Why Can't You Buy CBD Flower on Amazon?

Published August 08, 2021
Why Can't You Buy CBD Flower on Amazon? - Secret Nature

Amazon sells almost everything, but some items, including CBD flower, remain missing from its vast inventory. Why is it still impossible to buy CBD products on Amazon in 2021, and even if you could, would you want to trust Amazon with your CBD business anyway?

Does Amazon sell CBD flower?

No, Amazon does not sell CBD flower. In fact, you can’t buy CBD products of any kind on Amazon. If you just did, then either what you bought wasn’t CBD or the product you purchased had momentarily escaped the attention of Amazon’s vigilant hemp censors.

Why doesn’t Amazon sell CBD?

Amazon essentially sees CBD as an illegal drug. The platform’s anti-CBD stance is covered under its “Drugs & drug paraphernalia” policy, which forbids the sale of items Amazon has deemed illegal.

It doesn’t matter that the 2018 Farm Bill changed the US federal government’s stance toward CBD. As a private entity, Amazon is free to impose any policies that don’t conflict with the law, and there’s no law forcing Amazon to allow the sale of CBD on its platform.

Can I purchase CBD flower online?

Yes, you can buy CBD flower online quite easily. If you’re in despair after looking for CBD flower on Amazon to no avail, understand this is a normal situation and that thousands of people in your shoes have successfully purchased CBD flower online and received it in the mail anyway.

Some online CBD flower retailers are so professional that buying from them is just as easy or even easier than buying on Amazon. Secret Nature, for instance, accepts Bitcoin as payment, something that Amazon and other major online retailers still refuse to do.

Is it legal to order hemp flower online?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, Cannabis sativa products containing less than 0.3% THC are not the illegal drug “marijuana,” and they are therefore placed in the official category of “unapproved drugs.” It’s not up to us to say exactly what hemp is from the standpoint of federal law, but we can say with certainty that it is not an illegal drug as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

We’ll go on to say that hundreds of thousands of people have bought CBD flower online at this point without incident. The United States Postal Service has better things to do than search for legal weed in your mail, and hardly anyone else cares considerably what kind of sticky-icky you smoke in your own home these days anyway.

Don’t buy hemp on Amazon

It should be pretty obvious at this point that anything looking like hemp flower on Amazon almost certainly isn’t, but we’ll say it anyway: Don’t buy CBD flower on Amazon for any reason. We’ll even give you a few reasons why:

  • Items listed on Amazon as hemp flower probably don’t contain any CBD
  • If they do, they’re sold by disreputable companies that will soon be banned
  • Amazon could take note of your purchasing activity (in a bad way)

Most people go looking for CBD flower on Amazon because they think it’s always the easiest way to shop online. That’s a common misconception, however, that’s quickly being eliminated as the results of Amazon search pages become increasingly clogged with cheap foreign junk.

With the world’s best hemp flower only a click away on other websites, there’s no reason to go looking on Amazon. We don’t know about other hemp flower companies, but Secret Nature, at least, matches Amazon’s 2-3 day shipping times.

Selling CBD flower on Amazon FAQ

1. Is CBD on Amazon legit?

No, CBD sold on Amazon is the furthest thing imaginable from legit. Since Amazon has a strictly anti-CBD policy, any CBD sold on Amazon is, by definition, illegitimate and only available due to trickery or deceit.

We are aware, though, of certain products sold on Amazon that appear to contain CBD. Some of them might actually contain CBD since Amazon isn’t perfect when it comes to enforcing its own policies.

What we’re certain of based on Amazon’s policies, though, is that Amazon is not a legitimate market for selling CBD. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s illegal to buy CBD on Amazon, but since this platform generally doesn’t like CBD sales, you might consider buying your hemp products elsewhere just to be polite.

2. Is there extra-strength CBD oil on Amazon?

We’re sure there are plenty of products on Amazon listed as “extra-strength CBD oil.” What the vast majority of them actually are, though, is hemp oil that doesn’t contain any CBD.

Amazon sellers have found they can effectively market inert hemp products if they not-so-subtly imply they contain CBD. Nowhere in the product description does it directly say CBD is present, but catchphrases like “hemp oil” and “pain relief” are everywhere.

If you’re on the hunt for extra-strength CBD, try somewhere other than Amazon. Plus, consider the fact that inhaling CBD flower offers stronger effects than capsules or tinctures.

2. Can Amazon sell CBD in 2021?

Based on our information, nothing has changed about the fact that you can’t buy or sell CBD on Amazon in 2021. This eCommerce mega-giant has made no indication it intends to update its stance on CBD-infused hemp products, and it’s unlikely that Amazon’s policies will change before Congress improves the status of CBD regulation.

3. Can you buy CBD online legally?

Yes, you can buy CBD-derived hemp products protected under the 2018 Farm Bill from a variety of online retailers. Amazon doesn’t set the policy for the rest of the internet, so just because you can’t buy CBD on Amazon doesn’t mean it isn’t available from other sources.

5. Where to buy CBD near me?

Even though it isn’t available on Amazon, the internet is still the best place to buy CBD near you no matter where you might live in the United States. Major hemp brands ship to all 50 states, and in some cases, shipping times are competitive with eCommerce giants like Amazon and Walmart.

If you have to buy CBD locally, that’s certainly an option. Leave Amazon out of the equation, however, and always do your research to make sure you’re smoking the best top-shelf hemp.

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