What Is Delta 6a10a (Delta 3)?

Published September 27, 2022
What Is Delta 6a10a (Delta 3)? - Secret Nature

The “delta” in delta 9 or delta 8 THC refers to the place on the body of the molecule where a carbon double-bond is located, and this family of molecules contains members ranging all the way from delta 1 to delta 11. Somewhere along the way is delta 6a10a, which is also sometimes known as delta 3 due to its chemical structure.

What, exactly, is delta 6a10a, and how does it differ from other forms of THC? Learn everything there is to know about this rare THC isomer in this guide.

What is the cannabinoid delta 6a10a?

Delta 6a10aTHC, also known as delta-3 tetrahydrocannabinol, is a mildly intoxicating form of THC naturally found in Cannabis sativa. It is believed to be one of the weakest forms of THC and only offers the lightest-possible intoxicating effects. Cannabis users currently look to delta 6a10a as a balanced alternative that offers a combination of the benefits of CBD and THC.

How is delta 6a10a made?

Delta 6a10a may be a natural cannabinoid, but it is not present in any strains of hemp or cannabis in sufficient concentrations for extraction. As a result, this cannabinoid is usually converted from CBD, which has the same chemical formula as delta 6a10a but a different chemical structure.

Generally, it is not necessary to use any dangerous chemicals to convert CBD into other cannabinoids. Even so, trustworthy delta 6a10a products always come with lab reports proving they don’t contain any solvents or other processing contaminants.

When was delta 6a10a discovered?

The existence of the cannabinoid delta 6a10a has been known since at least the Edgewood Arsenal army cannabis experiments of the 1950s. Since then, delta 6a10a has only received limited scientific attention involving an assay of the cannabinoid’s human pharmacology and an evaluation of its potential anticonvulsant effects, both from the late 1980s.

What does delta 6a10a do?

So far, the effects of delta 6a10a remain largely unknown. Based simply on its chemical structure, we can expect delta 6a10a to offer effects at least somewhat similar to those offered by conventional THC, but research into this cannabinoid’s anticonvulsant potential could prove it to be more similar to CBD instead.

Anecdotal reports compiled from individuals who have tried delta 6a10a generally indicate that this cannabinoid has intoxicating effects but that they’re weak enough to be barely perceptible. Making this cannabinoid quite similar to H4CBD, delta 6a10a is usually described as feeling mostly like CBD but packing a mildly intoxicating punch.

How is delta 6a10a different from THC?

Compared to conventional THC, delta 6a10a is far weaker and less psychoactive. It is also nearly incomparably less abundant — while THC is still the most abundant cannabinoid in Cannabis sativa by a landslide, delta 6a10a is so rare that it must be converted from other cannabinoids to even become concentrated into usable quantities.

Is delta 6a10a better than THC?

No, it would be a mistake to consider delta 6a10a outright better than conventional delta 9 THC. Some users, it’s true, may prefer this version of THC’s toned-down effects and CBD-like chill. There are some serious disadvantages to delta 6a10a, though — mainly availability and product quality — that make it a less-desirable option under the vast majority of circumstances. As delta 6a10a products become more widely available and attain higher standards of quality, this cannabinoid’s benefits in comparison to conventional THC will certainly become more pronounced.

Is delta 6a10a synthetic?

Yes, any delta 6a10a products you find on the market at present are guaranteed to be synthetic since this cannabinoid is not yet available in cannabis or hemp in usable concentrations. Since it is converted from CBD or THC using a simple enzymatic process, delta 6a10a isn’t as synthetic as some other man-made chemicals, but it’s nonetheless a fact that this cannabinoid is not extracted from hemp or cannabis plants — it’s made in a lab.

Is delta 6a10a safe?

In general, the safety profile of delta 6a10a is unlikely to be considerably different from that of conventional delta 9 THC since the two cannabinoids are so chemically similar. Since it is currently converted from other substances, however, an extra step is introduced into the production of delta 6a10a that isn’t present in the production of natural cannabinoids, which could produce opportunities for contamination. If you decide to try delta 6a10a, just make sure to find a high-quality product that comes with third-party, batch-specific lab reports.

Is delta 6a10a legal?

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabinoids other than delta 9 THC are usually considered industrial hemp, a largely unrestricted regulatory category of products that are widely sold online. Now that the DEA has essentially signaled that it has no intention to crack down on the synthesized cannabinoid industry, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for hemp users to consider delta 6a10a and other converted cannabinoids to be fully legal.

Can you buy delta 6a10a online?

Yes, the world’s first consumer-grade delta 6a10a products are starting to become available online. It’s now possible to experience all the potential benefits of this intriguing new cannabinoid for yourself, but just be sure to carefully pick between the delta 6a10a products that are now offered.

What types of delta 6a10a products are there?

For the most part, the only delta 6a10a products you’ll find on the internet are isolate and distillate extracts along with pre-filled vape cartridges. Demand for rare cannabinoids like delta 6a10a remains mainly limited to experienced cannabis consumers who like to use concentrates. If this cannabinoid ever catches on in a more mainstream fashion, additional product types like delta 6a10a gummies and capsules may become available.

Summary: Should I buy delta 6a10a online?

There are so many new cannabinoids to try online these days that it can feel overwhelming. Whether or not it truly adds anything new to the equation, delta 6a10a is nonetheless a unique, natural component of the Cannabis sativa plant you haven’t tried yet, making it well-worth exploring if you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of all things hemp and cannabis.

If you’re on the fence with delta 6a10a, it might pay to wait a little while to try this brand-new cannabinoid. Over the next couple of years, the delta 6a10a industry will stabilize, leading to better product quality and a wider pool of available products.

Delta 6a10a cannabinoid FAQ

What else is there to learn about the rare cannabinoid delta 6a10a? Find out in the FAQ section below:

1. What does delta 6a10a feel like?

Most people who have used the rare cannabinoid delta 6a10a report that it feels like a combination of CBD and THC. The intoxicating, THC side of delta 6a10a may be considerably suppressed, but it would be a mistake to think that delta 6a10a is anywhere near the same thing as CBD. This cannabinoid will get you high, it just won’t get you quite as high as you’re used to with other kinds of THC.

2. How strong is delta 6a10a?

In comparison to other cannabinoids, delta 6a10a offers considerably stronger psychotropic effects than CBD, but it isn’t anywhere near as strong as conventional THC. Delta 6a10a is even weaker than delta 8; the only substance in the THC family delta 6a10a actually might be stronger than is delta-1 tetrahydrocannabinol, the weakest form of THC.

3. What is a 6a10a vape?

Delta 6a10a vapes are disposable vape pens or pre-filled vape cartridges containing cannabis extract rich in the rare cannabinoid delta 6a10a. While there aren’t many delta 6a10a products on the market yet, it’s certainly possible to find this cannabinoid packaged into the form of vapes.

4. Can I buy delta 6a10a gummies online?

While it’s technically just as possible to find delta 6a10a gummies online as any other type of delta 6a10a products, we aren’t aware of any specific gummy products that contain this rare cannabinoid. Expect a wider array of product types to become available as delta 6a10a gains popularity.

5. Is there delta 6a10a for sale where I live?

It is highly unlikely that any physical shops in your location carry the extremely rare cannabinoid delta 6a10a. Wherever you live in the country, you’ll have an easier time and find a much better selection by shopping for delta 6a10a vapes and other products online.

6. Delta 6a10a vs delta 8: Which is stronger?

Between the two, delta 8 THC is definitely stronger than delta 6a10a even though both cannabinoids are weaker than the conventional form of THC. While delta 8 is just slightly weaker than delta 9 THC, delta 6a10a is considered to be one of the weakest forms of tetrahydrocannabinol.

7. Delta 6a10a vs delta 9: What is the difference?

Delta 9 THC isn’t only much more abundant and popular than delta 6a10a, but it’s also considerably more potent. While delta 6a10a certainly provides a diminished high, delta 9 is the genuine article and provides the genuine THC feeling.

8. Delta 6a10a vs delta 10: Are they the same thing?

No, despite having confusingly similar names, delta 10 and delta 6a10a are completely different compounds. Both in chemical structure and intensity of effects, these two forms of THC are almost polar opposites.
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