What Types of Delta 8 Extracts Are There?

Published November 15, 2021
What Types of Delta 8 Extracts Are There? - Secret Nature

When it comes to delta 8, choosing the right product can be the difference between a safe, pleasant experience and an eCommerce purchase you immediately regret. Depending on your needs, a certain form of delta 8 might be better than another, and it’s even possible that one type of D8 could be objectively superior to all others.

We’ll admit the delta 8 industry is pretty wild right now, making your ability to pick products even more critical. With this guide, you’ll learn the differences between delta 8 extracts and gain insight on their comparative benefits.

Are there different types of delta 8?

  • D8 extract has 2 main forms: isolate and distillate
  • Distillate is higher-quality and offers better results
  • D8 might be paired with non-cannabis ingredients in low-quality cartridges
  • Go for natural delta 8 distillate extracts that contain organic cannabis terpenes

Yes, the THC analog delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8, D8) comes in quite a few different forms. Isolate D8 is the most common option, but it’s lacking in many critical areas.

Delta 8 distillate is also relatively common, and that’s only scratching the surface of all the different ways delta 8 THC extract is formulated into products. Let’s begin with an overview of the different types of delta 8 you might find online:

#1) Isolate

Delta 8 THC is most commonly available in isolated form for one simple reason: This cannabinoid isn’t naturally available in large quantities yet, so it’s almost always converted from another cannabinoid.

If you have even a cursory understanding of hemp extracts, you know that isolate isn’t the most ideal type of cannabinoid concentrate. It’s completely incapable of offering the entourage effect, for one thing, significantly curtailing the benefits cannabinoids can offer.

Most delta 8 manufacturers focus on producing low-quality isolate products to capitalize on the D8 trend. More rarely, you’ll find manufacturers that combine delta 8 isolate with natural cannabis extracts, recreating the entourage effect.

Can you vape delta 8 isolate?

No, in most cases it is not advisable to vaporize delta 8 isolate in its purified form. The one exception is delta 8 isolate “crystals” or “shatter,” which can sometimes be vaped in a dab rig.

Delta 8 isolate is usually only available in powder form, though, generally limiting you to freebasing, one of the most dangerous and inefficient ways to inhale a substance. It’s much easier, safer, and not to mention less sketchy to simply vape delta 8 distillate or a delta 8 vape cartridge instead.

#2) Distillate

It’s possible to make delta 8 distillate by combining D8 isolate with distillate cannabis extract that contains low cannabinoid levels on its own. The resulting “boosted” extract can contain delta 8 THC levels as high as 70-80% in addition to an entourage of minor cannabinoids.

Delta 8 distillate leverages the individual benefits of terpenes and their unique contributions to the entourage effect. In essence, delta 8 distillate is just like any other full-spectrum cannabis or hemp distillate you’ve vaped even though the D8 it contains had to be added after the fact.

Can you vape delta 8 distillate?

Yes, you can vaporize delta 8 distillate, and distillate is the best form of delta 8 extract to vape. It offers the full richness of the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in cannabis, so it tastes much better than other types of delta 8 you may have vaped while also offering improved benefits.

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#3) Other extracts

You might find delta 8 extract in forms other than isolate and distillate. It’s possible, for instance, that some brands might mix delta 8 with cruder forms of extract than distillate, reducing costs but also harming quality.

Considerably more dangerous are vapes that combine delta 8 isolate with non-cannabis ingredients. It’s still lamentably common, for instance, to find delta 8 combined with toxic vape additives like PG, VG, and even vitamin E acetate.

Be very careful when you research delta 8 cannabis products on the internet. Reference lab reports and customer reviews to independently verify the quality of a D8 product you might purchase.

Which delta 8 is the best?

Generally speaking, delta 8 distillate is the most reliable and high-quality type of delta 8 THC on the market. Available in vape cartridges and by the gram, delta 8 distillate is easy to take with you on the go or dab at home.

With that said, even delta 8 varies significantly in quality between producers. Some products listed as “distillate” might be little more than hopped-up isolate, but every once in a while, a delta 8 THC distillate product might be even higher-quality than the type of extract you find on the top shelf of a ritzy cannabis dispensary.

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Can I order delta 8 legally?

Delta 8 is chemically distinct from delta 9 THC, allowing D8 to generally be categorized as an industrial hemp product. Some states, counties, and municipalities have recently enacted measures against delta 8 commerce, but these regulations generally focus on businesses selling D8, not people who want to use this hemp cannabinoid.

Secret Nature delta 8 THC products ship quickly, come with independent lab reports, and have received hundreds of 5-star customer reviews. If you haven’t vaped Secret Nature, you’ve never experienced delta 8 THC at its full potential

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