CBD Juul Pods vs. CBD Vape Cartridges

Published July 11, 2020
CBD Juul Pods vs. CBD Vape Cartridges - Secret Nature

Vaping CBD has become incredibly popular over the last few years. When you make the switch from nicotine to hemp, you get to enjoy the full benefits of vaping for the first time.

Not all CBD vape cartridges offer the same results, however. There’s a lot more to CBD vape carts than meets the eye, and to choose the right option, you’ll need to brush up on some basic facts.

In this guide, we’ll inform you about the differences between CBD Juul pods and conventional CBD vape cartridges. Along the way, we’ll answer any questions you might have regarding how to vape CBD.

Why should you vape CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-addictive, and it is generally regarded as safe, making this cannabinoid very different from its intoxicating cousin THC. The bioavailability of CBD when taken orally, however, is lamentably low, which has led many CBD users to inhale this non-intoxicating hemp compound instead.

When inhaled via smoking or vaping, CBD becomes much more bioavailable than when it is ingested orally or applied topically. This increased absorption rate means that your body wastes significantly less of the CBD you inhale, and vaping or smoking CBD delivers higher concentrations of this cannabinoid into your bloodstream than any other ingestion method.

Vaping CBD offers all the benefits of pulmonary administration while bypassing all the potential unwanted effects associated with smoking hemp. Some users report that vaping tastes better than smoking, and with the advent of live resin, vaping may provide you with the cleanest, most potent results of any CBD ingestion method.

What types of CBD vapes are there?

There are significant differences between the various types of CBD vapes available on the market. Some CBD vape products offer impressive purity and deliver great results, but others might perform disappointingly.

At the worst end of the spectrum, some CBD vape products consist of CBD isolate combined with carriers like PG, VG, or coconut oil. These products often also contain artificial flavors, fillers, or even condensing agents like vitamin E acetate, which has caused an untold number of lung injuries.

Average CBD vape products contain CBD oil that has been extracted using ethanol, butane, or with another sub-par process. At the peak of the CBD vape industry are cartridges that contain CBD distillate combined with live resin terpenes.

When extracted with CO2, hemp distillate is solvent-free, and live resin captures the virginal terprene profile of cannabis flower before it has been dried or decarboxylated. As a result, live resin CBD distillate tastes better and offers enhanced effects.

What are CBD Juul pods?

CBD Juul pods are vape pods containing CBD that are designed to be compatible with batteries made by Juul, a popular manufacturer of nicotine vape products. While Juul is generally considered to be a reliable brand, the simple fact that a CBD cartridge is compatible with a Juul battery does not speak to that cartridge’s safety or quality. Unless you take the time to look at the fine print and do your research, you have no way of knowing what’s inside a CBD Juul pod.

Which is better: CBD Juul pods or CBD vape cartridges?

Generally speaking, CBD vape cartridges offer better quality than CBD pods designed to work with Juul batteries. Why? Simply because normal CBD vape cartridges are more popular, leading to greater competition.

You can put the same exact extract in either a CBD Juul pod or a conventional CBD vape cartridge, though. As a result, the question we should really be asking is: How do you determine the quality of any type of CBD vape cartridge?

How do you choose a CBD vape cartridge?

Regardless of the differences between CBD Juul pods and other types of CBD vape cartridges, how do you choose the right type of CBD vape for your purposes? Consider the following 6 factors as you make your selection:

1. CBD quality

You can’t do better than CO2 extraction, which doesn’t leave behind any solvents. You also can't do any better than live resin terpenes, which keeps the substances that make hemp flower extract so delicious intact.

It’s even better if your CBD and terpenes come from indoor, pampered hemp plants. Grown under LED lights in climate-controlled conditions, hemp plants are empowered to produce impressive top-shelf CBD nugs.

2. Dosage

It’s important for CBD vape cartridge manufacturers to provide detailed information on the exact number of total cannabinoids present in their carts down to the milligram. Lab reports or product descriptions should also indicate how many milligrams of each minor cannabinoid (CBG, CBN, CBC, etc.) are present in a CBD cartridge.

3. Flavor options

The flavor of a CBD vape cartridge tells you a lot about its quality. Plus, if you’re planning to vape CBD on a regular basis, you‘ll want your experience to be pleasant. Live resin terpenes offer tastiest possible flavoring in CBD vape carts. Steer away from any CBD cartridges that contain non-cannabis flavoring ingredients.

4. Cloud thickness

Live resin-boosted distillate vaporizes into thick clouds that instantly fill your lungs with flavorful cannabidiol goodness. If you’ve ever taken a dab of live resin extract using a conventional dab rig, you’ll find that live resin CBD cartridges provide the same experience without all the inconvenience.

5. Lab testing

With so many CBD vape manufacturers using shoddy ingredients and dangerous production methods, lab testing is critical to ensure the safety and quality of a CBD vape cartridge you’re considering. Every CBD vape cartridge should come with an in-depth report from a third-party, independent lab.

6. Customer reviews

Customer reviews provide the type of objective data you can’t get from inherently biased product descriptions. If hundreds of verified customers agree that a CBD hemp vape cartridge is high-quality and worthwhile, it doesn’t really matter what the brand that produced the cartridge has to say about itself.

CBD vape cartridge FAQ

Let’s explore the most commonly asked questions regarding the differences between CBD Juul pods and normal CBD vape cartridges:

Can you refill CBD vape cartridges?

Certain types of vape cartridges used for CBD are designed to be refilled, but never try to refill a disposable CBD vape cartridge. Pouring viscous hemp extract into a vape cart inevitably leads to wasted distillate and sticky fingers.

Do CBD vapes contain nicotine?

No, CBD vape cartridges sold online generally do not contain any nicotine. Check the product description for the CBD vape cartridge you’re considering to make sure it doesn’t contain this addictive tobacco derivative, but rest assured that CBD vape cartridges with nicotine are usually only sold at physical retail outlets like smoke shops and gas stations.

Do CBD vapes contain THC?

As per the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD vape cartridges may contain up to 0.3% THC. That’s not nearly enough to get you high, but the presence of trace amounts of THC could make you fail a drug test if you vape full-spectrum CBD extract on a regular basis.

How do you use Secret Nature vape cartridges?

To use a Secret Nature vape cartridge, just make sure your battery is charged and connect it to your cartridge. When you inhale, your battery will activate automatically, flooding your lungs with delicious live resin hemp vapor.

Does Juul make CBD cartridges?

No, Juul Labs, the maker of Juul pods, does not produce cartridges that contain CBD. Various CBD vape cartridge manufacturers, however, have produced vape pods that are compatible with Juul vape batteries. They look just like Juul pods, but these hemp vape pods are not made by Juul.

Are CBD Juul pods legal?

As long as they contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC, CBD vape pods that are compatible with Juul batteries are generally considered to be industrial hemp, which is not an illegal drug. As a result, all sorts of different forms of CBD vape pods and cartridges are regularly shipped to all 50 states.

Can you put CBD vape oil in a Juul?

It is not recommended that you put CBD extract in a device that is used for nicotine. Nicotine salts and CBD extract are quite different from each other, so vaping CBD in a Juul or any other device designed to vaporize nicotine salts is guaranteed to be wasteful and could even be dangerous.

What is in CBD Juul pods?

CBD vape pods that are compatible with Juul batteries generally contain the purified form of hemp extract known as CBD distillate. The quality of CBD Juul pods varies greatly among manufacturers, however, and some CBD pods might contain lower-quality ingredients.

Do you hold in CBD vape?

Some users choose to hold the CBD vapor they inhale in their lungs for a few seconds before exhaling. The science is still out on this subject, but there’s some evidence that holding in hemp or cannabis vapor could increase its effectiveness. Just make sure not to hold your breath for too long under any circumstances.

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