What Is Delta 8 Distillate?

Medically Reviewed By Naheed Ali, MD, PHD
What Is Delta 8 Distillate? - Secret Nature

Delta 8 is one of the most widely used cannabinoids that is currently accessible in distillate form. Although there are numerous variations among the many Delta 8 distillate products sold online, Delta 8 distillate gives the finest quality and tastiest experience among D8 extracts. In this guide, you'll learn what Delta 8 is and discover the differences between the types of D8 distillate you can buy. Then, check out real Delta 8 distillate customer reviews for an objective look at the benefits this refined form of delta 8 THC extract offers.

The Medical Potential of Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC is an isomer of the more prevalent delta-9 THC. Delta-8 THC was thought to be a minor psychotropic ingredient in cannabis. Though delta-8 THC occurs naturally in cannabis, it may be produced in large quantities in a laboratory using CBD (derived from hemp).

What does delta 8 distillate look like?

Delta 8 distillate is a viscous, sticky substance that ranges in color from dark amber to totally transparent. The best D8 distillate falls somewhere between these extremes: If properly infused with terpenes, delta 8 distillate should look slightly golden, but if D8 distillate is too dark, that means it contains impurities. However, HPLC lab testing is the only reliable method of evaluating quality.

Mostly, delta 8 THC distillate is offered in vape cartridges, so you won't be able to inspect it directly. Your distillate, on the other hand, is plainly seen through the glass walls of your vape cart. However, you should be able to see your distillate well enough to determine its quality. If a Delta 8 manufacturer makes their distillate difficult to examine, chances are they’re hiding something.

What is full-spectrum delta 8 distillate?

Full-spectrum delta 8 distillate contains the wide range of cannabinoids naturally present in hemp flower. Since most delta 8 is converted from another cannabinoid, it’s usually offered in isolate form. Many manufacturers content themselves with simply combining delta 8 distillate with a few terpenes for flavor—true full-spectrum D8 distillate is as rare as it is desirable.

When combined with the entire range of beneficial substances found in hemp flower, delta 8 distillate offers the entourage effect most strongly. Scientists believe this form of cannabis synergy may make individual cannabinoids more effective than the sum of their parts.

Plus, full-spectrum delta 8 distillate often tastes better since it contains more terpenes. Full-spectrum D8 is the most “natural” option, and if made correctly, it should taste just as good as any Delta 9 or CBD distillate you may have tried prior.

What is terped delta 8 distillate?

If a delta 8 distillate product is advertised as being “terped,” that means it has been infused with terpenes. Naturally found in cannabis and many other plants, most terpenes have antioxidant properties, and each terpene has a unique chemical structure and equally unique benefits.

Not all terpenes are made equal, though. The best terpenes to add to Delta 8 distillate have been derived from cannabis, not some other terpene-bearing plant. It’s even better when D8 manufacturers keep the entire terpene profile of a strain of hemp flower together. Nature knows how to combine terpenes best, and full terpene profiles mimic the distinct benefits of individual cannabis strains.

What does delta 8 distillate do?

Delta 8 distillate offers the benefits of Delta 8 THC in one of the purest and most potent possible forms. Rendered down to only contain the beneficial components of hemp, D8 distillate can contain as much as 90% delta 8 THC, and notably absent are chlorophyll, waxes, and other contaminants often found in lower-quality forms of delta 8 extract.

Like other Delta 8 products, Delta 8 distillate provides an intoxicating effect. The most common way to use delta 8 distillate is to inhale it, and doing so will provide benefits that last for 60-90 minutes.

What is delta 8 distillate used for?

People generally use delta 8 for the same reason they use delta 9 THC: to experience a relaxing feeling of intoxication. Some users also choose Delta 8 to help with chronic pain, insomnia, or other conditions that they don’t find relief from using conventional treatments.

Compared to other types of Delta 8 products, people are more likely to use D8 distillate to experience psychological benefits. This high-potency form of delta 8 extract is designed to be inhaled, which provides potent, immediate effects. Orally ingested Delta 8 products, on the other hand, offer longer-lasting but less potent effects that might be more appropriate for treating chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

What is the delta 8 high like?

Most users indicate that the Delta 8 high is essentially indistinguishable from the Delta 9 high. The chemical differences between these two cannabinoids are, after all, very slight, so there’s no reason from a pharmacological perspective that delta 8 should provide effects that are distinctly different from the effects of other forms of THC.

Even so, some users report that the effects of Delta 8 are slightly more mild or uplifting than the effects offered by Delta 9 THC. There are even reports that delta 8 helps eliminate the paranoia often caused by delta 9, potentially making delta 8 accessible to a wider range of users.

When consuming delta 8 THC, you might observe:

  • a joyful feeling
  • Stress relief
  • Euphoria
  • Contentment
  • potential pain alleviation

Potential Side Effects:

  • Impaired coordination 
  • accelerated heart rate
  • hallucinations
  • tremor
  • dizziness
  • loss of consciousness

Delta 8: How is it Made?

There are simply a few basic ingredients needed to make delta 8 THC. The whole procedure is intended to take advantage of a chemical reaction in which one naturally occurring molecule is isomerized into another naturally occurring one.

Add a solvent to a precursor

What came first? Put the initial ingredient into an organic solvent to dissolve it. Since hemp resin is notoriously thick and sticky, the solution must be in liquid form in order to be effective. It becomes thinner due to the solvent, which improves mixing.

Advanced Isomerization Conditions

There is only one reaction needed to produce delta 8. Although this reaction happens naturally, manufacturers may improve the circumstances to obtain a conversion that is very close to ideal by using a lab.

To achieve these conditions, we need to raise the temperature and lower the pH of the solution. After that, wait a few hours for the procedure to finish.

Washing & Neutralizing

Once the chemical reaction has occurred, it's time to get the acids and solvents out of the way. The acids must be neutralised with sodium bicarbonate or another agent with a high pH.

The hard part comes at this point. If they are not sufficiently eliminated (it will never be 100%), a product that would otherwise be safe turns harmful. If solvents aren't completely eliminated from the finished product, they can potentially be dangerous.

Testing for purity

The company must conduct purity and potency tests after the product is prepared. The consumer should always have access to a Certificate of Analysis (COA), a third-party test, to demonstrate quality.

How to use delta 8 distillate

Now that you have a basic idea of what Delta 8 distillate is, let’s cover how to use this type of Delta 8 extract in four simple steps:

1. Identify the type of distillate you’re using

Delta 8 distillate comes in a variety of product types and quality grades. Sometimes, for instance, D8 distillate is offered in a small reclosable container. In this case, you use a metal tool called a “dabber” to remove a small amount of Delta 8 distillate, which you can then apply under your tongue or vaporize using a dab rig.

It’s more common, though, to find Delta 8 distillate in the form of a vape cartridge. Delta 8 vape cartridges are designed to attach to rechargeable batteries—don’t try to remove the distillate from a D8 cart.

2. Find a suitable tool for ingestion

Each type of delta 8 distillate product is used in a different way. In the case of loose distillate in a silicon or acrylic container, you’ll need a dab rig if you want to take the inhalation route. If your D8 distillate is offered in a vape cartridge, though, all you’ll need to get started is a suitable battery.

3. Choose an appropriate dose

Especially if you’re a new user, you don’t want to ingest too much Delta 8 at once. Start with a small dose, and gradually work your way up (if desired) as you get used to the effects of delta 8 THC.

4. Ingest your delta 8 distillate

Now that all your ducks are in a row, fire up your dabber, activate your vape battery, or do whatever you need to do to enjoy delta 8 distillate using the method of your choice.

How much does delta 8 distillate cost?

Delta 8 distillate generally costs the same as other forms of cannabis distillate. In some cases, Delta 8 distillate manufacturers may charge a premium for their products, which is acceptable as long as they also provide equally increased quality or otherwise add extra value to their D8 distillate products.

Is delta 8 distillate safe?

As a natural cannabinoid and analogue of delta 9 THC, scientists generally believe the delta 8 cannabinoid itself is just as safe as delta 9 THC. Due to its reduced availability compared to other cannabinoids, though, manufacturers often cut corners when making delta 8 distillate, which can result in reduced quality.

Generally speaking, delta 8 distillate is safest when it only contains purified delta 8 THC and natural cannabis terpenes. Additional ingredients are entirely unnecessary and could be dangerous.

Is delta 8 distillate legal?

Since its chemical structure is distinctly different from delta 9 THC, delta 8 is generally classified as “industrial hemp” under the 2018 Farm Bill. Local and state regulations regarding Delta 8 vary, though, so make sure to check the laws in the area where you live before using Delta 8 THC.

Can I bring delta 8 on a plane?

You should be cautious when flying with delta 8 THC since only lab tests can distinguish between this cannabinoid and delta 9 THC, which remains federally illegal. Just because you know the THC in your bag isn’t delta 9 doesn’t mean you’ll be able to prove it to a curious TSA agent.

What is the best delta 8 distillate?

The best delta 8 distillate only contains delta 8 THC and natural cannabis terpenes. It comes with lots of 5-star reviews, and it’s made by a company that’s highly regarded by customers. Even more importantly, the best Delta 8 distillate will provide a clean, enjoyable feeling of relaxation without any nasty aftertastes or negative effects.

Where can I find delta 8 THC?

Making your own Delta 8 THC is entirely feasible, but we don't suggest it. We advise leaving this conversion to the experts unless you're an experienced chemist with access to cutting-edge lab equipment and a testing facility.

Check out variety of tinctures, pills, gummies, or vape cartridges if you're curious to try Delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 distillate reviews

The best way to determine if a delta 8 product is high-quality is to check out verified customer reviews. Let’s take a look at a couple of reviews customers have left for Secret Nature delta 8 distillate vape cartridges:

Secret Nature Super 8 Delta 8 Vape Cartridge review - Taylor D. ★★★★★ “Secret nature is simply unmatched when it comes to taste, effect and quality”

Secret Nature Super 8 Delta 8 Vape Cartridge review - Jay H. “Good Stuff” ★★★★★ “Seems to be high quality. It's my first time buying Delta 8 cartridges so I can't really compare but it gets the job done. Just 2 big hits and I'm feeling pretty dope. 1 or 2 more and I'm trippin pretty good. Tastes fine. Smell is very faint but it's obvious what you're smoking.”


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