11 Fun Ways to Reuse Secret Nature Packaging

Published March 15, 2021
11 Fun Ways to Reuse Secret Nature Packaging - Secret Nature

As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’ve opined frequently on the impressive reusability of Secret Nature packaging. I’ve been trying every Secret Nature product one by one, and I’ve found ample additional uses for the packaging provided with each product.

If you’d prefer to responsibly recycle your Secret Nature packaging, that’s up to you. You might change your mind, however, after reading this list of 11 fun ways you can reuse Secret Nature packaging once the products inside have puffed their last puffs.

1. Learn how to reuse CBD packaging

Let’s start with the basics. Throwing away your Secret Nature product packaging isn’t reusing it. Not to get too technical, but an item needs to avoid entering the landfill to be reused.

You might want to responsibly discard, however, certain portions of your Secret Nature packaging. It’s unlikely, for instance, that you’ll find any further use for the metal pull-tab lid that came with your tin of Secret Nature flower.

Likewise, you might keep the glass cylinder from your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack, but you may not find a use for its box. Put the box in your recycling bin, and hold onto the cylinder for later.

Many of us go our whole lives without really understanding what packaging is or how it works. At Secret Nature, however, we’re surrounded by product packaging every day.

You’ll find that treating your Secret Nature packaging as gently as possible will make it the easiest to reuse. Open your imagination, and get ready for a ride through the best ways to reuse your Secret Nature packaging.

2. Save your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack jars for other joints

Mesmerizing, glistening, and crystalline. Maybe I just really like containers, but I find myself endlessly fascinated by Secret Nature’s pre-roll two-pack glass cylinders.

I’ve collected quite a few by now, and I’ve devised a variety of methods for using them around the house. One of my favorite methods is using my empty two-pack jars as a place to store joints from opened seven-pack containers.

Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack containers are technically resealable, but I’ve found that my brutish hands often break their seals accidentally. Since it's impossible to perfectly seal the joints inside at that point, I transfer them into empty and properly marked Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack cylinders.

You might even want to make the switch if you have no problem fully resealing your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Packs. After sampling almost every Pre-Roll 7-Pack and 2-Pack in Secret Nature’s arsenal, I’m under the impression that joints in two-packs are slightly smoother than joints in seven-packs.

I’ve written about this more extensively in other reviews, but I believe the glass storage medium may play a role in the unusually excellent preservation of joints in Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack containers. You’ll see as we continue that there are plenty of other reasons to keep your two-pack cylinders even if you never plan to smoke another joint. 

3. Store business cards in your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack box

Secret Nature’s Pre-Roll 7-Pack boxes are sleek and feel slightly padded when grasped. In my mind, they’re the hemp packaging equivalent of high-end leather business card holders.

You might feel a little awkward presenting your own business card in a box festooned with Secret Nature hemp pre-roll labeling. That doesn’t mean you can’t use Pre-Roll 7-Pack boxes to store other people’s business cards, however.

In the process of living daily life, we lamentably often find ourselves overladen with business cards from local service professionals, loyalty stamp cards, and other odd-shaped little squares of cardboard that love to fill glove boxes and desk drawers. If you’re like me, you’d rather not throw them away, but organizing all these cards can seem like a hassle.

It’s not something I’ll keep on my desk all the time. But, in a drawer in my closet, there’s a Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack full of business cards and other card-shaped odds and ends I couldn’t find other places for.

4. Organize used vape cartridges in your Secret Nature Vape box

Using the right techniques, it’s possible to salvage the tiny bit of oil leftover at the end of every vape cartridge. For the sake of efficiency, you might want to hold onto your used vape carts until you have a sizable batch.

In the meanwhile, store your spent carts in a leftover Secret Nature Vape box. Depending on the size and shape of the carts, I’d say you could easily fit two layers of cartridges five-deep.

5. Preserve card-shaped keepsakes in your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack box

In my fireproof safe, there’s another Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack full of old IDs and other card-shaped keepsakes. These small objects have cluttered my safe for years. I’ve never felt they deserved their own plastic containers, and I didn’t have the right size of plastic bag.

Nestled into a durable Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Pack box, however, I’m confident these important keepsakes will be kept safe. I also know they won’t make a mess or look unsightly among my other valuables.

6. Put spices in your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack cylinders

Most of us don’t like a giant pile of cayenne pepper poured on our meals. That’s what you’ll get if you store most spices in a Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack cylinder.

One of these long glass cylinders is an absolutely ideal storage place for vanilla beans, however. Anything long and thin, including cinnamon sticks, will fit nice and snugly inside a durable, airtight Secret Nature glass cylinder.

These unbranded glass cylinders will look great in your kitchen cabinet. Plus, when you open them, you might catch a faint whiff of hemp.

7. Store small electronics in Secret Nature Vape boxes

Secret Nature Vape boxes are the perfect size to store various odds and ends. One use I’ve found for them is electronics storage.

Coiled up, for instance, an empty Secret Nature Vape box is the perfect size for an iPhone cord. You might even be able to squeeze a small USB wall adapter in there as well.

If you accumulate a lot of Secret Nature Vape boxes, you can fill each of them with a different electronic item. Cords and other electronics don’t usually stack neatly, but they will when nestled inside these convenient two-part boxes.

8. Tap ash in an old Secret Nature 3.6g tin

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. If you smoke your Secret Nature CBD nugs rather than vape them or you like to puff on Secret Nature Pre-Rolls, use an empty Secret Nature 3.6 bud tin as a stylish place to accumulate ash.

9. Make your Secret Nature 3.6g tin into a piggy bank

Even as we progress toward a cashless society, there are still times when physical currency is unavoidable. One of these times, as many hemp users know, is when you’re making cannabis transactions.

Change kept accumulating in my cup holder. I don’t like having anything in my cup holder, so I stuck a Secret Nature 3.6g jar in one of the water bottle holders embedded in my door.

Now, whenever I get change, I automatically shuffle it into this tin. It doesn’t make any noise while driving, but there is a pleasantly nostalgic clink whenever I add change.

Once the tin gets full, I’ll remove it and dump out the change. Maybe I’ll switch it out for a different one at that point.

10. Make decorations with Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack cylinders

Dry a small spring flower. Gather some pebbles and sand. Select some of your favorite crystals or polished rocks.

Whatever you’d like to display, grab it and put it inside an empty Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack cylinder. These crystal-clear glass cylinders provide the perfect context for your diorama regardless of which type of aesthetic you’re trying to evoke.

11. Use your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Pack cylinder as a portable bud stash

The slim glass cylinder that your Secret Nature Pre-Roll 2-Packs come in won’t be large enough to hold the top colas of an average cannabis plant. They’re plenty large enough, however, to hold a few small buds that you might want to take with you for various purposes.

Secret Nature’s 3.6g nug packaging is useful and extremely durable. Once its metal airtight seal is opened, however, the packaging is no longer entirely airtight.

Leaking aromas could be problematic depending on where you’re carrying your Secret Nature hemp buds. Plus, the circular shape of the Secret Nature 3.6g flower tin isn’t exactly pocket-friendly.

Leave your tin of flower at home, and place a few select nugs in a leftover Pre-Roll 2-Pack cylinder. Now, you can take Secret Nature hemp flower with you anywhere you want, confident in your total lack of aroma leakage.

Let your imagination run wild

I didn’t have to try hard to come up with this list. None of the ideas I’ve come up with are gimmicky or far fetched.

Why? Because Secret Nature packaging is legitimately high-quality, so it has a lot of inherent value you can reshape to your purposes even after the products it once contained are long gone.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hundreds of different uses for old Secret Nature packaging that we could come up with together. If you have any uses you’d like to share, leave them in a product review or tag us on social media with #secretnature.

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