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Frequently Asked Questions

What is H4CBD?

H4CBD is a synthetic form of CBD that may be more effective in some ways. Very little research has been conducted into the properties of H4CBD so far, but some evidence indicates it may have much higher affinity for CB1 neuroreceptors than CBD. Since CBD naturally has essentially no affinity for CB1, any activation that H4CBD provides at this receptor will be minimal. Even so, some users indicate that H4CBD feels like a slightly intoxicating form of CBD.

Is H4CBD legal?

H4CBD is not chemically identical with the compound delta 9 THC, which is the only substance defined as “marijuana” under federal law as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill. So, H4CBD is most likely considered to be industrial hemp like CBD and other non-THC cannabinoids. However, cannabinoids that can only come into existence through laboratory synthesis, like H4CBD, are in a somewhat separate legal category from cannabinoids that can be derived naturally — even if they are also sometimes synthesized.

Is H4CBD synthetic?

Yes, H4CBD is an inherently synthetic compound. It is created through a simple form of chemical synthesis called hydrogenation. This process is commonly carried out to create hydrogenated cooking oils in the culinary world. Even if the process used to make H4CBD only adds hydrogen atoms, there are ample chances for contamination throughout. If you decide to try H4CBD, make sure it is from a reliable source and comes equipped with third-party lab reports.

Is H4CBD psychoactive?

It’s not clear whether H4CBD has genuine psychoactive properties or not. It’s certainly more active as a psychoactive cannabinoid than CBD, but how much H4CBD’s slight activation of your CB1 receptors impacts your experience of life remains unclear. If you’re curious about the effects of H4CBD, we invite you to try an H4CBD product for yourself and report back with the details.

What are the effects of H4CBD?

H4CBD is usually described as having essentially the same effects of CBD but with the slightest tinge of intoxication. This cannabinoid will not get you high in the same way as THC or even delta 8, but it might provide a slightly stronger experience than CBD for those who are ready to turn it up a notch.

Can you fail a drug test from H4CBD?

It is no more likely to fail a drug test after using H4CBD than it is to fail a drug test after using CBD. Even though H4CBD might activate your CB1 receptors somewhat, that doesn’t mean it has the same chemical signature as THC. Drug tests detect the presence of foreign substances, not endogenous transmitter compounds, so merely activating your CB1 receptors will not make you fail a drug test. Just as is the case with CBD, the relevant factor is how much THC remains in your product after refinement.

Is H4CBD stronger than CBD?

Whether it genuinely has any intoxicating properties, users generally agree that H4CBD is at least stronger than CBD. It does what CBD does, but just more strongly. However, those who have tried the cannabinoid aren’t in agreement regarding how, exactly, CBD and H4CBD are different. There’s certainly no consensus opinion that H4CBD always gets you high.

What types of H4CBD products are there?

At the moment, you’ll most commonly find H4CBD in the form of a distillate or vape. With new, relatively untested cannabinoids like H4CBD, there isn’t usually enough demand to justify the production of more-complex products like gummies and tinctures. As H4CBD becomes more popular, you might start to find these product types offered as well.

What is H4CBD distillate?

H4CBD distillate is the form H4CBD usually takes when it is sold in bulk quantities. It consists of a honey-like, viscous oil that contains high concentrations of H4CBD. Some H4CBD distillates can offer as much as 95% purity, but most contain considerably reduced concentrations of the cannabinoid. On its own, H4CBD distillate is relatively hard for an average user to enjoy. As a result, distillates containing this and other cannabinoids are commonly poured into vape cartridges or disposable vape pens.

What are H4CBD vapes?

H4CBD vapes are the most common types of H4CBD products found online. In terms of the complexity of the production process, vapes are almost as easy to make as distillate, and they are very popular these days. It’s extremely important, though, to choose your H4CBD vapes wisely. Contamination is already an unfortunately common issue in the hemp industry, and whenever you synthesize a cannabinoid, opportunities for contamination increase. Learn about the extraction method that was used to make an H4CBD, and always check the independence and authenticity of any lab reports provided.

What are H4CBD disposables?

H4CBD disposables are vapes with the battery and the cartridge combined into one unit. They’re about as common as H4CBD vape cartridges, and many users prefer the convenience that disposables offer. Just as is the case with other H4CBD vapes, quality is absolutely key when selecting the best H4CBD vape available online.

What are H4CBD gummies?

Rarer than some other types of CBD products, H4CBD gummies are nonetheless becoming more common as this cannabinoid gains popularity. H4CBD gummies are just like gummies containing any other cannabinoid — there’s no guarantee the cannabinoid extract and other ingredients they contain are high-quality. You’ll need to take a close look at any H4CBD gummy product you intend to use to make sure it meets your quality standards.

What are H4CBD tinctures?

H4CBD tinctures are still almost unheard of, but you might be able to find one or two product options if you search the internet carefully enough. Keep in mind that tinctures are products that generally only appear once shoppers have gotten used to a cannabinoid and it is in high demand. As a result, you shouldn’t expect H4CBD tinctures to become popular anytime in the next few years.

Is H4CBD the same as HHCP?

No, H4CBD and HHCP are very different compounds. HHCP is in the THC family, so it has decidedly intoxicating effects while H4CBD is only mildly intoxicating at most. The two cannabinoids are, however, made in similar ways — they’re both hydrogenated, changing their chemical structures and making them synthetic.

Is H4CBD the same as THCP?

No, H4CBD and THCP are vastly different compounds even though they became popular at around the same time. While THCP is a naturally occurring form of THC that scientists believe may offer more than 10 times the potency, H4CBD is a synthetic form of CBD created by adding hydrogen to CBD molecules. From their origins to their effects, H4CBD and THCP are about as different as two cannabinoids can be. THCP is almost mind-blowingly intoxicating while most users wouldn’t be able to tell H4CBD apart from normal CBD.

Can you buy H4CBD online?

Yes, H4CBD products are available online due to the 2018 Farm Bill. The popularity of H4CBD remains low compared to other cannabinoids, though, so don’t expect to find an enormous selection. Out of the products you’re able to find, make sure to perform proper research to accurately determine their quality and safety. Finding third-party lab reports is a good start.

What are the best H4CBD products?

The best H4CBD products come from a trusted brand that has already proved it can make high-quality products that shoppers love. With vapes and disposables, live resin extract should be used, and all H4CBD products should be accompanied with credible, third-party lab reports you can use to make sure they’re safe and potent.