cannabis edible product to be considered vegan it must contain no animal products whatsoever. Using animal products in packaged foods has become less popular over the last few decades, but it is not unheard of.

Some gummies, for instance, may still contain gelatin derived from animal bodies instead of plant sources. You’d be surprised by the ways animal substances can find their way into everyday products, which is why vegan labeling has become so important to shoppers recently.

What types of vegan cannabis edibles are there?

To give you a better idea of the possibilities at your disposal, let’s briefly run down the various types of vegan cannabis edibles that are currently popular:

Vegan cannabis gummies

By far the most popular kind of vegan cannabis edible, vegan cannabis gummies are just as delicious as gummies that contain animal products, but without the ethical concerns.

Vegan cookie edibles

It has also become quite common to include cannabis extract in packaged sweets like cookies and candy. These types of edibles usually do not contain animal products anyway, but vegan labeling is still important.

Vegan pot brownies

Unless you’re making them with lard for some unfortunate reason, brownies of all types should not contain any animal products. To be certain, though, you might want to look on the package for a vegan sticker or some other type of labeling.

Alternative vegan edibles

From candy canes to quinoa, there are thousands of ways to make cannabis into delicious edibles. Whenever you’re trying a new type of edible cannabis product, however, it is important to do your research and ensure it is vegan for both your health and the shared health of our world.

How can you tell if cannabis edibles are vegan?

Most cannabis edible packages clearly state if their contents are vegan or not with a small label somewhere on the package. If you are not sure whether a cannabis edible product you're considering is vegan or not, it might be wise to contact the company that made the product to inquire further.

Are vegan edibles better than regular edibles?

Yes, vegan edibles are better than regular edibles because they do not contain any animal products. This is both better for the people eating the edibles and for the animals with whom we share our world. Companies that go out of their way to make vegan cannabis edibles are also more likely to focus on other important aspects of their products, such as using natural ingredients and sustainable processes.

Benefits of vegan cannabis edibles

Why are vegan cannabis edibles better than edibles that aren’t vegan? We can think of a few compelling reasons:

Better for animals

First and foremost, vegan cannabis edibles are obviously better for animals. It may be the charge of human beings to rule over the various forms of animal life with which we share our world, but that does not mean we should exploit or harm animals unnecessarily. Vegan cannabis edibles prevent harm from being done to animals. It’s that simple.

Better for you

Both from a psychological and biophysical perspective, it is better to avoid products that contain animal-derived substances. You’ll feel better when you know that your consumption choices are not bringing animals to harm, and your body will also be healthier after eating vegan cannabis edibles.

Better for the environment

Industries that use animal products are wasteful and unsustainable. It is much easier to make the types of ingredients used in cannabis edibles with plant substances than it is to make them with animal substances, providing energy consumption and land usage benefits.

Better for society

Societies that rely on animal ingredients are unethical and do unnecessary harm to themselves in the environment in which they live. It is a sign of an enlightened society to move away from animal products except when necessary.

What are the best vegan cannabis edibles you can buy on the internet?

Secret Nature Live Resin THC Gummies are, by far, the most premier vegan cannabis edibles you can purchase online. Featuring live resin cannabis extract and a whopping 50 gummies per package, Secret Nature Live Resin Gummies are made with real fruit juice and contain nothing dangerous or unethical — especially animal products! Secret Nature gummies are 100% vegan, and that’s only the beginning of how these artisan edibles are better than all the rest.

Vegan cannabis edibles FAQ

Want to know more about vegan cannabis edibles and why they’re better than the alternative? Broaden your knowledge in the FAQ section below:

What are the best cannabis edibles for beginners?

If you’re new to cannabis edibles, it’s important to stick with a small dose and to know the difference between good and bad edibles. Cannabis edibles that contain animal products or a lot of artificial ingredients should be taken out of consideration. To make sure your first experience with edibles is a good one, select the best premium vegan edible products you can find.

How do you know if gummies are vegan?

It’s usually possible to tell if gummies are vegan or not with a quick glance at the label. If this approach doesn’t yield results, check online information for the product. If even the internet can’t tell you if your gummies are vegan, though, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer directly to get answers.

Are edibles better with or without CBD?

Some users like the experience of adding CBD to their edibles, but others won’t. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that will make you feel quite relaxed but will not get you high. The decision of whether or not to take CBD edibles may eventually come down to whether you want to get as high as possible or experience a relaxed high.

Are Highly edibles vegan?

Yes, edibles made by the popular cannabis brand Highly are vegan. This brand is only available in a few states, however, while vegan cannabis gummies made by companies like Secret Nature can be shipped anywhere in the country.

Is Wana Quick vegan?

Yes, Wana Quick edibles, which are designed to kick in faster, are vegan. As with most adult-use cannabis brands, however, access to Wana products is limited to a handful of states. For vegan cannabis gummies you can buy in any state, try Secret Nature.

Are homemade edibles better?

Depending on your preferences, you might like homemade edibles better than the store-bought kind. In that case, use our simple guide to making homemade edibles to fully explore the extent of your cannabis culinary passion.

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