Behold Beautiful Sativa Nugs with Secret Nature Melon Frost CBD Flower 3.6g

Published March 15, 2021
Behold Beautiful Sativa Nugs with Secret Nature Melon Frost CBD Flower 3.6g - Secret Nature

Secret Nature has a knack for crafting new hemp strains. Some Secret Nature hemp nugs are well-done renditions of existing CBD-rich hemp genetics, but others come from strains that Secret Nature made itself.

Somewhere along the line, a breeder at Secret Nature declared that Melon Frost tasted enough like watermelon and contained plenty of CBD. Then, Secret Nature cultivated it, processed it, put it in a tin, and shipped it to me.

I’m Secret Nature’s blog writer, and I recently vaped the Secret Nature Melon Frost CBD Flower 3.6g tin. Learn my thoughts on the aroma, presentation, flavor, and effects of this masterfully crafted sativa strain.

First impressions

In some cases, Secret Nature’s product pictures look a little bit better than the nugs I receive in my tin. This time, however, the appearance of my Secret Nature Melon Frost nugs completely exceeded the bag appeal I expected from online pictures.

The central nug in my Melon Frost clutch was prettier and bigger than the nug on the Melon Frost product page — until I crushed it and vaped it, that is. This strain is truly a sight to behold, and I’m someone who thinks any well-manicured nug looks pretty.

In their crystalliness, my Melon Frost nugs were just like the buds on Secret Nature’s Melon Frost product page. This strain’s nugs are absolutely coated with trichomes, and they feel even stickier than they look.

No odor was detectable until I broke the seal on my Melon Frost nug tin. With this fully airtight seal out of the way, my nostrils detected a peculiarly sour, fruity aroma that my brain rapidly resolved into the smell of watermelon candy.

Secret Nature Melon Frost CBD Flower 3.6g entirely exceeded my expectations in regards to presentation, shelf appeal, and aroma. I eagerly crushed up a nug into a grinder, releasing an exponentially more powerful sour watermelon aroma accompanied by a robust cheesy musk.


  • Very attractive, crystally nugs
  • Overall teal and light-green appearance
  • Golden-orange hairs very abundant
  • Large, cumulonimbus sativa nugs
  • Fruity, tangy, candy aroma

Packaging and labeling

There’s something satisfying about the way a tin of Secret Nature flower feels in your hands. It feels like something solid you could easily toss across the room or even step on without damaging it in the least.

The tin loses a little bit of its structural integrity once its interior pull-tab top is removed and it’s resealed with the decorative plastic topper. The topper also doesn’t block the aroma of the buds inside quite as well as the airtight metal seal.

The sticker on the bottom of my Secret Nature Melon Frost 3.6 tin is informative and useful. In the center is a QR code that you can scan to view Melon Frost’s lab reports. There’s also a test ID you can plug into Google in case the QR code doesn’t work.

This bottom sticker additionally features information on Melon Frost’s potency. On the side of the tin is some less technical information on Melon Frost as a strain and Secret Nature as a company.


  • Ultra-tough, reusable packaging
  • Airtight seal
  • Resealable plastic topper
  • QR code and test ID for lab reports
  • Potency and strain information on labels


Smoking Melon Frost in pre-roll form, I’d found this strain to be on the harsher side. As a result, I was very curious to see how Melon Frost’s texture might change when vaped.

As always, I started with my Volcano vape at a low setting and gradually cranked up the heat as I inhaled. I have a hose hooked up to my Volcano’s bowl, so I can take leisurely, bag-free hits at any temperature setting.

At a low temperature setting, the vapor my Melon Frost nugs produced wasn’t harsh at all. I didn’t feel any throat discomfort, and coughing was the furthest thing from my mind.

With each successive hit, I increased the temperature slightly. It took around 8-9 hits for my Melon Frost vapor to get harsh. At that point, I was able to take 1-2 more hits before I declared the bowl dead.

As I had expected, my Secret Nature Melon Frost CBD Flower nugs had been slightly harsher than other strains I’ve vaped. The vapor this strain produced wasn’t prohibitively harsh by any stretch of the imagination, and it hit the throat clean. 


  • Clean, pleasant texture
  • Slightly harsher than most Secret Nature strains
  • Still significantly smoother than almost any hemp or cannabis I’ve ever vaped


The flavor of Melon Frost came out much more strongly in vapor form. When vaped, I found the earthy undertones I’d noticed when smoking Melon Frost to be more cheesy. I suspect that the earthiness of my Melon Frost pre-roll can be attributed to the inherently earthy properties of plant smoke.

When smoked, Melon Frost had a more generic melon flavor. This time, it was much easier to detect this strain’s watermelon-specific taste. I’d highly recommend vaping Melon Frost to experience the full flavor that this delicious cultivar has to offer.


  • Unique watermelon flavor truly comes out in vapor form
  • Earthy undertones become cheesy when vaped


Vaping my Secret Nature Melon Frost CBD Flower provided effects that were similar to those I experienced when I smoked this strain. In my experience, however, the effects of Melon Frost are a little bit stronger when vaped.

From what I understand, vaping hemp flower optimizes the activation of terpenes, which might be partially responsible for the effects of specific strains. Whatever the case may be, the same get-up-and-go effects I experienced when I smoked Melon Frost were back and more intense than ever before.

As before, I felt that Melon Frost had more of a “getting things done” than a “creating beautiful works of art” vibe.


  • Energizing sativa effects
  • Effects seemed stronger when vaped

Onset and duration of effects

Compared to smoking it in a pre-roll, I found that vaping Melon Frost delivered somewhat longer-lasting effects. This time around, I felt the effects of Melon Frost for a full 90 minutes. Like before, the effects of this strain kicked in after around 2-4 minutes.


  • Potent, 90-minute effects
  • Fully activated after 5 minutes

Overall score

In the end, I found Melon Frost to be a well-cultivated, efficacious strain. My Secret Nature Melon Frost CBD Flower was conveniently packaged, exceedingly beautiful, and delightfully aromatic.

Worthy of pointing out briefly is the perfectly balanced moisture content of these Secret Nature nugs. Secret Nature’s CBD flower always arrives perfectly moist. Secret Nature seemingly anticipates that you’ll open and close your bud container a few times and ships its buds just slightly on the moist side to counter atmospheric drying.

This strain’s texture is much smoother when vaped, and its effects are both longer-lasting and more potent. Overall, I have nothing to complain about when it comes to my Melon Frost nugs from Secret Nature. I give this product an overall score of 5.0 out of 5.

Packaging and labeling: 5.0/5

Texture: 5.0/5

Flavor: 5.0/5

Effects: 5.0/5

Duration of effects: 5.0/5

Overall score: 5.0/5

Who is it good for?

I’d recommend the Secret Melon Frost CBD Flower 3.6g tin to anyone who wants to experience the benefits of this strain in vaped form. Great for focusing on the moment no matter how you use it, vaping Melon Frost lets you zone in on this strain’s truly unique flavor.

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