21 Most Common CBD Flower Questions Asked in 2021

Published April 26, 2020
21 Most Common CBD Flower Questions Asked in 2021 - Secret Nature

CBD flower is more popular than ever before. As the internet’s most respected hemp flower brand, it’s our duty at Secret Nature to provide all the information you need to make informed purchases. Let’s run through the 21 most popular CBD flower questions asked on Google to learn what CBD flower is, how to use it, and why you should trust Secret Nature.

1. Can you fail a drug test due to CBD flower?

By law, hemp flower must contain less than 0.3% THC. At concentrations this low, it is very unlikely that you would test positive for THC on a drug test. 

There’s a possibility, though, of the presence of small concentrations of delta 9 THC in hemp flower products leading to a positive result for THC in urinalysis or another form of drug screening. CBD itself, though, is not a tested substance, and only regular, heavy hemp users are in any danger of producing a false THC-positive result.

2. How does CBD flower make you feel?

CBD flower is non-intoxicating, so it won’t get you high. Effects vary from strain to strain, but generally speaking, sativa CBD flower provides a clear-headed sense of focus, and indica CBD flower may make you feel restful or relaxed.

Many Secret Nature customers use CBD flower for pain, anxiety, or depression. Despite being non-intoxicating, CBD is deliciously relaxing and appropriate in practically any setting.

3. What does CBD flower do?

When you inhale CBD, you bypass your liver and other biological obstacles that can otherwise reduce this cannabinoid’s effects. Therefore, CBD flower kicks in almost instantaneously and offers the maximum potency possible.

Even in flower form, CBD still doesn’t get you high, but inhaling this cannabinoid allows you to enjoy its effects to the absolute fullest. Plus, you can customize your experience by choosing between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

4. Is CBD flower good for you?

CBD flower has many benefits that have inspired people around the country to use this non-intoxicating tobacco alternative for anxiety, sleep, pain, and a variety of other issues. There’s plenty of reason to believe CBD and the other active compounds in hemp flower are highly beneficial, and CBD flower distills the benefits of this remarkable cannabinoid into their most natural form.

It’s hard to say, but vaping CBD flower might be better for your lungs since vapor doesn’t contain incinerated plant matter. We know for sure that smoking CBD flower doesn’t have the same side effects as smoking tobacco since even the finest tobacco products contain nicotine, which inherently harms your heart.

5. Can you get high off CBD?

No matter how much CBD flower you smoke, you will not get high. Scientists and regulators agree that CBD is incapable of acting as an intoxicating substance because CBD and THC interact with entirely different sets of neuroreceptors in your brain.

THC primarily stimulates the brain’s CB1 receptors, which causes a major surge of potent endorphins like dopamine. CBD, on the other hand, mainly interacts with strictly non-intoxicating neurochemical channels that nonetheless exert major control over your body’s most important processes.

6. What is the best CBD flower?

The best CBD flower contains high concentrations of CBD and comes with lab tests to prove it. It looks as good as it tastes, and it's studded with glistening trichomes on every surface. It has hundreds of customer reviews, and they all say the same thing — it works, it’s high-quality, and it’s better than all the rest.

At Secret Nature, we produce the world’s best hemp flower by:

  • Diligently hunting down the best phenotypes of the best strains
  • Breeding our own strains when required to achieve the necessary quality standards
  • Using the safest, cleanest indoor hemp cultivation processes ever devised
  • Processing our flower in clean, high-tech environments
  • Commissioning independent, thorough lab testing for every product batch

7. Does CBD flower smell?

CBD flower has a very pleasant floral scent since it's filled to the brim with aromatic terpenes. The exact aroma of CBD flower varies from strain to strain, but CBD flower always smells good when well-grown.

Secret Nature hemp flower is shipped in hermetically-sealed, airtight containers to fully preserve the dankness of your hemp. High-quality hemp flower smells amazing, so make sure to fully savor the experience of opening your Secret Nature nug tin.

8. Will CBD show on a drug test?

Since CBD is non-intoxicating and lacks proper regulation, it’s very rare to test for the presence of this drug in the workplace or anywhere else. If your employer asks you to take a drug test for marijuana, for instance, this test will most likely not screen for CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD products, though, contain up to 0.3% THC, which is enough to cause a false positive on a drug test under certain circumstances. You’d need to consume a very large amount of full-spectrum CBD over a short period of time, though, for there even to be a remote chance of testing positive for THC.

9. How much is an eighth of CBD flower?

An eighth of CBD flower usually costs around $35-$50, which is about equal to the price of an eighth of THC-rich marijuana in states where cannabis is legal. Secret Nature eighths usually cost around $40, which is average within the industry. What you get with Secret Nature, though, is massively more value than what other brands have to offer.

10. Can you smoke CBD hemp buds?

Yes, many CBD-rich hemp buds are designed to be smoked. Referred to as “smokable hemp,” these dank nugs have been bred to be high in CBD, and they’re trimmed better than hemp buds destined to be processed into extracts.

Some brands try to pass off hemp that’s only good for extraction as something smokable. Poorly grown hemp can contain contaminants that could harm your lungs, though, which is why CBD flower lab testing is so important.

11. Can you mix CBD with nicotine?

We don’t recommend the use of nicotine since this substance hurts your heart. Some of our customers, though, like to grind up their CBD buds and mix them with loose-leaf tobacco to roll non-intoxicating spliffs.

In other cases, they take the pre-ground buds out of a Secret Nature pre-roll and add some tobacco. Even though nicotine will probably never become less harmful, scientists haven’t discovered any negative interactions between this notorious stimulant and CBD.

12. Does CBD help anxiety?

Lots of people have turned to CBD products as an alternative to traditional treatments for anxiety. Secret Nature customer reviews are filled with stories of overcoming or managing anxiety with the help of hemp, and more research into CBD and anxiety continues to be published every year.

Regardless of which condition you might be trying to address, vaping or smoking CBD flower is the right choice if you want potent, immediate results. This ingestion method bypasses the liver, delivering CBD to your bloodstream and brain almost instantly.

13. Can you smoke CBD buds?

Yes, you can smoke CBD buds as long as they were designed to be smoked. Some hemp is only good enough for extracts, but the majority of hemp flower sold on the internet is smoking-grade.

Many people smoke CBD buds as an alternative to nicotine products, which can harm your health. If you’re curious about tasting and experiencing cannabis without the high, CBD buds might also serve as an excellent solution.

14. What is the strongest CBD flower?

The strongest CBD flower currently on the market is Secret Nature Blood Diamond. At 24% CBD, Blood Diamond is considerably more potent than the average CBD flower strain, and as one of our newest flower options, the overwhelming volume of customer feedback we’ve received for Blood Diamond must be due to this strain’s incredibly high CBD content.

15. How does CBD flower taste?

CBD flower usually tastes just like THC-rich cannabis, but its flavor can be altered by factors like cultivation, contaminants, and genetics. If you’ve never smoked cannabis of any kind, be prepared for an herbal, spicy, and dank experience that’s much smoother and milder than smoking tobacco.

Cigarettes with tobacco taste so bad you want to spit the smoke out as fast as possible, but CBD pre-rolls taste so good that you want to savor every flavor. Of course, that’s only if the CBD-rich hemp flower inside was grown, cured, and preserved properly.

16. What is the difference between hemp flower and CBD flower?

There’s no difference — CBD flower and hemp flower refer to the same substance. Well, there’s a minor difference: “CBD flower” only refers to hemp nugs high in CBD, but “hemp flower” can just as easily refer to the growing class of non-cannabis yet also non-CBD hemp nugs that contain cannabinoids like CBG and delta 8 THC.

17. Why does CBD flower make me feel high?

CBD flower should not make you feel high. It’s possible, though, to mistake the non-intoxicating relaxation provided by CBD with THC intoxication. Take a deep breath, center yourself, and you’ll find that the mild, relaxing experience of smoking or vaping CBD is nothing like being stoned on THC.

It’s also a distinct possibility that what you’re smoking isn’t actually CBD flower. Or, maybe it is CBD flower, but the kind you get from medical or recreational cannabis dispensaries that also contains lots of THC.

The only way to be sure is to look at lab tests for your particular CBD flower product. If it’s really hemp flower, it contains less than 0.3%, which isn’t enough to get you high.

18. How long does CBD flower stay in your system?

The CBD in hemp flower will stay in your system for around 5-30 days before being fully excreted. During this time, CBD may show up in urinalysis and other forms of drug testing, though screening specifically for CBD is rare.

Most of the substances in CBD flower, including CBD itself, are oil-based. As a result, they dissolve into your fatty tissues after ingestion and stay there for a while instead of being excreted almost immediately like water-based substances.

19. Is CBD flower good for anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the main reasons people smoke or vape CBD flower. Research into CBD for anxiety continues apace, and it’s likely only a matter of time until pharmaceutical companies file for patents on CBD-based anxiolytic drugs.

Unlike conventional anxiety treatments, hemp flower is only lightly processed, and it contains all-natural substances. Plus, scientists still haven’t been able to nail down any major side effects of CBD, making this substance even more attractive as a subject of anxiety research.

20. Can you buy CBD flower on Amazon?

To our knowledge, Amazon still has a strictly no-CBD policy. It’s safe to assume that this policy extends to CBD flower, which looks and tastes just like THC-rich cannabis, if it also applies to CBD capsules, topicals, and tinctures. Even if CBD flower were to become available on Amazon, there’s no guarantee it would be high-quality.

21. What is the best top-shelf CBD flower?

These days, there’s no excuse for top-shelf CBD flower not being as high-quality as its THC-rich equivalent. As a result, top-shelf hemp should express the following characteristics:

  • High cannabinoid concentration
  • Excellent trim job
  • Lots of orange hairs (pistils)
  • Covered with crystals (trichomes)
  • Smells great right out of the container
  • Perfect moisture content
  • Dense bud structure

When you know top shelf, you know it at a glance. Take a look at our product pictures — we think you’ll see the Secret Nature difference.

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