5 Best CBD Gummies

Published July 21, 2022
5 Best CBD Gummies - Secret Nature

CBD gummies have been around for a while, allowing educated hemp consumers to start thinking they know all there is to know about this category of hemp products. There are still ways, though, that CBD gummies might surprise you.

Gummies don’t have to contain nasty ingredients, for one thing. They can also be flavored with strain-specific cannabis terpenes, which improves their effects. Taking a CBD gummy can be a tasty, all-natural cannabis experience that allows you to see hemp in an entirely new light.

In this guide, learn the hallmarks of a good gummy. Then, meet a new line of CBD gummies that’s changing the way people use hemp edibles.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are chewable, sugary edibles that contain CBD. They’re similar to conventional gummy candies or gummy supplements, but they contain between 10mg and 50mg of CBD per bite.

You can use a lot of different ingredients and flavorings to make CBD gummies, and not all of them are safe and healthy. The same goes for the types of CBD extracts gummies can contain.

What are the benefits of CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are easy to take, they’re effective, and they taste good. People like to use cannabinoids in gummy form primarily for convenience, but there’s also an overall sense that edible CBD products are healthier and simply more enjoyable. Gummies kick in slightly faster than certain other edible cannabinoid products, and they can easily contain safe, all-natural ingredients if the manufacturer puts their mind to it.

What makes a CBD gummy the best?

There are a few valuable features you should look out for in any CBD gummy product you’re considering:

High dosage

CBD gummies should have reasonably high doses of cannabinoids. Gummies can still be effective and contain as little as 10mg CBD in some cases, but CBD gummies that contain 5mg total cannabinoids or less aren’t worth your time. A good serving of CBD gummies should contain around 25-50mg total cannabinoids.


We use the term “total cannabinoids” instead of “total CBD” because ideally, CBD gummies should contain many different cannabinoids. There are dozens of different cannabinoids that naturally occur in hemp flower, and only full-spectrum CBD extract keeps all of these natural hemp components intact. Full-spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, so it won’t get you high.

Added terpenes

This added criteria will narrow down your pool of eligible CBD gummies considerably, but all the most with-it hemp gummy manufacturers understand that terpenes are the future when it comes to CBD flavoring. Alongside cannabinoids, terpenes also naturally occur in cannabis, and including the exact terpene profiles from certain cannabis strains may provide CBD gummies with specific desired effects.

Simple ingredients

There’s no reason CBD gummies should contain any ingredients with names you can’t pronounce. Yes, gummies have to contain sweeteners and a base, but all of those ingredients can be natural. Keep an eye out for CBD gummies that don’t contain anything artificial whatsoever.

Great texture

You shouldn’t have to chew a CBD gummy for more than a few seconds, and the experience should be pleasant. The right CBD gummy will feel so pleasant in your mouth that you’ll have to stop yourself from eating more.

Real fruit juice

There’s only one type of ingredient that’s acceptable for coloring and additional flavoring in terpene-infused CBD gummies: fruit juice. Nature has provided us with all the ingredients we need to make gummies look succulent and taste excellent.

Amazing flavor

When you combine terpenes with fruit juice, there’s no limit to the flavor combinations you can design. There’s no excuse for CBD gummies not tasting excellent.

What are the 5 best CBD gummies you can buy?

Without any further ado, it’s time to introduce Secret Nature’s new CBD gummy line: Dr. Endo Live Resin CBD Gummies. These revolutionary CBD gummies fit all the criteria we laid out above and more — learn about each new Dr. Endo gummy flavor.

1. Dr. Endo Peach Ozz Live Resin CBD Gummies

The flavor

These gummies taste just like peach rings with a strong cannabis undertone. Overall, they’re one of the milder offerings in the new Dr. Endo lineup when it comes to flavor.

The strain

Peach Ozz is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain derived from crossing Peach Rings and Oz Kush. As a result, this strain is the ideal and obvious choice for a peach-flavored gummy product.

The effects

Peach Ozz is good during the day, before bed, or anytime you want. We will caution that this particular gummy can make you feel a little bit more relaxed than you might expect.

2. Dr. Endo Mimosa Live Resin CBD Gummies

The flavor

These gummies aren’t quite as fruity as the other options in the Dr. Endo line. There are definitely potent notes of orange, but the gummies still don’t taste like orange fruit — more like the orange juice cocktail after which they are named.

The strain

Mimosa is a sativa-leaning hybrid known for its potency energizing effects. Anytime you need an extra boost to get you through your day, Mimosa is a great choice.

The effects

These gummies are best served as party favors and enjoyed sparingly over the course of the evening. While they taste amazing, the flavor isn’t quite as sumptuous as some others in the Dr. Endo line, making it easier to stick to small doses.

3. Dr. Endo Super Lemon Live Resin CBD Gummies

The flavor

These gummies are flavored with lemon juice and Super Lemon Haze terpenes, a powerfully sativa-dominant strain that can be downright mind-bending when accompanied with the right cannabinoids. The CBD in these gummies won’t get you high, but their zesty lemon flavor will have you puckering your lips.

The strain

Super Lemon Haze is a great strain to enjoy before an outdoor activity. Used while working, this heady sativa might be too distracting — even when accompanied by CBD.

The effects

These gummies will have you practically buzzing with energy. The energizing effects of the terpenes are tamped down a bit, though, by the naturally relaxing properties of CBD.

4. Dr. Endo Cherry Kush Live Resin CBD Gummies

The flavor

If there’s a gummy in the Dr. Endo line to truly savor, it’s Cherry Kush. You’ll almost feel bad if you pop too many of these in your mouth at once — this flavor is a work of art.

The strain

Cherry Kush is a derivative of OG Kush that shares its parent’s powerfully indica-leaning properties. The natural cherry flavor of this strain blends perfectly with the cherry juice used to flavor and color these gummies.

The effects

This is an ideal gummy to chew when the day is winding down. Out of all the new Dr. Endo gummies, it’s the best suited for bedtime.

5. Dr. Endo Strawberry Cough Live Resin CBD Gummies

The flavor

The overarching flavor of these gummies is strawberry, but the terpenes and CBD extract are also quite strong as well. Strawberry Cough is a staff favorite, and it’s truly hard to stop yourself at a low dose when it comes to this flavor.

The strain

You won’t cough when you take one of these gummies, but they still contain the unusually high caryophyllene levels that cause a peppery sensation in your throat. A wholly enjoyable sativa, Strawberry Cough is ideal to indulge in during the daytime.

The effects

This one definitely has peppy effects. Strawberry Cough is a sativa strain, and you can feel the uplifting terpenes working their magic as you savor the flavor of this amazing strawberry-flavored live resin gummy.

Top CBD gummies FAQ

— What is a good strength for CBD gummies?

CBD gummies should contain between 10mg and 50mg CBD. Any less than 10mg, and a CBD gummy might not be effective, but a dose higher than 50mg is overkill. It’s generally accepted that 25g is the ideal strength for CBD gummies.

— Do terpenes make CBD gummies stronger?

Yes, scientists believe that terpenes make CBD stronger in gummies and in other products via the entourage effect. This hypothetical form of synergy might make hemp substances more powerful when they’re used together.

— What kind of CBD gummies are best for pain?

If you’re using CBD gummies for pain, you’ll be best off with full-spectrum gummies that are boosted with terpenes from a hybrid or indica-leaning cannabis strain. The best CBD gummies contain terpenes since they provide the effects of the strains from which they’re derived.

— Are strain-specific gummies better for pain?

Since some strains of cannabis are better for pain than others, it only makes sense that gummies containing strain-specific terpenes extracted from those strains will be more effective for pain as well. Choose your cannabinoid gummies carefully based on the known effects of the terpenes they contain.

— How long do CBD gummies take to work for pain?

CBD gummies should kick in within around 25-30 minutes whether you’re using them for pain or any other purpose. Chew your gummies slowly and allow them to absorb in your mouth before swallowing for faster-acting effects.

— How long do the effects of CBD gummies last?

The effects of CBD gummies usually last for around 2-3 hours. If you take a larger dose, the effects will usually last a little bit longer.

— Are 500mg CBD gummies strong?

No single CBD gummy should contain 500mg CBD. A container of CBD gummies may be strong depending on the strength of the individual gummies it contains. As a general rule, CBD gummies should contain around 25-50mg CBD per serving.

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