Why Secret Nature Cannabis-Derived Terpenes Provide the Best Effects on the Market

Published October 26, 2020
Why Secret Nature Cannabis-Derived Terpenes Provide the Best Effects on the Market - Secret Nature

There’s a lot about Cannabis sativa that we’re willing to leave by the wayside. The intoxicating effects of THC, for instance, don’t have any place in our CBD-rich hemp flower and vape products, which is why we ensure that every product we produce contains less than 0.3% of this intoxicating cannabinoid. Even the most intoxicating forms of cannabis, however, are full of beneficial, non-intoxicating compounds, and we improve the power of our CBD products by bringing these substances to their fullest possible potential.

You might have noticed that Secret Nature vape cartridges contain added cannabis terpenes. Terpenes are delicious, beneficial substances that we include in our vape products for a variety of important reasons. In this guide, learn why our cannabis-derived terpenes are superior, brush up on the unique effects that terpenes provide, and discover the benefits that cannabis-derived terpenes add to Secret Nature vape products.

Cannabis-derived terpenes don’t get you high

First, let’s clear up a potential misconception. Even though they’re derived from intoxicating forms of Cannabis sativa, cannabis terpenes don’t get you high. When cannabis processors remove the terpenes from THC-rich types of Cannabis sativa, they specifically target terpenes and leave the THC behind.

Terpenes are inherently non-intoxicating, so as long as they aren’t paired with THC, you won’t experience any intoxicating effects when you ingest terpenes derived from cannabis. Deriving terpenes from intoxicating forms of Cannabis sativa does, however, provide unique benefits that hemp-derived terpenes can’t replicate.

Cannabis-derived terpenes mimic the aromas and flavors of legendary strains

Have you ever tried intoxicating, THC-rich forms of Durban Poison, the iconic sativa-dominant cannabis strain? How about Grape Ape, a hard-hitting indica that’s an all-time favorite among THC users who are always searching for the strongest couchlock? These two strains, along with many others, have distinctive, easily recognizable flavors and aromas that are the result of their unique terpene profiles.

With modern technology, it’s possible to extract the terpenes from Durban Poison, Strawberry Cough, Peach Rings, Lemon Diesel, or any other intoxicating Cannabis sativa strain while leaving the intoxicating THC behind. Then, it’s a simple task to combine these terpenes with CBD-rich hemp extract to exactly replicate the flavor and aroma of legendary strains in a product that doesn’t get you high. Secret Nature Durban Poison may smell and taste exactly like the Durban Poison you can buy at your local recreational or medical marijuana dispensary, but it doesn’t have any intoxicating effects. The same goes for Secret Nature Grape Ape, Secret Nature Gelato 33, or any of the other non-intoxicating, CBD-rich vape cartridges we offer at

Secret Nature vape cartridges perfectly replicate the most desirable aspects of lovingly bred, iconic cannabis strains while offering the full benefits of CBD and eliminating the potentially undesirable attributes of THC. As a CBD user, you no longer have to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. With Secret Nature vape cartridges, you can experience a genuine cannabis experience that goes beyond the high.

Here are some excerpts from Secret Nature vape cartridge reviews to give you an idea of just how effectively these CBD vape products mimic the properties of famous cannabis strains:

Secret Nature Durban Poison

After trying our Durban Poison vape cartridge, Daniela S. tells us that the “taste and smell is authentic,” and Tony S. says that “the taste and quality were fantastic.”

Secret Nature Grape Ape

Brad W. reports that the “cannabis terpenes contribute to the full spectrum effects of this product,” and Thomas H. says that Grape Ape tastes “like grape candy or soda.”

Secret Nature Lemon Diesel

William D. says that the “lemon flavor” of this cartridge was “nice and subtle,” and Dominick S. tells us that he has “had the lemon diesel strain in flower form and this is very similar in flavor.”

Secret Nature live-resin cannabis terpenes are derived using cryogenic extraction

As if mimicking the taste and aroma profiles of legendary cannabis strains wasn’t enough, the terpenes included in Secret Nature vape cartridges might even be superior to the terpenes found in THC-rich flower or vape products. That’s because we derive our cannabis terpenes using cryogenic, live-resin extraction, which perfectly preserves the full potency and power of terpenes at their prime.

While terpenes are impressive, beneficial substances, they tend to oxidize when exposed to heat or ultraviolet light, reducing their potency and in some cases changing their chemical structures. To prevent this undesirable oxidation, we derive our terpenes using a special process that freezes mature Cannabis sativa buds instead of drying and curing them. As a result, our cannabis terpenes smell and taste far more pure and potent than terpenes derived from dried and cured buds.

Our high-tech cryogenic process uses CO2 as an extraction medium, so our cannabis-derived terpenes don’t include any trace solvents or other potential contaminants. The result is the purest, most fragrant, and tastiest cannabis vaping experience available, all while eliminating the potentially problematic aspects of THC and uplifting the non-intoxicating benefits of CBD to their highest potential.

Terpenes may have potent individual benefits

As any veteran pot smoker knows, individual Cannabis sativa strains have unique benefits and effects, and these differences between cannabis strains are largely the result of their distinct terpene profiles. By keeping all the terpenes present in a particular strain together in a single package, we can replicate the unique benefits of certain strains, providing the exact effects you’ve come to expect from your favorite cannabis cultivars without getting you high.

In addition to the benefits that terpenes provide when they’re kept together in strain-specific packages, individual terpenes also have impressive and unique benefits. Many terpenes, for instance, have been researched for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential, and some terpenes may even have pain-fighting properties. Certain terpenes, such as linalool, have been investigated for their potential antimicrobial properties, and it’s possible that select terpenes may have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects.

By boosting our true full-spectrum CBD oil with live-resin cannabis terpenes, we capture the unique properties of individual terpenes while also providing the holistic benefits that the combinations of terpenes present in specific strains can provide. The result is an incredibly potent, fragrant, and tasty vaping experience that offers the most value available throughout the entire hemp market.

Terpenes may increase the potency of cannabinoids

You’ve probably heard of the entourage effect. Some cannabis scientists think that this theorized form of synergy makes cannabinoids more effective when they’re used together. What you might not know, however, is that certain researchers think that terpenes may be just as integral to the entourage effect as cannabinoids.

Even if the entourage is only triggered when cannabinoids are used together, this phenomenon could get even stronger when terpenes are thrown into the mix as well. Therefore, it’s possible that adding terpenes to full-spectrum hemp extract could make CBD more effective at higher doses, and it’s even possible that the entourage effect might become stronger in proportion to the concentration of terpenes present in CBD products.

Cannabis-derived terpenes make Secret Nature vape products smell and taste great

Terpenes have individual benefits, and by working together, they provide cannabis strains with their distinctive effects and beneficial attributes. As if these attributes weren’t enough to prove the incredible usefulness of terpenes in CBD products, these non-intoxicating substances might even make CBD stronger. Now you’re starting to understand why terpenes are such an important component of the vape cartridges we produce at Secret Nature.

What might have gotten lost in all this talk about the potential medical benefits of cannabis terpenes, however, are the two most obvious and important benefits that terpenes provide: These non-intoxicating cannabis compounds smell great, and they taste even better. Compared to THC, the CBD molecule often has a harsher taste when vaporized, making the flavorful properties of terpenes even more important in CBD vape cartridges.

While less important, the aromatic properties of terpenes also add to your enjoyment of Secret Nature cartridges. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as opening your Secret Nature vape cartridge package and being met with the powerful aroma of your favorite cannabis strain. That is, until you connect your cartridge to its battery and start vaping.

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