Do People Really Quit Tobacco Using CBD?

Published September 13, 2021
Do People Really Quit Tobacco Using CBD? - Secret Nature

Thousands of people have reported that CBD helped them overcome nicotine addiction. What is it about CBD that provides this assistance, and are certain CBD products better than others when you’re trying to quit smoking? Let’s cover everything you need to know about using CBD to stop smoking tobacco.

What is the best method of quitting tobacco?

No single quitting method will free you of the series of decisions that made you become addicted to tobacco in the first place. Some people have indicated that CBD helps them overcome tobacco addiction, but depending on a single method is a surefire recipe for failure.

Tobacco leaves contain nicotine, a habit-forming, cardiotoxic stimulant. Drugs that stimulate your brain rewrite your neurochemistry to form a dependent relationship. Rewriting this program takes time and patience, but it’s not impossible.

Ultimately, the best way to overcome addiction to tobacco is to be exposed to the exact right set of circumstances that will allow your brain to overcome its dependence. Choosing a new environment, new social interactions, new habits, and a new overall outlook will gradually take you from where you are (addicted to nicotine) to where you want to be (freed from addiction).

Does CBD help with nicotine addiction?

Many CBD users have reported success using this non-intoxicating hemp cannabinoid for nicotine addiction. A small number of scientific studies have also been conducted into the potential usefulness of CBD for quitting tobacco.

In 2013, for instance, a small study found that people who used CBD tended to consume less nicotine. No potential mechanisms behind this effect were discovered, behavior was simply observed.

Then, in 2018, a study was published indicating that the observed effects of CBD on tobacco addiction might be related to something called “attentional bias,” a psychological effect that emphasizes certain stimuli while reducing others. The ongoing process of staying addicted to nicotine is supported by paying attention to how good smoking feels and forgetting its negative consequences, and CBD might alter the way this cognitive process unfolds.

Most recently, a 2021 animal study found that CBD might impact the intensity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Across the board, it certainly appears CBD deserves more attention as a potential smoking cessation aid.

How many CBD gummies should I eat to quit smoking?

CBD gummies are often touted as useful products for quitting smoking. What you’re really doing, though, is replacing nicotine addiction with a new (or worsened) addiction to sugar without even using CBD effectively.

We wouldn’t recommend that you use CBD gummies to quit smoking. Not only are CBD hemp gummies often low-quality and packed with artificial ingredients, but you also have to ask yourself why you’re replacing a cigarette with a candy instead of something more similar.

Do CBD gummies really work for smoking?

Future research may prove that CBD is helpful for smoking cessation, but no one will ever prove that replacing nicotine with sugar is a good idea. Ever since quitting smoking became a thing, former smokers have complained about gaining weight. Is picking up a new sugar addiction really the best way to follow up your nicotine habit?

You should probably choose a product type other than gummies if you want to use CBD to quit smoking. CBD flower or CBD pre-rolls, for instance, replicate the look and feel of tobacco cigarettes without the nicotine or artificial additives. In the same vein, CBD vapes are the perfect alternative to vaping nicotine.

Which CBD cigarettes should I smoke to quit tobacco?

Secret Nature CBD cigarettes offer the best quality at the highest value. With more than 10,000 verified customer reviews, they’re also the most popular CBD pre-rolls available on the internet. Secret Nature offers fast, free shipping to all 50 states. Let’s consider some of the reasons CBD pre-rolls are the way to go if you want to quit smoking:

• Are CBD pre-rolls similar to cigarettes?

Yes, out of all the types of CBD products available, CBD pre-rolls are the most similar to cigarettes. To cope with the psychological side of tobacco addiction, therefore, it simply makes sense to choose pre-rolls over types of CBD products that have nothing to do with cigarettes at all.

• Can I smoke CBD hemp pre-rolls in public?

Smoke hemp in public at your discretion. While there’s nothing in Secret Nature hemp pre-rolls that makes them the illegal drug marijuana, they still smell and taste exactly like cannabis… because that’s what they are.

It’s entirely your right to smoke hemp anywhere you can smoke anything else in public. Whether or not that means you should do it is up to you.

• Can I use CBD pre-rolls to replace cigarettes?

Many people use CBD hemp pre-rolls as replacements for cigarettes. They find that hemp is more relaxing and satisfying than tobacco while still satisfying their psychological cigarette cravings. Along the way, they often discover the other benefits of CBD they’d been missing by smoking tobacco all those years.

• Are Secret Nature pre-rolls high-quality?

As more than 10,000 verified customer reviews can testify, Secret Nature pre-rolls are the highest-quality CBD cigarettes available online. Featuring 100% indoor-grown, manicured buds and zero trim or shake, Secret Nature CBD joints are more potent and better-tasting than any competing options.

• Are Secret Nature pre-rolls indoor-grown?

Yes, Secret Nature pre-rolls feature indoor-grown, organic hemp buds. Indoor-grown hemp tastes better, and it’s also more potent. Compared to outdoor-grown options, indoor buds deliver stronger and more enjoyable experiences.

Secret Nature CBD hemp cigarette reviews

What do customers have to say about smoking Secret Nature pre-rolls instead of tobacco cigarettes?

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