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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hemp THCV?

THCV is a cannabinoid naturally found in hemp. It is a variant of THC with an extra chain on its tail, subtly altering the chemical structure. In almost every strain of Cannabis sativa, THCV is only present in concentrations under 1%. As a result, most THCV products consist of cannabinoids that have been converted using a simple enzymatic process. A chemical precursor to another cannabinoid, such as CBD or CBG, is exposed to the enzymes cannabis produces when it wants precursors to transform into THCV. No artificial chemicals are introduced in the process; the resulting THCV is chemically identical to naturally occurring THCV.

Does THCV get you high?

Yes, as a member of the THC family, THCV has decidedly intoxicating effects. Most users report that THCV doesn’t get you quite as high as conventional THC, dubbing it “THC lite.” Nonetheless, THCV is nowhere near CBD in terms of effects — expect the types of effects provided by the original form of THC.

What does THCV do in the body?

There is very limited evidence that, compared to conventional delta 9 THC, THCV doesn’t activate the CB1 receptors as fully. In fact, it seems to almost fight itself at these vital endocannabinoid system neuroreceptors. At the same time that THCV apparently activates CB1 like normal THC, it also prevents the activation of this receptor, resulting in reduced effects — and, supposedly, suppressed appetite.

Does THCV help you lose weight?

Some people believe THCV might help you lose weight due to a few studies indicating that this cannabinoid may have appetite-suppressing properties. To be clear, though, there’s no proof that THCV suppresses your appetite — and in any case, eating too much is only one potential cause of obesity. If you’re curious about the appetite-suppressing properties of THCV, we suggest you give this cannabinoid a try for yourself and report back with your unique results.

What effects does THCV have on anxiety?

There’s some anecdotal evidence that THCV might be useful for anxiety, but no clinical research has been conducted into the potential anxiolytic benefits of the cannabinoid. In regards to conventional THC, some users swear by its anti-anxiety powers, but others say that THC increases their anxiety. As an overall reduced form of THC, it’s likely that THCV has the potential to either increase or reduce anxiety depending on the person.

Does THCV help with pain?

There’s some initial evidence that THCV might be useful for pain, which would be unsurprising given that THC-rich cannabis has been used to alleviate pain for millennia. As to whether THCV is better at alleviating pain than normal THC, the situation is less clear. If you suffer from chronic pain, though, there seems to be little to lose from trying THCV if you’ve already tried the conventional form of THC.

What strength is THCV?

Within the THC family, THCV is generally considered to be one of the lowest-strength options. Users often rate THCV at one-quarter to one-third the effectiveness of normal THC, making it quite mild for habitual THC users but potentially just right for newbies. Even though THCV will get you stoned, it won’t get you nearly as stoned as normal THC.

Is HHC stronger than THCV?

Yes, HHC is generally considered to be nearly as effective as THC when it comes to overall potency, which would place it higher on the ladder than THCV. Compared to THCV, though, HHC is a synthetic cannabinoid, potentially making THCV more desirable to some users regardless of its reduced potency.

Is THCA stronger than THCV?

Yes, THCA is usually stronger than THCV since THCA naturally converts into conventional delta 9 THC when heated. If THCA is consumed without being converted into THC, however, its potency might be something similar to the potency of THCV. Both cannabinoids are inherently less potent than THC — the major difference being that THCV does not become any stronger when you heat it.

Is delta 8 stronger than THCV?

Yes, delta 8 THC is generally considered to be at least somewhat more potent than THCV, but the potency difference between these two cannabinoids certainly isn’t massive. If THCV offers roughly a third of the potency of THC, delta 8 offers perhaps two-thirds. So, the difference in potency between THCV and delta 8 is considerable enough to be worthy of keeping in mind when selecting products.

What is the difference between THCV and THCVA?

THCVA is the chemical precursor to THCV. In cannabis flower, cannabinoids originally appear in carboxylic acid forms — structures similar to terpenes in that they oxidize and transform easily. THCVA emerges early in the maturation cycle of cannabis flower, and it usually only converts into THCV when used. In terms of effects, we don’t know enough about either THCV or THCVA yet to compare them accurately.

Can you take THCV and delta 8 together?

Yes, there is no evidence that taking THCV and delta 8 at the same time should cause any problems. Cannabinoids do not compete for digestive enzymes — instead, they synergize together to provide boosted effects. Taking THCV and delta 8 together shouldn’t cause any problems, but it might result in a slightly more-potent experience than you’re used to.

Is THCV safe?

As a natural cannabinoid, there shouldn’t be any major safety concerns over THCV. All cannabinoid products can become contaminated during production, however, a problem that affects converted cannabinoids like THCV more than it affects strictly natural cannabinoids like CBD. The introduction of another step, cannabinoid conversion, presents new opportunities for contamination, making credible third-party lab testing even more important for THCV products.

Does THCV make you test positive for THC?

It is possible to fail a drug test for THC after using THCV. For one thing, most THCV products contain up to 0.3% delta 9 THC, which could be enough to trigger a false positive. Also, drug tests vary in the scope of compounds they identify as THC. Some drug tests focus solely on delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, but others are calibrated to also detect the presence of variants like delta 8 or THCV. Learn more about the drug test you’ll be taking to get a better idea of whether it will be able to detect THCV use.

What products contain THCV?

THCV is mainly present in cannabis flower, vapes, and edibles like gummies. There are some THCV tincture products available on the internet as well, and bulk users can buy raw THCV distillate, which can then be made into finished products. As the industry expands, expect to discover an ever-greater array of THCV products for sale.

What are THCV vapes?

THCV vapes are among the most common types of THCV products since they are the easiest to make with distillate. Coming in the form of either a cartridge or a disposable pen, THCV vapes make it easy and discreet to inhale THCV anytime, anywhere — unlike smoke, vapor doesn’t linger, allowing aromas to disperse almost immediately. THCV vapes are notoriously prone to contamination, so choose your products wisely.

What are THCV gummies?

THCV gummies are fruity, chewy edibles that contain high concentrations of THCV. These THCV products are gradually becoming more common as the cannabinoid becomes more popular overall. Since there aren’t many options to choose from, though, it’s important to select between THCV gummy products with special care.

What is THCV distillate?

THCV distillate is the original form THCV takes when THCV isolate is combined with hemp flower extract. The resulting concentrate can contain as much as 90% THCV combined with minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural cannabis substances. THCV distillate is the primary type of THCV extract used to create other THCV products, and you can also vaporize it on its own — as long as the grade is high enough.

Is THCV a controlled substance?

No, THCV is generally excluded from the federal government’s definition of marijuana, which usually only applies specifically to the cannabinoid delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, other cannabinoids are exempt from being defined as Schedule I substances, so THCV is usually considered industrial hemp despite its close resemblance to conventional THC.

What are the best THCV products?

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