Where to Buy CBD Near Me - Offline vs. Online Options

Published November 23, 2020
Where to Buy CBD Near Me - Offline vs. Online Options - Secret Nature

You can buy CBD in a variety of different ways. As CBD has become more popular, an increasing number of brick-and-mortar stores have started carrying CBD products.

From gas stations to specialty stores, you can find CBD pretty much everywhere you go these days. Is it ultimately better, however, to follow in the footsteps of at least 45% of CBD consumers who took their CBD shopping online this year?

1. You can buy CBD in person—with certain risks

Life has changed a lot this year. However, we still need to visit some essential businesses like grocery stores and gas stations, and some people refuse to let fears of infection get in the way of their shopping habits.

Contracting COVID-19, however, isn’t the only risk you face when buying CBD in person at a retail location. While fears of the virus have pushed a lot of common sense out of our heads, it remains true that CBD you purchase at a store is more likely to be low-quality or even dangerous.

There are now hundreds of different CBD manufacturers in the United States. Some of them, like Secret Nature, take stringent measures to ensure that their products offer pristine quality and impressive effects. The same can’t necessarily be said, however, for that dusty bottle of CBD tincture sitting on a gas station shelf.

2. In-person CBD shopping has gotten weird

Even if you aren’t particularly concerned about getting “the rona,” an air of weirdness has undeniably descended upon the outside world. That CBD store that used to be your favorite now has boarded-up windows. Your local grocery store won’t let you inside without a mask. Tensions are high, and nobody knows when the person closest to them might break.

You’d be forgiven if you’ve become more of a homebody even if you don’t much care about lockdown orders. The world, and the people in it, have become considerably crazier over the last eight months, so fording the chaos just for CBD might not seem to be worth it.

3. It’s harder to learn about CBD products you buy offline

Some things about brick-and-mortar CBD commerce never change. Want to know how the hemp that goes into your CBD was grown, whether it contains any hidden ingredients, or whether it was tested by a reputable lab? Good luck getting that information out of a retail clerk. The answer you’re most likely to get is, “I don’t know, check their website.”

By all means, take their advice. But once you’re online, don’t bother going back into the shop. While CBD retailers usually know next to nothing about the products they sell, all the information you need to make informed decisions is readily available on the internet.

4. Buying offline provides you with less selection

Imagine the biggest CBD store you’ve ever seen. Then scale it up to the size of your local sports stadium. That still wouldn’t be enough space to display all of the CBD products that the industry has produced.

Most retail stores don’t even carry all of the products that a single brand offers. Even if they try, they run out of stock, and keeping on top of wholesale orders is a difficult task for busy shopkeepers to handle.

If you’re looking for a particular product, good luck shopping at a CBD retailer. You can try calling ahead, but the product you’re looking for might have disappeared before you show up. The only surefire way to get your hands on the products you want is to shop for CBD online.

5. Shopping for CBD offline is inherently inconvenient

You have enough things to do during a given day. Even if you work from home, you have lots of responsibilities to take care of, and you might have an adoring family you want to spend time with. You like hitting the gym when you can, and that book you’ve been working on isn’t going to read itself.

Simply put, you don’t have the time to go to the store just to buy CBD. And, ultimately, there’s no reason for you to do so. With the entire online CBD market at your fingertips, it takes less than five minutes to order the products you want and get on with your life.

6. Secret Nature ships to your door within 2-3 days

The primary argument against buying products online is that it takes time for your order to make its way to your door. How did Amazon, the world’s biggest eCommerce platform, get around this problem? By shipping its products faster than anyone believed possible.

Consider Secret Nature the Amazon of CBD flower. Shopping at is ludicrously easy, and we ship to your door within 2-3 days. We’re all conditioned to expect our eCommerce packages to arrive within that type of timeframe, and Secret Nature won’t disappoint you with lamentably long shipping times.

7. Nobody has to know you’re buying CBD

Your fast-arriving Secret Nature package won’t be emblazoned with marijuana leaves. Our return address isn’t “420 Rasta Way.” We ship our products in standard USPS envelopes, and there’s nothing on your package that indicates it contains hemp flower.

You might not want your neighbors to see you walking out of a CBD store, and you’d probably prefer to avoid giving your mail carrier the impression that you’re buying drugs on the dark web. Secret Nature packages are discreet and smell-proof, allowing you to enjoy your CBD flower entirely incognito.

8. We provide the information you need to make an informed purchase

Our website is a treasure trove of information. In addition to dozens of guides on every CBD-related topic under the sun, each of our product pages is equipped with a detailed description.

At a glance, you can learn about the cannabinoid concentrations and terpene profiles of every strain we offer, and you’re only a click away from lab tests that prove the quality and potency of our products. Perhaps even more valuable are the thousands of verified customer reviews we’ve accumulated, which provide you with the confidence that you’re picking a winning product.

9. Purchasing CBD online is simple and convenient

With Secret Nature, there’s no need to work a trip to the CBD store into your schedule or put on a mask. Whether it’s the middle of the day or all the world’s asleep, simply pull out your phone, navigate to, and place an order.

In moments, you’ll receive an order confirmation email, and we’ll ship your products within the next 24 hours. Before you know it, your order will be in your mailbox or at your doorstep, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD without encountering any hassle along the way.

10. offers the world’s best selection of CBD products

CBD is no longer a rare substance. Practically every time you step out your door, you’ll be confronted by CBD in one form or another. As the CBD market has matured, however, the divide between good and bad products has become even more dramatic, and you run a variety of unnecessary risks when you purchase CBD at a retail store.

When you purchase CBD flower, CBD pre-rolls, or CBD vapes online at, however, you:

  1. Get all the information you need to make informed decisions
  2. Gain access to an incredible selection of high-quality products
  3. Receive your order within 2-3 days

Secret Nature grows the best CBD flower on the face of the planet, and we make it remarkably easy to purchase our products anywhere, anytime. Start shopping.

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