Which Cannabinoid Is Best for Inflammation?

Published November 15, 2021
Which Cannabinoid Is Best for Inflammation? - Secret Nature

Inflammation is an immune process designed to help your body heal. Left unchecked, though, inflammation can cause disease and make your whole body sick. Many people have started turning to natural substances like hemp to help with inflammation over the last few decades, and just as many health claims have been made about the ability of hemp to heal.

Are the substances present in hemp or cannabis actually anti-inflammatory, though? Going further down the rabbit hole, are certain types of hemp products better for inflammation than others?

In this guide, find out:

  • If cannabinoids are good for inflammation
  • Which cannabinoid is best for inflammation
  • The difference between hemp extract and hemp oil for inflammation
  • Which hemp strain is best for inflammation
  • & more…

Are cannabinoids anti-inflammatory?

Scientific research suggests that most substances in cannabis have at least some anti-inflammatory potential. The degree to which each cannabinoid can offer relief from inflammation is a debated subject, however, and very few cannabinoid-based drugs have been approved for any medical conditions, inflammation-based or otherwise.

As a result, we can only speculate on the anti-inflammatory potential of cannabinoids based on the initial scientific studies that have delved into the topic and the abundance of anecdotal testimony regarding cannabinoid efficacy available online. Many people have found cannabinoids to be effective solutions to their problems with inflammation, and their voices are worth a listen as you develop your own views on the subject.

Is CBD good for inflammation?

CBD has been researched for its ability to prevent inflammation more than perhaps any other cannabinoid. Cannabis scientists are very interested in the ability of CBD to help with inflammation, and there’s a general consensus that CBD is a better target of research in this direction than THC, which has very different properties.

Countless thousands of CBD users have reported success using this cannabinoid for inflammation. As a result, further scientific research into this potential application of CBD is certainly warranted.

Is CBD or CBG better for inflammation?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is very similar to CBD in many ways, and it has also been researched for its potential ability to prevent inflammation. The majority of the research into CBG and inflammation has centered around its potential usefulness in treating inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, and as a less-popular cannabinoid, there still isn’t a lot of research into the inflammation-fighting potential of CBG.

Is CBD or CBC better for inflammation?

Like CBD and CBG, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBC may also show promise as an anti-inflammatory substance. A few studies have shown, for instance, that CBC might strongly interact with your TRP neuroreceptors, which control inflammation throughout the body.

Is CBD or delta 8 better for inflammation?

Scientists have pretty-much concluded at this point that CBD shows much more promise for inflammation than THC. While THC might help with inflammation in some cases, its psychoactive properties make it much less useful from a medical perspective. Plus, CBD appears to directly target the neuroreceptors involved in inflammation, making it appear to be an inherently more efficient option than THC.

Is hemp oil good for inflammation?

The term “hemp oil” most commonly refers to a substance called hemp seed oil, which is extracted from the inert seeds rather than the cannabinoid-rich flowers of the hemp plant. As a result, hemp oil has much less potential to be effective as a therapeutic substance even though it appears to have significant nutritional value.

Which is better: hemp extract or CBD oil?

In some cases, “hemp extract” might refer to hemp seed oil, not cannabinoid-rich hemp flower extract. “CBD oil,” though, always refers to CBD-rich hemp extract, which is one of the most common types of hemp products people use for inflammation. Make sure your hemp product contains high concentrations of cannabinoids before using it for inflammatory conditions.

How do you use CBD for inflammation?

There are three main ways that people use CBD for inflammation:

  • Orally ingesting CBD tinctures
  • Topically applying CBD
  • Inhaling CBD

Out of the three, inhaling CBD might be the best option for severe, chronic inflammation that’s dispersed throughout your body. CBD topicals are only appropriate when inflammation is localized to a certain area, and orally ingesting CBD is less effective than inhaling it even if orally ingested CBD lasts longer.

Is CBD flower good for inflammation?

People commonly use CBD hemp flower for inflammation because it’s inherently the most natural way to use CBD and it offers quick, potent effects. Thousands of customers have used Secret Nature CBD hemp flower for inflammation-related conditions, and they often report incredible results.

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What is the best strain for inflammation?

There doesn’t appear to be much difference between indica and sativa strains when it comes to usefulness for inflammation. What matters more is the potency of your CBD hemp flower, which should contain close to or more than 20% CBD to offer the profound effects you’re looking for. Only indoor-grown, artisan-crafted CBD hemp flower can achieve cannabinoid concentrations that high.

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Does smoking hemp cause inflammation?

Smoking cigarettes causes inflammation because tobacco cigarettes are filled with additives, and burning tobacco creates naturally toxic chemicals as well. Hemp doesn’t contain these chemicals, and hemp flower usually doesn’t contain any additives.

If you’re still concerned about inflammation from smoking hemp flower, though, you can always try vaping instead. Whether you vape hemp flower in a dry herb vaporizer or vape distilled hemp extract, both approaches skip incineration altogether and deliver cannabinoids in vapor form instead.

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