The Trifecta Review: Secret OG 3.6g, 2-Pack, and 7-Pack Compared

Published March 10, 2021
The Trifecta Review: Secret OG 3.6g, 2-Pack, and 7-Pack Compared - Secret Nature

Secret Nature offers Secret OG in three forms: as a tin of CBD flower, a pre-roll two-pack, and a pre-roll seven-pack. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I’ve recently been privileged to try this all-time-favorite Secret Nature strain in all three forms.

I’m here to let you know about the benefits and effects of the Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 7-Pack first and foremost. But, I’m also going to intersperse plenty of commentary on what it’s like to have experienced Secret OG in each of its three forms.

First impressions

Let’s start with a few quick facts about Secret OG. Across all three product types, this Secret Nature strain currently has a grand total of 761 verified customer reviews.

Secret OG has an aggregate five-star rating. This strain does occasionally get a bad review here and there, but any negative nancies are immediately subsumed beneath a flood of vibing, satisfied customers.

For a hot product on Amazon, 761 reviews might not be all that much. In the CBD industry, however, review counts this high are incredibly rare.

At the time of this writing, Secret Nature has 7,939 reviews across all of its products. That’s incredible for a CBD brand — especially a brand in such a volatile, new niche as CBD flower.

The Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Pre-Roll 7-Pack carried all this gravitas with it as I spilled its contents. As usual, the plastic bag my pre-rolls were contained within was relatively finicky, but we worked it out.

Secret OG’s aroma was just as I remembered it. Sweet, gassy, and citrusy, this strain’s immediately distinguishable aroma made its way through the all-hemp paper and crutch of my Secret Nature pre-roll.

In terms of aroma, nothing beats raw nugs. It’s a raw fact that no pre-rolled joint ever smelled as good as a dank hemp bud you just cracked open a second ago.

Nonetheless, the pre-rolls in my Secret Nature Secret OG CBD Pre-Roll 7-Pack conveyed the unique benefits of this strain quite well. Overall, I was very pleased by the packaging, texture, flavor, and effects of my Secret OG 7-Pack.


  • Over 700 reviews
  • Secret Nature has nearly 8,000 reviews overall
  • Pre-rolls from my 7-Pack had great texture, flavor, and effects

Packaging and labeling

After sifting my way through a seemingly endless sea of Secret Nature packages, I can say with confidence that the award for best packaging is a tossup between this brand’s pre-roll two-packs and vape cartridges. While still better than anything else I’ve seen in the industry, Secret Nature 3.6g tins and pre-roll seven-packs both have minor imperfections.

Secret Nature pre-roll two-pack packages are just so suave and iconic that they deserve a tie for first place. The only minor issue I can see with Secret Nature’s 3.6 tins is that they aren’t 100% smell-proof after they’re opened once.

Secret Nature Pre-Roll 7-Packs would be flawless if the bags their joints came in didn’t break. Glass isn’t feasible for this pack size, but it’s conceivable that another airtight solution might provide reliable resealability.

The seal of my Secret OG Pre-Roll 7-Pack remained intact, but I’ve torn seven-pack bags before. Apart from this sole issue, Secret Nature’s hemp pre-roll packaging is incredibly thoughtful and well-engineered amid an industry focused on cheap, disposable packaging festooned with bright, hypnotizing colors.

I’ve always found Secret Nature’s product labeling to be very diligent. It doesn’t provide an overabundance of information, but it provides just enough to entertain when appropriate and inform when needed.


  • Great packaging
  • Potential resealability issues with airtight plastic bags
  • Very high-quality, well-engineered packaging design
  • Classy, entertaining, and informative labeling


At this point, I’m pretty sure I notice a subtle difference in the textures of hemp joints from Secret Nature two-packs and Secret Nature seven-packs. And, I might have an explanation.

Secret Nature two-packs, including the Secret OG 2-Pack I reviewed previously, come in roomy glass cylinders. There are only two joints in the cylinder, and they have an abundance of air volume in which to breathe.

Secret Nature’s pre-roll seven-packs, however, consist of seven joints laid next to each other in alternating up-and-down positions inside an airtight plastic bag. There’s not much room to breathe, and there’s a lot more plant matter inside the sealed environment.

It’s possible that these subtly different storage conditions affect the properties of the hemp in Secret Nature’s pre-rolls, also impacting their texture. While just as pleasant as I’ve always found Secret OG to be, the texture of the joints in my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 7-Pack was just slightly harsher than I remembered the texture of the joints in my two-pack being.


  • Slight difference in texture between Secret OG two-pack and seven-pack
  • Could be due to different storage conditions inherent to packaging design
  • One solution is switching the joints in your seven-packs to leftover two-pack tubes


Personally, I just can’t get past the feeling that vaping CBD flower releases the delicious flavors of hemp the best. Smoking CBD flower in a bong or another filtered type of smoking implement is a good second-best, and smoking joints is probably in last place when it comes to flavor.

All the same, the delicious flavor of the joints from my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 7-Pack came through loud and clear. While a little on the burnt side, I was still easily able to enjoy the earthy, sweet, and citrus flavors of this delicious Secret Nature strain.

Regardless of which strain it is, Secret Nature hemp flower universally tastes amazing. Anyone with even a modicum of hemp experience will recognize that Secret Nature buds are high-quality and pure from flavor alone.


  • Sweet, earthy, citrusy, and lemony notes of Secret OG come through loud and clear
  • Flavor not quite as pleasant as when vaped
  • Flower clearly high-quality from taste alone


I can’t decide which type of Secret Nature Secret OG flower product delivered this strain’s pleasant effects the best. While I’d hazard a guess and say that vaping provides the most intense effects, smoking an entire Secret OG pre-roll dumps quite a bit of CBD in your system as well.

However I used it, Secret OG has consistently delivered couch-locky, strong indica effects. This strain is great for using before bed, and the Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 7-Pack is convenient if you want to keep a pre-roll on hand for every night of the week.


  • 7-pack delivers effects of Secret OG nicely
  • Strong indica effects that are great before bed

Onset and duration of effects

As always, I found this strain to have quick-acting effects when I smoked a joint from my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 7-Pack. I was relaxed to the point of almost feeling “dopey” without being intoxicated within around two minutes.

I usually smoke Secret Nature joints almost to completion, and by the time I was done, I was ready to sit down and space out. I’d say the effects of my Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll lasted around 90 minutes, and at that point I was comfortably ready for bed.


  • Effects set in after around 2 minutes
  • Persisted for around 90 minutes

Overall score

Across all categories, I give the Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 7-Pack a score of 4.94 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5.0/5

Texture: 4.9/5

Flavor: 4.8/5

Effects: 5.0/5

Duration of effects: 5.0/5

Overall score: 4.94/5

Secret Nature’s pre-roll seven-pack packaging would be perfect with consistently resealable bags, and a different sealing solution might provide a perfect texture as well. The flavor of Secret OG doesn’t come out as well in smoke form, but this strain’s effects are spot-on when smoked.

Who is it good for?

Pick up the Secret Nature Secret OG Pre-Roll 7-Pack if you’ve tried this strain’s two-pack pre-roll form and you prefer the convenience of smoking a joint. It’s a great indica strain that reviewers with chronic pain and sleep issues consistently love.
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