10 Facts to Learn About the REM CBD Tincture

Published March 30, 2022
10 Facts to Learn About the REM CBD Tincture - Secret Nature

The REM CBD Tincture, powered by Secret Nature, contains everything you could ever need in an orally ingested CBD product. Instead of packing in useless ingredients to save money, the additional substances added to this tincture add genuine value and improve the benefits of CBD.

As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I recently had a chance to try the REM CBD Tincture for myself, and I can safely say that it’s the tastiest and most effective CBD tincture I have ever used. In this review, learn the top 10 things I think you should know about this revolutionary oral CBD product.

REM CBD Tincture overview

  • 1500mg CBD
  • Includes shilajit and black seed oil
  • 60mg CBD per serving
  • 1mg CBG, CBDV, CBC, & THC per serving
  • 10mg shilajit per serving
  • Batch-tested
  • Subscribe & save offered
  • 100% raw & organic

1. It features 1500mg full-spectrum CBD

First, you should know exactly how much CBD this tincture contains. With 1500mg of CBD packed into a 1oz bottle, each drop of REM CBD Tincture you ingest contains a considerable dose of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. If you’re tired of taking reasonably large amounts of CBD tincture without feeling any results, this higher dose is what you’ve been looking for.

Things start to get confusing, though, when tinctures are offered in multiple potencies. That’s why I’m glad Secret Nature has stuck to just one potency for this tincture. 1500mg of CBD is plenty, and this way, you’ll never choose the wrong option by mistake.

2. It packs the power of shilajit

This tincture doesn’t just include CBD. One of the primary additional ingredients is shilajit, a rare substance derived from rocks only found in the Himalayas. The result of an advanced form of fermentation that occurs on the scale of geological time, shilajit is an antioxidant substance that Himalayan mystics have long believed imparts well-being and longevity.

As someone who takes shilajit regularly anyway, the fact that this substance is already included in my REM CBD Tincture just makes things more convenient. This tincture doesn’t simply include a pittance of shilajit just so it can list this substance in its ingredients, either. For every 60mg of CBD, the REM CBD Tincture packs 10mg shilajit, allowing you to consume a considerable amount of this natural super-substance whenever you swallow a dropperful of tincture.

3. It also features black seed oil

Another rare, ancient antioxidant substance, black seed oil is derived from Nigella sativa, and as its scientific name suggests, this substance bears some resemblance to cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts. As a result, black seed oil is a natural addition to the REM CBD Tincture, and with the presence of this powerful antioxidant, this tincture’s healing power takes on entirely new dimensions.

More research needs to be conducted into black seed oil to be certain about its potential benefits, but based on what we know so far, this natural substance might be effective for conditions as varied as diabetes, asthma, and obesity. The presence of black seed oil doesn’t dramatically change the flavor or consistency of the REM CBD Tincture, but it does unlock impressive new benefits. 

4. It includes minor cannabinoids

CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid you’ll find in your REM CBD Tincture. This ultra full-spectrum oral hemp product also contains CBDa, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA, CBDVA, and delta 9 THC—all in small concentrations. Based on research into the entourage effect, though, it appears the mere presence of minor cannabinoids matters more than their individual concentrations.

While most non-intoxicating cannabinoids are relatively similar, each substance has unique effects, and when used together, the effects of individual cannabinoids combine to offer benefits that go beyond the sum of their parts. None of the cannabinoids in the REM CBD Tincture were artificially added—Secret Nature’s exemplary hemp extract naturally contains this robust profile of minor cannabinoids.

5. It’s boosted with cannabis terpenes

Cannabinoids aren’t the only natural substances that can contribute to the entourage effect. Research indicates that cannabis terpenes also have the power to enhance this synergy, which is one of the reasons an abundance of natural terpenes are included in the REM CBD Tincture.

Whether or not terpenes are ever conclusively proven to contribute to the entourage effect, anyone can tell that these natural botanical substances taste and smell amazing. I could detect the presence of terpenes the moment I opened the cap of my REM CBD Tincture. Their dank, fruity sweetness was even apparent over the aroma of the mint essential oil with which this tincture is flavored.

6. It has a base of MCT oil

You can use a wide variety of substances as bases for CBD tinctures. Almost all of these “carrier oils” are problematic for one reason or another, though—all save MCT oil, which is now regarded as the gold standard of CBD tincture carrier oils.

A natural derivative of coconuts, MCT oil makes CBD more bioavailable without contributing any negative effects. In fact, many people take MCT oil on its own due to research indicating this simple substance may offer its own unique benefits.

7. It’s raw & organic

You now know the names of all the substances present in the REM CBD Tincture. What we haven’t told you so far, though, is that this oral CBD product is 100% raw and organic. By “raw,” we mean that none of its ingredients have been cooked or processed, and you can check for yourself to confirm that all of these ingredients are also organically produced.

Whether you have dietary sensitivities or simply want to do the right thing, purchasing and consuming raw and organic products is the way to go. In future decades, we’ll look back at all the processing and tinkering we did with food and medicine with dismay, but the REM CBD Tincture will look just as good then as it does now.

8. It’s batch-tested

Once your REM CBD Tincture arrives in the mail, you’ll notice a sticker on its side labeling the substance within as “SUPER SPECTRUM OIL” and providing a scannable QR code. Scan this code using a smartphone, and you’ll be brought to the lab report page for this particular batch of REM CBD Tincture.

Making lab tests accessible and up-to-date is essential if you want your customers to trust you. Secret Nature knows this, which is why it’s so easy to find the lab reports for your particular product.

The same is the case for every other Secret Nature product, by the way. At this point, I’ve tried almost every product in the Secret Nature catalog, and each label featured a similar sticker and QR code.

9. It’s often used for digestion

Looking through the nearly 100 five-star reviews that have been left for the REM CBD Tincture, a few themes become apparent. First among them is that customers who use this tincture often report turning to it for digestive relief.

While using CBD for digestion wasn’t as popular before, a quick browse through Reddit or Twitter will tell you that this use of CBD is currently trending. If you suffer from a digestive condition, look into how CBD (or shilajit and black seed oil, for that matter) might help.

10. It’s also used for anxiety

The other use I came across most frequently when perusing REM CBD Tincture reviews is anxiety relief. People have used CBD for anxiety since the earliest days this cannabinoid was on the market, and interest in this use of CBD hasn’t slowed down since.

If you suffer from anxiety, you might want to combine the REM CBD Tincture with an inhaled CBD product. Secret Nature just came out with disposable versions of its CBD vapes, for instance, which make it ludicrously convenient to tackle acute anxiety as your REM CBD Tincture exerts milder effects over the course of a few hours.

Try the REM CBD Tincture today

To be perfectly honest, I’m one of the more skeptical voices when it comes to tinctures. Given the fact that orally ingested CBD is far less bioavailable, I’ve always opted to inhale my cannabinoids instead. Plus, tinctures are the oldest CBD products in the book, and there are so many low-quality, disappointing CBD tinctures out there that I’d become jaded toward the entire product category.

If the REM CBD Tincture was a breath of fresh air for a naysayer like me, I can’t imagine how mind-blowing this oral CBD product might be for someone who is already a fan of tinctures. In closing, here are the main features of this tincture that ended up bringing me around:

  • There aren’t any superfluous or “filler” ingredients. Everything is there for a reason.
  • The dosage is perfect.
  • The natural flavor is excellent—especially the cannabis terpenes.
  • The effects were profound and kicked in faster than I expected.

BONUS: REM CBD Tincture instructions

Wondering how you’ll use your REM CBD Tincture once it arrives? Just follow these simple instructions, which will also be included on your tincture’s box.

  1. Store in a cool, dry place
  2. Shake well before using
  3. Take half a dropper once or twice daily
  4. For enhanced effects, hold under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing
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