14 Most Popular CBD Flower Questions

CBD flower is a hot topic right now. As one of the biggest, most respected hemp flower producers on the internet, it’s our job at Secret Nature to provide all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

In this guide, we run down 14 of the most popular CBD flower questions on Google to give you an expert’s view on what CBD flower is, how to use it, and why you should try Secret Nature CBD flower today.

1. Can you fail a drug test due to CBD flower?

The hemp flower sold at secretnaturecbd.com contains less than 0.3% THC, which you can verify with the third-party lab reports we provide with each product. At concentrations this low, it is very unlikely that you would test positive on THC due to a drug test. Other companies might not take as much care to keep their THC levels low, so trust Secret Nature CBD flower if you’re afraid you might fail a drug test.

2. How does CBD flower make you feel?

CBD flower is non-intoxicating, which means that it won’t get you high. Effects vary from strain to strain, but generally speaking, sativa-dominant CBD flower provides a clear-headed sense of focus, and indica-dominant CBD flower may make you feel restful or relaxed. Many of our customers use Secret Nature CBD flowers for pain, anxiety, depression, and a variety of other common conditions.

3. What does CBD flower do?

When you inhale CBD, it bypasses your liver, skin barrier, and other obstacles that slow down or diminish the effects of this cannabinoid. Therefore, the CBD flower has almost instant effects that offer the maximum potency possible. Even in flower form, CBD still doesn’t get you high, but inhaling this cannabinoid allows you to enjoy its effects to the absolute fullest.

4. Is CBD flower good for you?

Vaping CBD flower is better for your lungs since vapor does not contain any plant matter or other substances that are catalyzed when you incinerate hemp buds. Even so, smoking CBD flower is much better for you than smoking tobacco since even the finest tobacco products contain nicotine, which can cause or exacerbate heart conditions. Since CBD has a variety of beneficial effects that are most potent when you inhale this cannabinoid, vaping or smoking hemp flower can be considered the healthiest way to use CBD.

5. Can you get high off CBD?

No matter how much CBD flowers you smoke, you will not get high. That’s because CBD affects an entirely different set of neuroreceptors in your central nervous system. While THC directly stimulates the CB1 and CB2 receptors, collectively known as the endocannabinoid receptors, CBD mainly interacts with the TRP and 5-HT receptors, which do not cause the combination of euphoria and paranoia commonly associated with THC use.

6. What is the best CBD flower?

A lot of things go into growing the top CBD flower on the market. In addition to good genetics and breeding, it’s also necessary to cultivate your CBD flower using the safest, most sustainable processes available. What’s more, the best CBD flower is processed in clean, high-tech environments, and independent, thorough lab testing is necessary to verify the quality of the hemp flower you produce.

7. Does CBD flower smell?

Since it’s full of aromatic oils called terpenes, hemp flower has a distinct, floral aroma that varies from strain to strain. Here at Secret Nature, we carefully place all of our products in hermetically-sealed, airtight containers before shipment to ensure that the natural darkness of your hemp flower won’t be noticeable. High-quality hemp flower smells amazing, so make sure to share the scent with your friends and family the moment you open your Secret Nature package.

8. Will CBD show on a drug test?

There are no drug tests in existence that test specifically for CBD since this cannabinoid is not an illegal drug. If your employer asks you to take a drug test for cannabis, for instance, this test will not include criteria that screen for CBD. Since everything we offer contains less than 0.3% THC, Secret Nature CBD products will not cause you to fail a drug test for marijuana.

9. How much is an eighth of CBD flower?

Pricing varies within the hemp flower industry, but since the market has stabilized to a significant degree, CBD flower that’s sold for a higher price than the industry standard is most likely lower in quality, not higher. At Secret Nature, we offer 1/8oz CBD flower products for roughly the same price you’d pay for THC-rich cannabis at a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary. Most of our 3.5g products cost $40, which is less than many of our competitors charge for sub-par merchandise.

10. Can you smoke CBD hemp buds?

All of the CBD-rich hemp buds offered at secretnaturecbd.com are designed to be smoked or vaped. You should only smoke CBD buds that are high-quality and lab-tested, however, since poorly grown hemp can contain contaminants that could harm your lungs. Secret Nature CBD products are grown in the most technologically advanced horticultural environments on Earth, and you’ll find that our high-quality buds are a delight to smoke due to their smoothness and rich flavors.

11. Can you mix CBD with nicotine?

We don’t recommend that you use nicotine products, but if you choose to use tobacco, that’s up to you. Some people choose to grind up their CBD buds and mix them with loose-leaf tobacco to roll non-intoxicating spliffs. Alternatively, you could remove some of the pre-ground buds in your CBD pre-roll and add some tobacco, but remember that nicotine has negative health effects.

12. Does CBD help anxiety?

Dissatisfied with traditional treatments for anxiety, lots of people have turned to CBD products as an alternative. Take a look through the hundreds of verified buyer reviews we’ve accumulated over the years to get an idea of how using CBD flower for anxiety has worked for other customers, and research the scientific studies on this subject that are plentiful online. Regardless of which conditions you might have, vaping or smoking CBD flower is the right choice if you want potent, immediate results.

13. Can you smoke CBD buds?

Smoking CBD buds might serve as a great alternative to smoking nicotine products, which can harm your health. If you like the taste and experience of smoking cannabis but you don’t want to get high, CBD buds might also serve as an excellent solution. In addition to smoking Secret Nature CBD flower, you should also give vaping a shot with one of our delicious flower strains or our live-resin CBD vape cartridges, which preserve the rich terpene profile or flowering hemp buds in full bloom.

14. What is the strongest CBD flower?

Blood Diamond is one of our newest flower options, but the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback we’ve received for this recent addition of the Secret Nature family must be partially due to the incredibly high CBD content of this strain. Our first batch came in at 24.42% CBD, making Blood Diamond the most potent strain we’ve ever developed. Over time, we might breed strains that are even more potent, but for now, Blood Diamond is the cream of the crop with its purplish, frosty buds, and relaxing indica effects.


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