Why Organic Cannabis Matters

Published January 11, 2024
Why Organic Cannabis Matters - Secret Nature

People everywhere are aware that the world needs our help now more than ever. Making products as sustainable and organic as possible is one important part of practicing proper stewardship over the Earth. Is it even possible for cannabis to be organic in the first place, though?

In this guide, we will define “organic cannabis” and explain its benefits. Along the way, we will unpack the meaning of the term “organic” to ensure you reach the end with a solid grasp of the ins and outs of organic cannabis.

Can cannabis be organic?

Yes, cannabis can be organic if it is grown using organic means. In its most literal definition, “organic” simply means “made from carbon.” In that sense, all cannabis is chemically organic since it is carbon-based.

For most purposes, however, the definition of “organic” pertains to the method by which a plant-based product is produced. For cannabis cultivation to be organic, it must generally be sustainable and make no use of petroleum-based fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

USDA Organic vs. Organic

Due to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offering “USDA Organic” certification for qualifying products, there is a general misconception that the incorrect use of this term is tantamount to a medical claim. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, does not oversee organic claims, and there is no official definition of “organic” used by the United States federal government.

Despite bizarre and entirely unfounded claims that the word “organic” is itself somehow protected by law, it is completely fair to refer to products that have been produced using organic means with this term. There is a firm, categorical difference between claiming a product is USDA Organic and just referring to it as “organic” as a way of describing how it was made.

Why does organic cannabis matter?

Organic cultivation matters in the case of cannabis for the exact same reason it matters for other products. When produced in accordance with the strictest definition of the term, organic products can be guaranteed to protect the environment, uplift communities, and operate on a sustainable basis.

With cannabis, being organic indicates that products are less likely to contain contaminants and are more likely to offer higher overall value. It’s always better to produce products using safe and sustainable means, and cannabis is no exception.

Why is organic cannabis better?

Organic cannabis is almost always better because it can be trusted to contain lower concentrations of contaminants and do minimal environmental harm. Not all cannabis producers that label their products “organic,” however, have equal right to use the term.

Viewed from one perspective, “organic” is merely a catchphrase that enriches regulators while robbing consumers of any real transparency. Simply by slapping the word organic on a product, a cannabis producer can attain levels of legitimacy their products would never deserve otherwise.

On the other hand, some cannabis companies legitimately do endeavor to produce their goods using the simplest and most sustainable options at their disposal. These very few companies fully deserve the label “organic” because their products are objectively better than competing options.

What is the best organic cannabis?

If you’re looking for the best genuine-organic cannabis on the internet, Secret Nature is a match. Other companies may misuse or completely misunderstand the meaning of the term “organic,” but at Secret Nature, we mean it.

Starting with top-tier genetics procured by the best organic breeders in the country, we produce our cannabis using completely sustainable and organic means. At no point do we use any artificial fertilizers or pesticides, and sustainable, organic methods are also used throughout the final stages of product processing and packaging.

Trust Secret Nature to mean it when we say “organic.” You can also trust us to know what the word actually means.

Organic cannabis: Uplifting safety and freedom

Since its inception, the organic food movement has sought to ensure the lasting safety of consumer products. Responding to the alarming rise of toxic substances in the food supply, early adopters of organic labeling strove to demonstrate the high value they placed on consumer safety.

Very quickly, however, a thriving organic foods industry developed that drew to it all manner of scam artists and other nefarious actors. Rumors of bribery and other forms of corruption within the USDA organic certification process have been circulating for decades, and it’s a bald fact that larger companies have begun to dominate the organic food industry with their well-funded entries into the blooming submarket.

These days, shoppers are right to be skeptical of whether a product labeled as “organic” was actually produced according to organic and sustainable principles at all. Rather than trusting a familiar logo on a product's labeling, therefore, it’s important to do further research and understand what organic means to each individual company.

To Secret Nature, “organic” means our cannabis was produced with the safest and most sustainable methods currently technologically available. We take the utmost care to ensure the sustainability of our operations, and we take comprehensive measures to prevent the presence of agricultural and processing toxins in our products.

To better understand what “organic” means to Secret Nature, simply consult our lab reports. You’ll find that all Secret Nature products are contaminant-free, which reflects the loving care with which we craft each and every one of our artisan cannabis products.

Organic cannabis FAQs

Learn more about what “organic cannabis” means and why it matters in this detailed FAQ section:

Can cannabis be certified organic?

No, the USDA does not provide organic certification for cannabis. Third-party organic certifiers do exist, but we are not aware of any such entities that provide organic certification services for cannabis products. As cannabis becomes more mainstream, expect the process of organic cannabis certification to become more streamlined at both the state and federal levels.

Is organic cannabis more expensive?

In some cases, organic cannabis products might be more expensive than products that are not made using organic means. Unlike the situation with food products, however, there is no standardized pricing in the cannabis industry.

As a result, a company can charge more for low-quality, non-organic cannabis than a sustainable and organic cannabis company charges for their wares. If you’re diligent enough, you’ll certainly be able to find organic cannabis products that are offered for the same price as inferior alternatives.

Is organic cannabis really that much better?

Yes, if organic cannabis is truly organic, it is considerably better than the alternative. It used to be the case that everything was organic before the advent of synthetic agricultural supplies. Now, using organic cannabis is the only way to experience what cannabis was like before the universal ecological devastation of the 20th century — just as is the case with other organic products.

Are there synthetic forms of cannabis?

Yes, there are some forms of cannabis that are so far from organic they can only be considered synthetic. Whether they’re synthesized for pharmaceutical use (Marinol) or for illicit recreational sale (Spice, K2), synthetic forms of cannabis are always inferior to the genuine article. For those seeking organic cannabis, these synthetic alternatives are the opposite of what you want.

What makes “premium cannabis” better?

Premium cannabis is better because it was produced using methods that focus more specifically on the quality of the end product. In many cases, part of cannabis being “premium” is that it is also organic — even though the USDA Organic program has not yet been extended to include cannabis.

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